Woman: Cop punished me like a dog

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Mishinka Misha : the cop should be promoted! welll done!

Konstantina Traka : Bravo to the cop!!!!!!!

Brandi Marie : Cop was "abusive"? What does that make you, lady? Then again he didn't order you to sit in the car, just suggested. Dog didn't have the option to say no.

Lucas Flidr : IMHO the cop should get a raise

daviska95 : Filing a false claim is a crime as well.

Morgan Sheridan : He didn't punish her. Not a bit. She's a liar and an animal abuser.

MrNormallan : Charge her for lying on legal documents

Jimmy Gangster : LOL this is fucking hilarious. For once I'd stand with this cop and actually shake his hand. This is the shit people should be subjected to when they do shit like this. See how they like it. Just being slapped with a fine isn't going to stop someone. And he did it in a brilliant way of not forcing her to do anything. If she sat in the car and waited then that's her own stupid fault. If I were the cop I would have bashed the window out and let the dog out so then she'd have to have that replaced. I love how people are calling this "abuse of power". How? He ASKED her "Why don't you sit in your car and wait?", he didn't demand her to get into the car. If she got in and waited tough shit for her. She's the one that lied and the camera caught her ass in it. Unlucky. Don't but a dumbass next time. And they should have had the dog taken from them since they clearly don't have any responsibility to have one.

Sok T. : Great work!!!This man deserves promotion!!!

Myron Schrader : Good for that cop to take up for animals who can't speak for themselves. I hope she failed that test and is embarrassed for her ignorance.

lulubeloo : a store named Bullocks? HAHAHAH, i dropped my tea!

boredjoewo : 1- Excellent idea by the cop....way to go!!! 2- She learned NOTHING so she should have lost her dog as being cruel to it.  This is proven by her complaining about doing exactly what she did to her dog.

missimin : Good thing he had a camera. I didn't see a boyfriend and child as she reported as also "locked" in the hot car by the officer. She deserved to sit in there a lot longer. I would have checked how long she was in the grocery store and made her sit that long not a few minutes while a ticket was being written up. I would have taken the dog from her too. I hope the officer isn't in trouble, he did the right thing.

TheCamaro5 : should be sentenced to 1 hour in hot car.

palmtreesandbees : Fantastic officer. Definitely a hero.

Lewmew22 : What a beast she is! Imagine if the cop did not have a camera, she would have likely have had him fired. What a snakey nasty nasty piece of work. Poor poor dog who has to live with her.

Karen Edgington : The officer was not abusive he just made them sit in the condition that they left their dog in so if it is ok for the dog it is ok for them. Dogs have rights

Susan M : Just punishment for an animal abuser for leaving her poor dog in the car and didn't even cracking the windows. Love this cop had a lapel camera to prove she's a liar.

Yvette Lyons : If I had found the dog first, the bitch would have returned to her vehicle to find a broken window and a missing dog!

slightlysketch : good on ya mate, that dog has more to give in life then that hag.

Storm Boi : Good job ! Justice !

Sporadic Implosions : I like how she claims the cop was "abusive" towards her for suggesting she sit in her hot car with no ventilation, but denies any wrongdoing for making her dog do the same thing.

Anna Milanou : i wish more people and cops like him, were here in my country!! well done!!

Chris M : It was 22 degrees Celsius (71f) today in Calgary, Alberta, Canada at about 4 this afternoon.  I had the driver's side window in my car down as I drove, and when I got where I was going I rolled it up and shut off my car.  I sat there for a minute, maybe two while I checked my shopping list on my cell.  By the time I opened the door the interior of my car had gone up to about 25 Celsius (about 79f) and was noticeably warmer.  After the then minutes that lady claims she was gone the inside of her truck must have been sweltering.  I hope she pulls that crap again and has someone shatter her window to get her dog out.

Jessica Lintner : If I were the officer I WOULD have made her sit in that car, I don't care if I would have been written up, she complains it is abuse well lady your abusing your dog!

Chase Amyot : Good on the cop! Justice!

Mr. Awesome Cat Fuzzypants : A decent cop for once. Like spotting a four leaf clover.

Hana Švecová : stojím za policistou, skvělá práce, takhle by to mělo fungovat pořád

The Truth : Now that's a damn good cop, actually giving a voice to an animal once again mistreated by a human...who callously reacts to the charge, finding 114 degrees funny, then has the audacity to lie about what went down. Bitch!

Kevin Wilson : I would have locked her in the car and left her there.

Wilsonspen : Good for the cop.....that woman should be banned from owning animals.

RabidPrairieDog : I like this police officer already. I was hoping the cop was going to taze her though.

Kirsch : Pretty disgusting how she considers it "abuse" for someone to even SUGGEST that she sit in the same conditions... without even the tiniest bit of empathy for what she put her dog through.

Michael Ragusa : Now you know what your dog went through and how it feels. Don't do it again! #EndAnimalCruelty

agent4you2 : The cop did the right thing!

Arona Eve : Salute to the man in blue!

リズLiz : Hahaha, she contacted the news, but ended up looking like an idiot! Good for that cop, he's totally right! Hey, if it's not too hot to leave your pet in there, then she should have been able to sit in the truck with no ventilation, then, right?

Calsonic800 : Just break the window and rescue the dog.

Joan Gonzalez : good for the officer who did this. the poor dog has no way to get out. a human can.

almcken2 : take her to jail. false complaint.

Amber Dawn : Thank you officer!!

Dansha Leboda : This police officer should be given a metal. If the woman refuses to sit in the hot car for the same period of time, she should get a dish and no charge for refusing to follow a direct order of an officer. (Or whatever that is called).

Raven Young : It was more than deserved !

Muscleduck : I salute the officer. If I ever see someone do this to their pet or child, I'd break the window myself and call ambulance/cops accordingly. Just try to stop me.

Christina Jones : You did a great job Officer!! Keep up the great work. 👍🏻 And SHAME on you lady.😡👎🏻

sfcstevens : I have written a number of citations for animal cruelty in the past I would love to make those people who leave pets in locked unvented vehicle sit in the vehicle for just 5 minutes, these people don't deserve to have pets or children.

Avenged84 : So, the dog has to sit and wait for at least 10 minutes in the car and it's all good but when she's asked to wait and sit in the car it's punishment? Makes total sense. I really wish this would become a law. People who let their dogs or kids sit in a hot car should have to sit in the car for that exact same time themselves, double the time if they laugh about the dog or kid sitting in the hot car. This kind of shit happens way too often.

Marios Skarvellis : this woman is i liar and dangeroys for animals...i feel sad for the pet is leaving with her....shame

Odin31b : The police was correct here, shame on that woman. .

Vidya Bros. : I think she deserved it completely. Some assholes shouldn't have pets because of shit like this.