Daily motorcycle commute in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. GoPro Hero 2.

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M4 Media : 360p?! shithole.

72gothkid : 1:50 isn't that how you die

Antony B : 3:20 good officer! =O

patio87 : Did you show the part where the kids are literally eating mud cookies? Don't take my word for it, google it.

molon labe : youre white so theyre all convinced that youre rich

Mary Lacias : Largest pile of shithole. Still better than Calcutta. That's place is dog vomit mixed with diarrhea.

ltheod13 : good video

Jason Crowne : Not sure what you do there but hopefully its positive my family is from saint marc nice video and great soundtrack

GSHeverything _27 : Big ups to your biking skills man, wow its like everybody watch out for your own themselves!!!

GSHeverything _27 : Nice bike and I like the song too

moneyteck : Cool video. Showing all aspect of wonderful haiti way of functioning

bob fouche : i like the concept!

Gerald Samms : very sweet video!!!

C C : Wow I at least saw 4 or 5 accidents that you dodged. The traffic is unbelievable in Haiti.