Pauly Shore with 4-year-old Bruno Mars!

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Anthonyjbro Stays High : Mini 24k magic

busa89 : Crazy thing is Bruno never got any taller.

TiliaCordata : "A big star like you has seen me before, that makes me feel real nice Bruno"... xD

britt dino : poor bruno. even at that age he saw that this interview was a joke

Sparkle Light : What a lil cutie with those big eyes and dimpled cheeks!

Anjolise Taylor : Soooooo cuteeeeeeee 😍😍😍😍😍

Alise Bankston : BRUNO IS SOOO ADORABLE ❤️❤️❤️

runeplate123 : Lol and now he's more famous then this old fart.

Jason Rotbergs : I hope shorts like that don't make a comeback :)

Courtney S : This is surreal

Gabriela Gesto : his voice is so cute :3

Shak0ok0o16 : What. In. The flying FUCK is Pauly Shore wearing?!!!! lmaoooo

florida girl : Last 10 seconds were highly inappropriate. Hollywood smut😒

Jamie Hellfire : Who knew that Bruno would become a bigger star

Xisting Future : Pauly is awesome, his standup is hilarious. 👌👌

Samantha Donaldson : This is certainly a interesting video.

Kurt Angen : Pauly = Douche

Golden Girl : Cool. I know Pauly Shore but had no clue who Bruno Mars was until I Googled him. Now I feel so old. Lol.

Brendonmakesmesmile : Omigod the fact that he's always had the pompadour just kills me...

Melfisch : omg sooooooooooooooooo cute *__*

4DhumanInstrumentality : "You know you'll get busy in a few" LMAO!!!

Incolere : Pauly's outfit = EPIC FAIL

tbelles : This is awesome!

Okke Loos : Classic!

Linda Vega : he's so cute

nozo mashii : dimples!

Ellis Briscoe : that moon walk!!!!!

lauren Epps : that was tbe cutest thing ever and he killed it

emma price : Wholly flipping crap baby Bruno is so adorable

Eugene Vernikov : I cant believe pauly was allowed near kids with those shorts on.

Isabella22453 : I died when I saw Bruno ^-^ oh my god I'm so jealous right now...

nodamine sakata : whaaaaaa.. adorable.. young bruno.

Rainbow Creator : Short shorts on a dude soo not cool

Isa Bella : Nice grunt Pauly..

JPMcFly1985Two #FeelTheBern : Bruno's awesome now, and I loved Pauly when I was a kid back then, he was a fun, goofball surfer dude and had a few movies like "Encino Man" and "Son in Law". If he was 4 this must be late 1989 or 1990.

LarpTroll 69er : We all know Pauly dared to wear short shorts, but did he Nair for short shorts? That is the question.

renzy : I like Pauly Shore,stuff what everyone else thinks lol This vid is adorable

CODPOV : reunion?

Alex Vanover : Wasn't this filmed yesterday?

Spasoje Kulasevic : Hahaha!

Nikki Mancinho-Schlogel : This is amazing!!!

Dorene Chretien :

Bill Hicks : Bruno Mars danced was like the little asian dancer in Gangnam Style.

Elizabeth Franco : I had a dream about you pouly😓😖😘

Piper 1027 : OMG!!! Bruno is so Adorable!! 🙈🙈

Sarah Pesto : This was so cool!

OriginalDrDeLeon : Why is he being cunty to the little kid?

Denise Stoughton : Adorbs!

Crossy 85 : Pauly definitely wanted a bit of bruno

Jaikay1 : That moon walk was amazing haha