Simpsons Paint your wagon

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HD Film Tributes : Decades later and it's still hard to believe that movie was actually made.

Godzilla52 : I'm pretty sure that was everyone else's reaction when they saw the movie and realized it was a musical.

than217 : That awkward moment when you realize this was a real film.

Liam J : What the HELL is going on in my town?

Gwynbleidd : Lee Marvin sounds like Zoidberg

XFS540 : If it weren't for this episode, I would have been painting pine with... non-oil-based paint... lol

KingOfElectricNinjas : This is an actual movie, but the movie is actually much, much weirder than this.

Nonamearisto : How Westworld ends.

Frankie Poindexter : Lee Marvin's voice made me laugh so hard!

MagcargoMan : "Gonna use oil-based paint, because the wood is pine!" I love that line so much. It's just "out there".

inferno10 : Who knew Lee Marvin could do such marvelous splits?

Bob Jones : Lee Van Cleef wasn't in Paint Your Wagon but it would have been great if he was

Make Manchester United Great Again! : I never knew it was a real film lol.

James Mallov : Nice to see Eastwood and Lee van Cleef

mcaddicts : The look on the family at 1:43 was pretty much my reaction to the rest of this episode.

EscapeRouteBritish : Damnit SiIvaGunna

Joe Byrne : "Did you get Waiting To Exhale?" "They put us on the exhale waiting list but they said don't hold your breath"

vanguardduelist : Thank god for lee Marvin!!

Loui Eriksson : oil based paint cause the wood is pine.... best part of the song

SpeedyEric1 : Paint Your Wagon is the most underrated of The Man with No Name Trilogy.

Magegg : Y la neta mejor le va a quedar :P

BloodylocksBathory : Lee Van Cleef in Groening's style is spot on. And adorable.

Andrew Abrahams : I'm glad they used oil based paint cause the wood is pine.

Asa Fisher : Only good part of a bad episode

Jefferson Thojja : That's a pretty sorry lookin' wagon you got there, Mister.

Harold Wilson : Just notice Troy Mcclure is playing the sheriff at 0:47

Anjo Banjo : Who else came from SiIvagunner?

almanacofsleep : To hear Lee Marvin actually sing look up ""Wand'rin' Star"

Kurt Fabisch : This sums up so well what most people hate about musicals.

PokeDude011 : I knew I recognized that song that pops up occasionally in Siivagunner videos!

George Wang : This song honestly taught me that you need oil-based paint for softwoods like pine.

JoroJojoro : When I watched this episode as a little kid, I was already a huge fan of westerns. Seeing this moment amused me, as I thought it was really just a campy parody of either western movies in general or some specific movie I didn't know of. A couple of years later I come to find it is, pretty much, a "reenactment" and not a parody, of a real movie. I was amazed.

Gamenerd1941 : Who else came here from silvagunner?

Harry Drake : Why does Lee Marvin sound like Zoidberg?

Stephen Rottiers : I didn't know Lee Marvin could do such marvelous splits

Michael Burke : At least we learned that we have to use oil based paint whenever we paint pine wood.

Saintnick90 : "They're singing. Why aren't they killing each other?" Me watching any musical. Also, Lee Marvin sounds like Zoidberg.

BigBadBen Racing : this is better than the actual movie.

Alejandro Ene Ene : thank god!!! there is Lee Marvin that always drunk and kills all!!!! jajjjjjajajajajja great

thestone30080 : 26 cocksuckers didn't paint their wagon.

Noah x3 : Clint Eastwood and Lee Van Cleef, hell yes

Jono Zygorodimos : silvagunner?

Matt Von Wenden : I'm here from SilvaGunner from a comment on Pokemedley

Tobidecai : 0:31 Beggining of season 9 of The Walking Dead and 0:49 your reaction

Nate Daviz : I love Westworld

DarkSun : "eerrr what the HELLS going on in my town?" Best line.

Five Angels : The real film was real good you know

Bishop Six : The actual ending to A few Dollars More with Clint and Lee. :D

nxios : Watching this on Encore Westerns channel on DirecTV lol