If "Anti-Drug" Commercials were Real Life - Commercial Classics

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DjJokerr : Do the BUICK commercial next. Stupid ass "Is that a Buick?" commercial

BinkYo : RIP signed Tom Brady Jersey

TheVitruvius : Still wondering why he doesn't like shaking hands

CaptainCaptain : your videos have great initial quality

Kerry M : "Eat a dick." My favorite anti-handshake moment.

FantasticMrColeson : Comical Genius!!

Gangstalicious : USA: "Drugs are bad, don't use/sell drugs." -biggest buyer/user/distributer of drugs on the planet.

Fa 0321 : You're funny

ᕼᑌᗰᗩᑎ ᖴᗴᒪᒪᗩ : I smoke shit-tons of weed, I'm getting high as fuck doin' my wakey bakey right now, and I never see talking dogs. You do NOT hallucinate on weed, the AADC needs to be spayed and neutered for flat out lying to people. You smoke weed to get rid of the voices and hallucinations. DUH! Question; If Mahk doesn't actually have a dog, who shit on his floor and chewed up the Brady jersey? I think Mahk should find out what his dealer's puttin' in his pot.

9/11 Holocaust : Dude quit your day job and just make vids


CxDragon : sick ending music, you probably make a good rap song for 3 mins and make it a meme.

Knight : That beat though

Brendan Miller : When you realised you smoked too much weed and start arguing to animals


The grape And jelly gamer : for a guy who likes the patriots so much your a pretty cool guy

Ryan Maus : Didn't you jack this bit from a Joe Rogan standup routine?

Tony Garcia : These videos make my day, keep them coming hahahahaa

Ashley Thompson : Haha fuck yeah. Your videos bring me life. Please keep it up dude you're on fire

YUNG紫の RONIN : I wonder if he's related to Mark Wahlberg..

GlitchTrap : His outro is so addictive, I have to watch the whole thing cause the song at the end is amazing

Eric Hollen : where do I find this j.d. power remix

xXxDARK SKOPEZZxXx : Best ad ever

Joanna Perea : You like the Patriots to go Tom Brady!!

Jason Bourne : What'n the FUCK? Are you talkin' right now?!

Vincentius : fawking tawking dawgs lmao

TheMokaBros : this is just 1000 times better cus i think he is from Boston

M W : I gotta call Tommy and get another oz, or you could have the dispensary deliver it.

nyja gano : weed cant bring full outright hulucinations

Henry Recinos : Lmao

MD88Pilot : This was hilarious.

Bojidar Micov : SAVAGE

SpareKnives : Holy shit i gotta call tommy and get another half ounce, fuckin talkin dogs

Cofresh : Omg 😂🤣

Kate Kate : Jady power dont toutch me

SOedipus : Is that Tidus?

lonzo123456 7 : My stomach hurt because I laughhed so hard

Psythik : Look at Mr. Moneybags here, buying weed by the ounce.

Ashley Thompson : This is gold. Thanks for the laughs

Rob Lena : I've never subscribe off the first video until now

GreatNate Bolton : "What in tha fawk?! Are you tawlkin right now?!" 😂😭

GreenFantom : Wait, if there wasn't an actual dog, who chewed up his jersey?

Stereotypical YouTube Commentator #503 : Does this confirm Mahk chews up his own Patriots jerseys when he's high?

Unhinged hobo : how did this get dislikes?

Mark Theman : Fuckin hilarious 😂

Nathan C : I think I chill with my dog more when I'm high lol

Awesomeness : Hahahah dude I just found out about your channel and I love it and also you're raising the comedybar of YouTube back up!

Sentinel Kings : How do you not have more subs? Your a riot holy shit

Sylvia Pena : is that Mark Wahlberg?

Joystick James : I'm laughing so hard right now I'm crying a lot and my throat hurts... This is phucking genius