DUDES OF HAZMAT - "Can of Whoop-ass"
This guys animations are more Adult Swim than modern Adult swim

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Theo , Groves, and an A.T.F. special agent sneak into a deadly cult's fortress. Buy one of the songs at: https://boldsaber.bandcamp.com/album/dudes-of-hazmat-songs With voice work by: Sarah-Lynne Otsuji as Cult member #1 Krista Gowenlock as Cult Member #2, & Paramedic Animation by Drue Langlois. Music by Bold Saber. Check out this fun animation I did for The Minute Hour, too!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qqt-D7RPQyw


Elemaniel Pagan Vega : i love that they animate the walk really awkwardly just for the comedy lmao

ZeptoCreations : This has existed for almost two years and only now I discover it. ...I feel horrible.

Slye : The dropkicks had to be the best parts

carjax777 : The algorithm has brought me here why does this kind of quality not get noticed sooner

S : My favorite insult had to be, "I'd say Groves is the comic relief except he's not that funny."

SarcazticJerk Amateur Artist : Why do i got the feeling that you made the song first before the whole story of this animation? It's really good.

Sandwich : how much for 12 episodes of this

A Bread Skate : Theres no experience Like seeing two guys in Hazmat Suits Pummel Cultists with Canned Foods While singing for the first time.

ET Thompson : lmao they just start singing and dancing while throwing cans at people with assault riffles

AstroCat : this is actually golden, a hidden gem soon to be discovered through the YouTube algorithm. i plant my comment here to let the world know that I witnessed this gem through my own digging.

Kevin : Who would win A Global occult with trained personel Vs Few canny boi


Jerry S : The rotoscoping walk kills me every time

i tnaw ot eid : *R E A L C H E R N O B Y L H O U R S*

Mod Man : This goes to show that you can have shitty animation be amazing with good writting and great jokes. Plus i like how their walk cycles are like from an 80s cartoon

NOOBMASTER 69 : Bro adult swim better hire this dude and promote his work

eanna connolly : I love the clumsy awkward walk cycle it looks like they're in a PSP game

Hoosier Hell : The ATF agent didn’t shoot a single dog 0/10

Nathanael Fonken : Wow, the algorithm has finally kicked in.

massassafras : The algorithm has chosen you, Drue Langlois.

Elias Point : I see the algorithms have brought us all back together again

Awesome Possum : "Not to mention a handful of gym teachers" XD Lmao

Angel I. : The Can of whoop-ass number is actually genius!

Communist In Action : When you saw a dead ebola victim twitching... Edit: sorry, wrong comment section and video

Zeke Hasabigbooty : This has just enough creepy vibes to make onto AS

TheReckless Paladin : I need more of this in my life. dudes of hazmat 2 when?


Russian Cheese : 6:44 Me and my brother teaming up on the friend I invited over on WWE 2k19

Alex B : I can't wait til that YouTube algorithm hits, you're going to blow up

Robert legitd00d : This has king of the hill, Daria, and adult swim vibes all rolled into one, I wish this there would be more videos of this

fireflocs : That song should play over the credits in the new Mortal Kombat.

griffyn : the fight scene against the cult leader was really smooth and fresh. nice!

AurumJuice : Ok but like This feels like an SCP parody but it's just the lesser known/appreciated staff

Firthy boy : You deserve more attention you're a comedy genius

A potato : I really love how they made the walking so awkward. It makes the entire thing so much funnier! Not to mention the genius lyrics.

Nicholas King : Dude this reminds me of Saturday evenings when I was 8 and free if everything. Also has a "happy souls" vibe

AJ_That One Guy : This short feels like I just walked in on the middle of a D&D session.

TheAstrospace2 : Got some Far Cry 5 vibes with that ending. Great video! I would pay to see more.

boxoflostcauses : why is this not on adult swim

Viporal : I swear drue langlois is inside a French textbook from school

Eli Moreno : You inspire me to make animations again. Thank you! PLEASE make more! Dont give up!

Slavic German : 2017?! YouTube, we need to have a long talk about your algorithms.

O N E S C A R Y A P O T H I C O N B O I : Oh my dear it's very clear you've done something wrong....

Kyle Noe : talented animator who's vastly underrated imo.

Preston Garvey : Pls send to adult swim so I can watch this every saturday

Jøey Føx : Reminds me of Aqua Teens Hunger Force. 👍

Effort : A quality video. I'm still confused but I'm happy I found this.

Wild Wastelander : I just wanna take a second to appreciate how badass hazmat suits look sometimes

FryBag : “Orgy/suicide pact” HUHUHUHUHUHUHHUH