Why I saved myself for marriage

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Here's why I saved myself for marriage and the result. Waiting till marriage to have sex means I need a lot of practice to get better at it. From an early age I was committed to saving myself for marriage. That was something that I wanted to share and experience with my wife. I realize not everyone agrees with abstinence, but that was my choice. That's what I believed in and I'm glad I waited. Together, my wife and I got to experience all of the awkwardness and silliness of our first time, all within this committed relationship. I don't judge people who choose not to practice abstinence, because that's their decision and they're still just as loved by God as I am. It was hard waiting 26 years to have sex, but it was worth it. Sex isn't everything. It an amazing thing and a beautiful expression of love for my wife, but not the most important part of our marriage (though definitely one of my favorite parts). What's beautiful to me about it, is that were physically, spiritually and emotionally giving our whole selves to one another. If you're someone who is choosing to wait, stay strong and have hope! Don't let other people's comments pressure you into having sex or make you feel inferior. Your identity isn't based on your sexual activity. You're a valued person for who you are. I joke about sex and abstinence in my comedy because I've found it's a healthy way to have a discussion about it both with Christians and non-Christians. The church doesn't always do a good job of having open/healthy conversations about sex, so I wanted to make it less taboo in a fun way.