If "Anti-Drug" Commercials were Real Life - Commercial Classics

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The Glitch Counter : You don't disappoint

Vinicius Reiss : Shake..? Ah! You know I don't shake hands. Lol so good

Fa 0321 : You're funny

Kovin24 : Release that fresh beat in the outro.

FantasticMrColeson : Comical Genius!!

9/11 Holocaust : Dude quit your day job and just make vids


Cana Dude : Mahk, leading the way in the anti-hand shaking movement. We saw it here first.

Knight : That beat though

Zachary Kinsella : Anyone gonna talk about the fire outro?

Eric Hollen : where do I find this j.d. power remix

Paul Ramos : So who chewed up his signed Tom Brady jersey?

Garrett B : Yooooo that beat @ the end is fiyaaaaaaaa

Scotty Rob : He needs to do that awful Kendall Jenner Pepsi commercial.

Metalhead122 : All I can say is wow, MAHK! I can't remember the last time I've laughed this hard. Comedy Central outta cancel one of their gay liberal shows and add something that's actually funny! Ahhh, don't look at me like dat, dair...frank can't poop...haha!

CaptainCaptain : your videos have great initial quality

Alex Alverez : were can I find that song of your

CxDragon : sick ending music, you probably make a good rap song for 3 mins and make it a meme.

Ryan K : Fuck lol, I wasn't expecting much from this video but I'm dying of laughter

Clips 36 : Remember that he don't shake hands

ainsleywainsley : 'wait! i dont even have a dog!! gotta get another half ounce' LMFAO!!!

a person : This guy is the Great Value Mark Wahlberg

Stereotypical YouTube Commentator #503 : Does this confirm Mahk chews up his own Patriots jerseys when he's high?

matt fox : How have I never seen this guys vids before? F’n hilarious

GreatNate Bolton : "What in tha fawk?! Are you tawlkin right now?!" 😂😭

Joe Mack : This never gets old.

Ismael Rivera : 0:05 - 0:11

Al : Everyone of these videos has me dying. You are a fucking comedy genius.

spKyleG : Would buy the track that starts at the end.

TheVitruvius : Still wondering why he doesn't like shaking hands

M. Castro : lmao , "you know i don't shake hands"

Vector 12 : da music at the end is fire

Steve Bazowsky : nah wee doesn't make you see talking dogs. must have been laced !! I'd be buying from someone else! lol

John Freexzy : "I dont even have a dog..."

Binkyo : RIP signed Tom Brady Jersey


The JoJo Dojo : *realizes i dont have a dog* i need more weed

Makillian : This channel has so much potential

David Villesca : Hey brother, reaching out to see if you'd be interested in making a commercial for me. Would like to talk when you get a chance. Also, I was a medic for 1-504th PIR 82nd airborne. Saw the tat, and figured I'd give it a shot and see what's up.

Jonas Sungaila : *Fuwking Tawlking Dawgs*

Gangstalicious : USA: "Drugs are bad, don't use/sell drugs." -biggest buyer/user/distributer of drugs on the planet.

TOUGH MAN RANDY SAVAGE : lol i gotta get another half oz Talken dawgs


Mohammed Islam : WHY DOESN'T HE HAVE MORE VIEWERS !?!?!? ...

Kenneth Lynden : fuckin talkin dawgs!!!

XxChevyLoverxX : JD POWAH

RangerVt 802 : Hahaha i don't even have a dog!!

theMcWOPPER : My dog likes when I smoke weed. I make mac and cheese and we share it together.

BowserN64 : Oh my gosh I love your reactions to stuff. XD

Kingzy : *I gotta call Tommy get another Half-Ounce hahah*