OptionSellers.com / James Cordier - Full apology video
This Hedge Fund manager just lost all of his clients money over the course of a couple weeks hundreds of millions of dollars made this cringy apology video while wearing a Rolex then shut his site down and went dark

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This boy lost a lot of money. James Cordier of Optionsellers.com humbled by extreme market fluctuations in natural gas & crude oil. Apologises to his clients, who were totally wiped out in the process. It appears he lost big w/ short calls in crude, and saw an opportunity in natural gas. Things got much worse as natural gas rallied beyond what most expected, and buyers of the calls he sold cashed in, wiping his Hedge Fund out. Deep sympathy for his clients. More than likely Mr. Cordier was attempting to recover losses for his fund so his clients would finish 2018 on a high note. No speculation at all on intent other than giving the benefit of the doubt. It is a warning to all traders and investors to be cautious and manage risk. Situation explanation taken from Jon'z Vidz description: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WTFBmGA2kjE


Justin Y. : "I was really hoping to become a boating enthusiast with you" Dude's definitely a WSB mod.

Scorched Earth : This is like a hostage video haha

Herp Derp : Runs a hedge fund. Doesn't hedge. ooF.

Simon : Even Logan Paul had the common sense to take off the Rolex before filming his apology video

Chuck Holroyd : And, it's gone....

Richard Merrill : If you get wiped out by volatility, YOU'RE NOT A HEDGE FUND. You are a high risk fund.

Tao Wu : how to get poor. try to get rich fast.

Mike L : Thoughts and prayers to Rosemary, Alicia, Matt & Michael who will be fielding the customer service calls for the next two weeks LOL

Frostbite : When Saul Goodman does hedge funds.

Echo Affliction : Glad to see James picked the Rolex instead of the patek for this occasion. #Humbled

ajre82 : I heard he has a job lined up at the Treasury Department.

Daniel Gomez : Play this at 2x speed to experience it at near human speaking level

ZingsVideos : If your investment drops by 10%, you’re an amateur. If you lose ALL of it, you’re a pro.

Daryl N : He won't be calling them clients anymore - he will be calling them "The Plaintiffs"

Patrick Santos : Mod this guy at WSB

Scorched Earth : This is the greatest thing I've ever seen... " Dear clients, Sorry I lost millions of dollars, I'm also sorry we couldn't go bass fishing, but thanks for the BBQ sauce!"

Ron Williams : If he's not a complete sociopath, then this looks like he's really suicidal. The slow pacing, long pauses and discussions about fond memories are because he's inwardly focused. I made a similar video for family when I was about to end everything a long time ago (which fortunately didn't happen).

ThaiEgho : In an interview he stated that he made 28% per annum by selling far out of the money options with 90 days to go. He also defined the following as a usual trade. Underlying value: 100K USD Potential Profit (premium): 700 USD (or 0.7%) Margin requirement: 10K USD This means you earn 0.7% in 90 days. So he probably leveraged his position x10 (as he had 100K USD as underlying). This would have made him 7% every 3 months. Do this every 3 months for a year and you end up with 28% per annum. This is all very nice however it is impossible to hedge your position if the trade moves against you, also it is impossible to unwind your position when prices approach the strike price as the option will have appreciated due to changes in the intrinsic value, for which time decay cannot make up taking into account the size of the (over-leveraged) position. Leverage is a double edged sword. However if you are selling options, the side of the blade that (potentially) cuts into you is way sharper than the side of the blade which cuts into the market. It's nice to collect premiums, however if you can't get out of the position you've put yourself in (due to over-leveraging), it's a potential death warrant.

Prosperous Living : He should have did the dab at the end

A Friendly Hobo : Probably a mod from r/wallstreetbets.

Ronin Philosophy : "Steering your investment like a boat"? Sounds accurate since his boat was clearly the Titanic.

21ADB21 : This guy yolo'd hardcore

randy johnson : I prefer to lose my own money....that is why I make all my trade decisions.....

Nicolás Derico : 2018 WSB hall of fame inductee

James Brown : Michael Scott strategy right here

MsMsmak : As an investment advisor, I learned a long time ago that it's far better to let a client go because you didn't make them as much money as you thought you could, then see them go because you lost it all. Also, if you put ALL of your money into a commodities fund, YOU shouldn't be complaining about losses. They're COMMODITIES and YOU are GAMBLING.

Ryan B. : Hey I lost all your money. Want a Cuban sandwich?

Dead_Dove13 : Bitconeeeeeeeeeeeeeect

soulure : This is the weirdest couch casting video.

Matt : YouTube needs a 4x speed button

Zorn101 : Put that man on suicide watch!

JaveonB : As one with limited school degrees, but lots of common Sense, even I know not to short NG right before winter. I mean, seriously!!??

The Brothers Dude : 10 minutes long, gotta get that ad money aye Jimbo ;)

Gabriel LaFlex : i hope that BBQ sauce and Cuban sandwich were worth it!!!!!!

Emy Aze : "next time I'm at the arena i know you'll be there and I'll pretend to sit next to you" bro wat

Chrnan6710 : I have no idea what is going on but I'm still mad

Quattro 4 : And thank you for the barbeque sauce.

Mike N : He better start wearing body armour.

Tim Collins : Meanwhile the S&P 500 is up +0.30% and 10 year treasury bonds haven't moved today. How about NOT investing in a hedge fund called "optionselling.com"!

Sean : 9:35 Waking up in the morning, opening the laptop, and drinking a glass of Wine?! WTF! No wonder the boat capsized!!

Andrew Woodford : Unexpected ASMR

Canadian Satire : This is a suicide note masquerading as an apology. Published two days ago? My guess is that this guy isn't even alive anymore.

charron : Selling naked Natty just before winter season??? brilliant

Randyy1 : 100 on my wrist, 80 on my wrist

DrZaius : The OptionSellers story is a good example of the concept called "When Genius Fails". You can be the best trader in the world, and still get slaughtered, due to trading too big.

Alexander Bjerkvik : Unlimited risk is NEVER a viable strategy.

Kevin Davidson : His dad used to sail an 800ft boat on the great lakes???? Think he added an extra zero at the end, but clearly this guy isn't very good with numbers

Lee Przytula : Mortimer and Randolph Duke aren't feeling quite so stupid right now.

Jay Dubau : Someone watch him. Make sure he does not commit suicide