If "Anti-Drug" Commercials were Real Life - Commercial Classics

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CaptainCaptain : your videos have great initial quality

TheVitruvius : Still wondering why he doesn't like shaking hands

Vinicius Reiss : Shake..? Ah! You know I don't shake hands. Lol so good

The Glitch Counter : You don't disappoint

Fa 0321 : You're funny

Burning0NIc3 : That song at the end is my ringtone now xD

Kovin24 : Release that fresh beat in the outro.


FantasticMrColeson : Comical Genius!!

9/11 Holocaust : Dude quit your day job and just make vids

Cana Dude : Mahk, leading the way in the anti-hand shaking movement. We saw it here first.

Icarus x : pepsi add in real life?

a person : This guy is the Great Value Mark Wahlberg

Knight : That beat though

SilverFang : The line on his forehead makes it look like he can change faces like some sort of android

Zachary Kinsella : Anyone gonna talk about the fire outro?

CxDragon : sick ending music, you probably make a good rap song for 3 mins and make it a meme.

Paul Ramos : So who chewed up his signed Tom Brady jersey?

Night Rider : *Dude im loving your channel.Vids like these are why i watch youtube*

Eric Hollen : where do I find this j.d. power remix

Garrett B : Yooooo that beat @ the end is fiyaaaaaaaa

TayZonday : These are great

Scotty Rob : He needs to do that awful Kendall Jenner Pepsi commercial.

Caroline Cooke : I don’t even have a dog lmao

Ephigy : I showed my whole family your videos and they love them. Keep it up, mahk

shaneapple4 : "Is this about me cutting ya bawls off?" classic😂

SuperNoone89 : Never stop making videos. This channel is a Godsend.

Metalhead122 : All I can say is wow, MAHK! I can't remember the last time I've laughed this hard. Comedy Central outta cancel one of their gay liberal shows and add something that's actually funny! Ahhh, don't look at me like dat, dair...frank can't poop...haha!

C SEXY 3 : I wish you put one of these out every week!

Satan : "I don't even have a dog" and that beat ayeee 😂

Roboβuildsツ : OUTRO MUSIC???

MrUnladenswallow : With the amount of shit on youtube, its nice to come across gold every now and again

rayamat01 : can you make fun of the Kendal Jenner pepsi commercial?

hambo r : That outro though xD, awesome

Carl : That little track at the end

TheBunsofCinnamon : fawhkin tawhkin dawgs

Alex Alverez : were can I find that song of your

Tj : I swear I'll watch everything you upload

Philip Watt : You're a living meme.... in a good way.

Malik Meri : This is why I subbed

Zansi : So glad I subscribed to this channel.

Furness Prime : I don't shake hands.

rugosotv : I see your channels keeps growing, please don't stop! :)

asq 97 : Never clicked on a video so fast

Ryan K : Fuck lol, I wasn't expecting much from this video but I'm dying of laughter

MaDCaT : I cant wait to see this channel blow up. I love this humor, its so good.

Benji Specialist : R.I.P signed Tom Brady jersey. Viva la marijuana.

Daniel : Quality outro

KaiForce : Your outro song is so dank

GreatNate Bolton : "What in tha fawk?! Are you tawlkin right now?!" 😂😭