Rejected Theme Song from READY PLAYER ONE

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WarBear : see you at the oscars for best original score

vinesauce : I love this

Vector Freeze5 : I like this guy dead pan stare, like he's not giving a damn lol.

SynthCool : This movie is one big family guy cutaway

Crow The Guy : Ready Player One, AKA: The internets new punching bag.

Cory the Norm : Ooh, I 'member!

EXCEPT : that deadpan look

J : Remember Mary had a little lamb?

Bee : This is great but I'm pretty sure uploading the entire movie to YouTube is copyright infringement

Sine Nomine : the following comments consist of people confusing Mary Had a Little Lamb with everything from London Bridge to Despacito

Saving Ferris : I feel like i just saw the whole movie.

Mercer Morrison : Remember 'King Kong'? Remember 'Ferris Bueller'? Remember 'War Games' and 'Back to the Future'? Remember 'Tomb Raider'? Remember 'Weird Science'? Remember 'Battle Toads' and 'The Iron Giant'? Remember 'Star Wars' & 'Transformers: The Movie'? Remember 'Ghosbusters'? Remember 'The Goonies'? Remember when neon used to be trendy? Remember the 'Where's the Beef?' lady from Wendy's? (Instrumental Break) (Chorus) I..I...I..I..I remember Remember 'Akira'? That's from Japan. Remember 'Galaga' and 'Ms. Pac-Man'? Remember 'Contra'? Remember 'Street Fighter'? Remember 'The A-Team'? Remember 'Knightrider'? Remember 'The Simpsons'; seasons one through nine? Remember logging on to America Online? Remember 'Highlander' and 'Highlander 2'? Remember 'Star Trek'? We certainly do! (Instrumental Break) (Chorus) 'Ready Player One'!

TFNUT : He protec He attac But also He lay down a dope track

Gyro Zeppeli : You're not allowed to post full movies on YouTube dude

Buenomars : Don't worry, you can always resubmit for Ready Player Two.

MrZurata : I clapped when i heard the song! I clapped because i know what these things are I GOT THE REFERENCE I CLAPPPPPPEEEEEEEEEEDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

goluclear : How was this masterpiece rejected?

mirojons : This is true Youtube content. Golden age material right here. Respect.

Marc Bahbahani : i love the casual mary had a little lamb/london bridge breakdown

jon butler old : you're just so completely funny it scrabbles my boggle

A Pink Poodle : Why was it rejected? That fit perfectly with the movie's theme.

Callzter : I always come back just for "I-I-I-I-I-I remember"

17659817265781465781 : 'Member the eighties? I'm going to save za warudo with my vast knowledge of pop culture! I'm a Nice Guy too!

Turd Ferguson : This is literally the pitch for the movie

Jackson : my friend and i were playing a video game and had this on loop in the background for about an hour before my roommate took his headphones off and asked "is this on loop?"

teehundeart : it's so painfully obvious why Ready Player 1 got made despite the book being terrible. i can imagine the people in charge greenlighting the movie somewhat like this: "the script is poorly written, nerd pandering and overall cringy. but there is some stuff in there that people remember, so it will make money"

Roach : I feel as though youtube thrives on incredible content like this. Such a deep, artistic meaning behind the lyrics. As if to say "Yeah, we get it Ready Player One. You had a tv in the 80's." The london bridge is falling down chorus in the middle really emphasizes the childish actions of the directors and the people who watch movies like this simply because the film has a few references from things they've watched. Nice work. All of this comment was completely useless.

Y k Y k : Dude, don't spoil the movie for everyone.

Mr. W : They should teach Ready Player One in high school. People need to recognize bad writing when they see it. The fact that people didn’t see it in 2011 worries me. I detected that bullshit right away. “World building” really was all it takes for so many people. A good writer needs to be good down at the micro-level, folks. Good sentences. Coherent ideas. Rhythm, foreshadowing, nuance, verisimilitude, humor.

Wonderful Wonderful : Ready Player One: Let's have a nonsensical narrative as an excuse to show as many pop culture references as possible. That will give us the illusion that we aren't the emoji movies uncle.

Jared Hamline : Remmber back in the 80's and 90's when movies played rap songs that have to do with plots points and characters of the movie during ending credits, like "Adams Family" and "Monster Squad"? They should play this song at the end.


Mariana Gomes : best thing i have ever seen. modern day mozart.

Lexy Luna : Member...? I member.

LAMEZOR : This was actually way better than the actual film itself.

Ty_ teynium : This is why Thanos hates us.

50sts : i clapped because i understood those references!!!!

Isabel Rentoul : There's no point in even seeing the movie if it doesn't have this theme.

HighWarlordJC : Pepperidge farm remembers.

NickDG3 : I like your enthusiasm

TheNovaProspect : I 'member

Mysterious Jojo : I just saw the movie. REMEMBER THE SHINING?!!!???

Julius Jud : I KNOW WHAT THAT IS!!!

EroticCakes : realest theme ever for that trash book

Nate Marineau : Dude, I love you for making this video! Ready Player One was one of the worst books I ever read and I can't imagine how stupid the movie is. Great song!

ninaeatworld : This made reading that shitty book worth it! :'D

mclaclan : This is the best video I have seen all week and it's Sunday

Griffin Tremaine : You have good rhythm

Fred Bastien : A N T H E M

James Fowler : Don’t let Hollywood change you.