Simpsons Paint your wagon

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HD Film Tributes : Decades later and it's still hard to believe that movie was actually made.

Godzilla52 : I'm pretty sure that was everyone else's reaction when they saw the movie and realized it was a musical.

StraySheep17 : 1:33 See, that's why Lee Marvin is a monstrous villain. He painted that spot using vertical swipes of the brush instead of using horizontal swipes like how the rest of the wagon was painted. Now it's going to look really out of place when it's dried!

than217 : That awkward moment when you realize this was a real film.

Liam J : What the HELL is going on in my town?

KingOfElectricNinjas : This is an actual movie, but the movie is actually much, much weirder than this.

XFS540 : If it weren't for this episode, I would have been painting pine with... non-oil-based paint... lol

Frankie Poindexter : Lee Marvin's voice made me laugh so hard!

Gwynbleidd : Lee Marvin sounds like Zoidberg

inferno10 : Who knew Lee Marvin could do such marvelous splits?

Nonamearisto : How Westworld ends.

Bob Jones : Lee Van Cleef wasn't in Paint Your Wagon but it would have been great if he was

MagcargoMan : "Gonna use oil-based paint, because the wood is pine!" I love that line so much. It's just "out there".

Make Manchester United Great Again! : I never knew it was a real film lol.

EscapeRouteBritish : Damnit SiIvaGunna

Asa Fisher : Only good part of a bad episode

mcaddicts : The look on the family at 1:43 was pretty much my reaction to the rest of this episode.

James Mallov : Nice to see Eastwood and Lee van Cleef

Joe Byrne : "Did you get Waiting To Exhale?" "They put us on the exhale waiting list but they said don't hold your breath"

Andrew Abrahams : I'm glad they used oil based paint cause the wood is pine.

BloodylocksBathory : Lee Van Cleef in Groening's style is spot on. And adorable.

Magegg : Y la neta mejor le va a quedar :P

vanguardduelist : Thank god for lee Marvin!!

Loui Eriksson : oil based paint cause the wood is pine.... best part of the song

Jefferson Thojja : That's a pretty sorry lookin' wagon you got there, Mister.

Harold Wilson : Just notice Troy Mcclure is playing the sheriff at 0:47

SpeedyEric1 : Paint Your Wagon is the most underrated of The Man with No Name Trilogy.

Kurt Fabisch : This sums up so well what most people hate about musicals.

almanacofsleep : To hear Lee Marvin actually sing look up ""Wand'rin' Star"

Anjo Banjo : Who else came from SiIvagunner?

1202 Program Alarm : I remember when this episode would come on in syndication, I'd watch this scene only and then turn off the tv. One of the few painful episodes from the Simpsons glory years. Now they're all painful.

PokeDude011 : I knew I recognized that song that pops up occasionally in Siivagunner videos!

JoroJojoro : When I watched this episode as a little kid, I was already a huge fan of westerns. Seeing this moment amused me, as I thought it was really just a campy parody of either western movies in general or some specific movie I didn't know of. A couple of years later I come to find it is, pretty much, a "reenactment" and not a parody, of a real movie. I was amazed.

Nate Daviz : I love Westworld

Harry Drake : Why does Lee Marvin sound like Zoidberg?

adam : wait this was a real movie?!

GamerAdrian7502 : i smell disney

Stephen Rottiers : I didn't know Lee Marvin could do such marvelous splits

Disgusted Dedede : what in the fu

Fer Sófio : What does Clint eastwood says at the first time?

Michael Burke : At least we learned that we have to use oil based paint whenever we paint pine wood.

Alejandro Ene Ene : thank god!!! there is Lee Marvin that always drunk and kills all!!!! jajjjjjajajajajja great

Gamenerd1941 : Who else came here from silvagunner?

Jono Zygorodimos : silvagunner?

Ben Davis : this is better than the actual movie.

Tobidecai : 0:31 Beggining of season 9 of The Walking Dead and 0:49 your reaction

Nick Lubas : Here because of red dead redemption. Need that authentic Western music

Noah x3 : Clint Eastwood and Lee Van Cleef, hell yes

Juicebox Parade : I hope I'm not the only one here because of the confusing wagon related comments on siivas onett video

Francis Condon : I'm guessing by how shocked they are that Bart and Homer didn't bother reading the video cover before they got it.