Swing You Sinners

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A challenger who happened to approach Or something : *Y A* *N E E D E D* *I T*

Marc Hendry : 2:12 Banjo Kazooie

Shunya O'Flaherty : 3:36 Cuphead flower boss

AlexReynard : Now I'll have an answer for, "What's the most demented thing you've ever seen?" Thanks for uploading this in HD!

Matt McArbwill : "Oh how cute the Mickey Mouse style character is having a cartoon fight with a chicken" and suddenly, shit got real intense.

Colton Rey : Current mood: Frog who's really high and is really feeling this song right now but doesn't know the words. 7:53

Dom Foxley : Shockingly creative even by contemporary standards.

Marsh The Mime : Crimes would happen less if this was a regular occurrence

Alex Bird : The chicken furiously scatting at 5:44 is the most hilarious/terrifying part.

João Alves : Quem veio pela Fatos desconhecidos?

Nolan Fleming : These Fleischer shorts used animation to do things that wouldn't work in live action, Disney was more popular, but they never took advantage of the possibilities of animation to this extent, but they wound up being more influential so not as often do you see animation explored this much.

James Landon : This guy just got sent to Hell, for chasing a chicken?

Dylan Dominguez : Imagine who disturbing this would actually be if wasn't a cartoon

Maylson Lobo : eu vim do 5 DESENHOS ANTIGOS MAIS SINISTROS do canal night do terror :)


Im the Worst : Here before the game theory fans show up

Axolotl Hamilton : 6:47 "Brother youre sure gonna get your face lifted!" "and a permanent shave!" I dont know I love that line

Carlos ernandez : I personally love this old school cartoons.


TheJustCauseClause : Creepy subreddit

alien34 : 4:30 that's clearly the inspiration of the bats the devil lets out in cuphead

CDSonic Live : "Don't do anything I wouldn't do." It makes so much sense! Commit a crime, you're gonna get it... Even by ghosts...

SmegPod : well that was unsettling

Baita dum Gostoso : o cara que fez este desenho misturou todas as drogas possiveis

Keko : 3:36 i guess thats were they got the plant boss's weird dance.

George Miller : Is that Bimbo?

Blackdog Studios : 3:36 CUPHEAD HANS OUT HERE PLZ

BoxHead's Corner : 3:37 The plant.

Cassio Henrique : quem veio aqui através de um vídeo que fala dos desenhos antigos pesados ...?

armadilloofCibola : its really catchy for a 1930's cartoon

KrimzonFlygon1 : 7:08 *Baroness Bon-Bon Flashbacks*

alien34 : 7:56 thats the boss frog bros boss from cuphead, boy studio mdhr must really be inspired by this

Logan Gomes : who's here from game theory?

Momo : 3:36 Carnage Carnation

Natsuki ツ : 3:36 what cuphead fans came for

Funny Valentine : Old cartoons are the fucking best. Here's one example of why.

Respect : 6:02 WTF

LoonyStuff : 4:34 Does he say “I don’t give a Fuuuuuuck!”

Xavier Horn : 8:07 The first jumpscare?

IG Pa63r : Admit it, all of you are here because of Cuphead

superjailfan 2004 : This was so messed up but I loved it so much!

creekandseminole : I came here because there is a shmup coming out called Cuphead and the creators mentioned this animated short as an inspiration. Go check that game out. It's all done in a 1930's animation style. You'll have to see it to believe it.

Bongo Bongo : 3:36 this guy remind me of a flower in a game.

Misha Lover : I wonder if 7:07 was the inspiration for the 3rd phase of the Baroness fight.

oobleckboy : The ghost at 3:36 is a caricature of well-known (at the time) vaudeville Yiddish dialect comedian Monroe Silver.

skylon bellows : 3:37 Cagney carnation is that you?

Inksplosion : Holy Crap that Ending!

freddy no : 7:37 favorite part

Daryl Animations : 3:42 That gave me nightmares

Jedidiah oyeyemi : and this was made before lsd