Swing You Sinners

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AlexReynard : Now I'll have an answer for, "What's the most demented thing you've ever seen?" Thanks for uploading this in HD!

James Landon : This guy just got sent to Hell, for chasing a chicken?

harls : *creepypasta voice* I found a tape of a 1930s cartoon at a yard sale...

Matt McArbwill : "Oh how cute the Mickey Mouse style character is having a cartoon fight with a chicken" and suddenly, shit got real intense.

Alex Bird : The chicken furiously scatting at 5:44 is the most hilarious/terrifying part.

Shunya O'Flaherty : 3:36 Cuphead flower boss

A challenger who happened to approach Or something : *Y A* *N E E D E D* *I T*

Marsh The Mime : Crimes would happen less if this was a regular occurrence

baigel sdsa : Bimbo in: *Cemetery Confusion* THIS MATCH WILL GET RED HOT! NOW GO! First stage death screen: *Angry Policeman holding the chicken* "Stealing chickens? Give me a rest!" Second stage death screen: *Tombstones and Ghosts* "Brother, you made a grave mistake." Third stage death screen: *The Barn and various ghosts and faces.* "You're getting insane, now we're gonna destroy your brain." (Yes, this was a reference to Cuphead, and it was a bad one.)

Colt Trow : Current mood: Frog who's really high and is really feeling this song right now but doesn't know the words. 7:53

Sean Nolan : 3:36 Cagney Carnation

Nolan Fleming : These Fleischer shorts used animation to do things that wouldn't work in live action, Disney was more popular, but they never took advantage of the possibilities of animation to this extent, but they wound up being more influential so not as often do you see animation explored this much.

Dom Foxley : Shockingly creative even by contemporary standards.

20firebird : i'm not entirely sure what i just watched but that was potentially the most beautiful cavalcade of ghosts and monsters i've ever seen.

oobleckboy : The ghost at 3:36 is a caricature of well-known (at the time) vaudeville Yiddish dialect comedian Monroe Silver.

creekandseminole : I came here because there is a shmup coming out called Cuphead and the creators mentioned this animated short as an inspiration. Go check that game out. It's all done in a 1930's animation style. You'll have to see it to believe it.

Axolotl Hamilton : 6:47 "Brother youre sure gonna get your face lifted!" "and a permanent shave!" I dont know I love that line

Dylan Dominguez : Imagine who disturbing this would actually be if wasn't a cartoon

Marc Hendry : 2:12 Banjo Kazooie

Rhino 'n Chips : 6:01 The birth of twerking

Carlos ernandez : I personally love this old school cartoons.

Francis : Old cartoons are the fucking best. Here's one example of why.

Dave Mann : You will hear the E-flat Tuba played as the bass beat, by my father, Edwin G. "Zebe" Mann. Dad was the Tuba player on many of the early vitaphone cartoons from 1928 to 1932. He had to play the Tuba (and sometimes the double-bass Sarousphone) because the earlier mechanical recording equipment would vibrate too much if the double string bass was used. We had at least 50 of the old films he played on until he passed away in 1962. Unfortunately they were printed on nitrate film and when I donated them, almost all were unsalvageable due to the nitrate film disintegration. There is one film, which has been preserved by the National Archives, "Oriental Nights". He played banjo for the Paul Whiteman Orchestra which is featured in that short film. When he passed, my dad was the Principal First Bassist of the San Diego Symphony. One of his famous pupils was "Red" Callandar of jazz bass fame.

redwagon1967 : Good night, this is your finish, brother. You’re never going to get away. “Oh no!” “Oh yes!” You’ll never rob another hen-house! You’ve sinned, and now you must ordain. “Oh no.” “Oh yes.” We’re going to pulverize you brother (Ya needed it!) And scatter all your bones away. Chickens you used to steal— I don’t steal no more! Craps you used to shoot— I don’t shoot no more! Girls you used to chase— I don’t chase no more. Get ready, brother, your time has come! Stand up you sinner, We’ve got you at last. You can’t get away, there’s no time to pray, Your finish is going to be fast. Brothers and sisters, Come on get hot. We’ll amputate your vo-do-de-o And tie your bones in a knot. Brother, you sure are gonna get your face lifted! And a permanent shave! Where you want your body set? Body? Huh! Ain’t gonna be no body! You can’t make any excuse, So you’ll quail in your boots ‘Till we’ve picked up the noose, Swing you sinners! For making chickens elope, You’re at the end of your rope, So just give up all hope, Swing you sinners! We’ll stretch you like a giraffe, Maybe cut you in half, Just to give us a laugh, Swing you sinners! http://kostyrka.ru/blog/archives/1710

Win Entity : This is a very interesting peek into the minds of animation teams outside of the all-encompassing Disney shorts. The style is a bit more janky, but it has a particular surreal (perhaps almost European) flair about it that gives it some unique charm. Considering this work is from 1930, it is truly remarkable how relatively advanced and proficient this group had become so quickly. Imagine if Snow White had flopped, and Fleischer had become the gold standard for animation. That would be an interesting world indeed.

Austin Morrison : "Brother you sure gonna get your face lifted!(holds up a noose). And a permanent shave!(slit his throat) HAHAHAAA!" God if this was done in cartoons today people would freak out.

Mistah E : You can't make any excuse So just quail in your boots While we pick up the noose _Swing you Sinners!_

TrunkJunky : Superb example of Golden Age cartoons. But how in the hell did you get an HD version?!?!

YouDoBlooper : 3:41 "Ya needed it?" That face, tho.


KrimzonFlygon1 : 7:08 *Baroness Bon-Bon Flashbacks*

Misha Lover : I wonder if 7:07 was the inspiration for the 3rd phase of the Baroness fight.

Maggie Pritchard : If you didn't know it was made in the great depression please give some credit to max

Xavier Horn : 8:07 The first jumpscare?

Keko : 3:36 i guess thats were they got the plant boss's weird dance.

CDSonic Live : "Don't do anything I wouldn't do." It makes so much sense! Commit a crime, you're gonna get it... Even by ghosts...

Rami Abdalla : Have any of you people heard of Cuphead? Well, one of the developers mentioned that the flower boss did a hand motion that was a reference to this character in 3:36. Like if you came here because of Cuphead. lol

Electric Eliott : 3:36 im pretty sure that ghost inspired one of the animations for the flower boss in cuphead!

QuaZel : 6:02 WTF

Sunstrike The Hybrid : 3:36 what cuphead fans came for

Blackdog Studios : 3:36 CUPHEAD HANS OUT HERE PLZ

a rainbow Fishy : OH NOOooooo OH YEEsssss -you needed it!

XenoRider : geez these people were really obcessed with butt-slapping, can't watch 30 secs without one

Xx_Comic_xX Bookie : 3:37 WAT R THOSE!!!

alien34 : 4:30 that's clearly the inspiration of the bats the devil lets out in cuphead

Pixeleous : 6:58 Who thought he was holding a gun


six sides : 3:37 The plant.

optiorespb : 3:37 - That Cuphead boss!

SmegPod : well that was unsettling