DJ Khaled exe [h3h3productions]

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snipars : imagine if you woke up one day and you were DJ Khaled... what then?

ThioJoe : He's like a cylinder.

MasterKcoop : I love how the sex scenes are just sprinkled in.

Pookie : How did you gain so much weight? Khaled : Eating a lot, a lot XD

PoopSteve420 : congratulations on your number 1 video ethan (and hila)

Cardinay : I don't remember this episode of Cosmos.

GohanOXG : So he definitely killed that woman in bed, lmfao.

Kortney Dempsey : *plot twist:* it was Carl Sagan under the sheets

Carl Edward Sagan : I am glad to be featured in the same video as DJ Khaled.

SmoothKeys : 'It's one small step for man, one... giant leap for *WOOOOOOHHOOOOOOWWOOOOHHOOOOOOWWOOOOO*'

maatticus : This is art.

Karkenou : you smart you loyal you a genius

Strontiummuffin : this video held me down.

Dirty Dan : this is actually a very relaxing video lol

Greg Brech : dude, easily your best EXE i believe the youtuber should praise the Ethan, because the Ethan holds it down for us. <3

Mystic Rust : This should be the intro to every astronomy class.

*Lady Pank : I'm Inspired.

Sultans Of Zing : Ethan's holding it down....I feel like Hila should praise...

Yesh : One of the best documentaries of the year.

Kranku : Khaled himself actually gave the president of Youtube permission to use more powerful servers to handle this video. #Sufferingfromsuccess

Macie Jay : I watched a 2 minute commercial for you H3H3! If that doesn't make me your #1 fan I don't what does.

Player Review : DJ Khaled is made of star stuff.


VictorThePotato : I wonder what kind of education DJ Khaled has....

Andrew Dodson : remove Khaled

JabbaTheBops : I like the background music m9

「 teXU.不見目 」 : Ethan, I spent two days doing a marathon of your videos, and I've started from the beginning to this one, and i got to say that your videos were amazing since the start and i really think you're a cool guy, along with Hila and Sean. Please keep doing this and being so connected with your community, this means a lot to us. We love you!

Anal AA : 0:35 I lost it

lowkeyyhi : Ive never laughed so hard for a whole video

Frederik Apentemmer : People whining thhat Jake Gyllenhaal wasn't nominated for best lead actor during the oscars, I'm just sad that this gem didn't got a nomination for best short film. Scrap that, this exe delivered enough enjoyment to deserve the oscar for best movie.

Kermit the Frog : How did you gain all the weight? Um, just eating a lot. A LOT

chiliCSGO : I got waayy too inspired 

StrawberryDonutKing : Nice video and congratulations on your number 1 spiciest video in the country of Israel Memejockey Ethan. Enjoy your eggwhites. *EEEEEEEEEGH*

MrTrollmaster0 : My body wasn't ready for this

imnotparanoid68 : I bet Sean can rip a door off of its hinges he is unstoppable.

Bizarro Bats : To all the fokbois and dem pastas Thats what I heard

Nathan Stewart : Do not go gentle into that good night Dunham should burn and rave at close of day, Meme, meme against the dying of the spice Though wise men at their end know fupa chins don't bite, Because their memes have forked no Khaleds they Do not go gentle into that good night

Sauce And Corn Meal : U SMOT U LOYL U A GENUS

Dormammu, I've Come to Bargain : This was the most peaceful thing I've watched. I think I had an emotional experience

Vsauce Mikàl : thats one small step for whoooo another giat whoooo for khaled kind

Noah Vigil : I'm here when you guys need a sip

Novel Gamer : Did you guys hear? They finally landed a satellite on DJ Khaled!

eastendthug : Khaled is a true gentlesir and a great ambassador for r/redpill

Matthew. M : We choose to go the Moon We choose to go to the Moon to *Inspire you* We venture forth today together for a higher goal We do these things not because they are easy, but because we smart we loyal. I call upon the nation of DJ Khaled to stop the water bomb nuclear testing. Humanity does not need another weapon of mass destruction.

THAGOVERNMENT : Would you get crushed by DJ Khaled for $10,000 houses for your whole family?

Dekke360 : WOOOOOOO

San Coca : 0:35 cracked me up good, didn't expect that good job ethan and hila ;*

Steve Korell : First. :D (after Hila)

niv Gnasherus : i will show this to my grand children one day. the human species at its peak

Pg G : I died while watching this video