Woman: Cop punished me like a dog

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Christina Jones : You did a great job Officer!! Keep up the great work. 👍🏻 And SHAME on you lady.😡👎🏻

David Davenport : Haven't said this in awhile, but I'm glad to see there's still good cops out there. That woman was a complete turd.

Patryk : Very good attitude police officer!!! Good job!!! And woman should stay in that car longer...what a stupid bitch

Edward Cheves : Good job officer!

Doogie H : Dumb cunt still doesnt get it.

nudnyczlek : epic

internet person : lol, what a dumb bitch

Unlimited Media PC Systems : And Correct KU*wa !!! She should me siting one hour as punishment this retard fuck !!!

Ronda Best : Great job, officer!!

Dizeliun : Leave a dog in a hot car and everybody LOSES THEIR MINDS! Eat tortured and slaughtered animals for every meal and nobody BATS AN EYE

J Briggs : As a kid my mom always used to leave me in an insanely hot car when she would go into stores. People weren't as touchy about that in the 90's.

Joe Fiegel : I wish that cop did make that wast of space women stay in the car alone!!

almcken2 : take her to jail. false complaint.

CowsR4me : We dont deserve dogs. They are so good and we do shit like this. So callous

Jennifer Brown : Well done to that Officer. A fine job

Arona Eve : Salute to the man in blue!

WHAT'S NEW : Fuck that woman, I call it justice!

Fosite NL : "Only 10 minuts" With heat like that all it takes is 10-15 minuts to have the dog die.

Frank Roberts Jr : Filthy cunt that shouldn't be allowed to have a pet.

BrainRats : She had multiple people with her, should could have easy had one of them stay in the car with the dog with the AC running. She choose poorly...

John Smith : Wow this woman is fat, and stupid. Certainly a member of the 51% that has less than 100 IQ in the USA.

Mr. Awesome Cat Fuzzypants : A decent cop for once. Like spotting a four leaf clover.

Dude on a computer : She deserved longer time in the car.

Hilde Broeckx : Her level of stupidness is uncanny. So is her arrogance.

Joan Gonzalez : good for the officer who did this. the poor dog has no way to get out. a human can.

James Cole : Protip: Don't want to be treated like a dog? Don't act like a bitch :D

Mushie916 : Good everyone who leaves their dog in the car should be made to do this for however long they left that dog in there and should be put on there record

Rick Fountain : I guess caleb the reporter injected his attitude into the story. Fuck you cock sucker.

Kole Holt : Wow what a bitch. I have no problem smashing someone's window if there is a dog inside and vehical is the running with air-conditioning on. I carry a window breaker for just this occasion.

Johnnralph : Love the Karma , tries to make the cop look bad but comes of second best for what she is, an ignorant baldfaced lying animal abuser ..Love it. What an absolute great role model for her kids .. NOT !

Amber Dawn : Thank you officer!!

Nicole Daniel : Bravo officer! But really, she deserves worse. I'm happy to hear she learned what that poor pup felt.

Lori Davidson : She said it was abusive but it's ok for her to do it to her dog? He should have cited her and arrested her. She is lucky that's all that happened to her . I seriously doubt she will find a lot of sympathy....

Donna G : Just seeing this for the first time, 3 years later!! Bravo Officer Vincent Kreisher!! I see nothing wrong with what he did. That ignorant woman is lucky it was a cop and not an animal advocate, she wouldn't have been laughing when they got through with her.

CORRECTS YOU : They might as well have called that supermarket "Ballsack".

omnipotent cg : This lady is the perfect example of a complete piece of shit.

Janine Henschel : I think if you do it once, you get a ticket, do it twice GET YOU DOG TAKEN AWAY AND CAN NEVER HAVE ANOTHER DOG AGAIN and warn her that will happen if she does it when she gets the FIRST ticket, then they need to go and sit in that car for 10 min if the don't think that its HOT and see how it feels if they give them an attitude, it should be a REQUIREMENT !!!

Zero Vanromeo : wait, "this wasn't an order" what? If I refuse what an officer is telling me to do by asking him "is that an order" he will place me under arrest for resisting arrest. Welcome to the law son.

Michael Ragusa : Now you know what your dog went through and how it feels. Don't do it again! #EndAnimalCruelty

Maggie Stormcrow : Good for him. She's the abusive one - loser

Morgan Sheridan : He didn't punish her. Not a bit. She's a liar and an animal abuser.

Charley Martinez-Rodriguez : Some one please answer me this why do you stupid dam ass people have pets if you aren't going to care for them the right way. Dumb cow.

agent4you2 : The cop did the right thing!

Lucas Flidr : IMHO the cop should get a raise

E Collier : What a dumb cunt. Leave a dog in the car and then try to lie on the cops. Some people are just PATHETIC.

Karen Edgington : The officer was not abusive he just made them sit in the condition that they left their dog in so if it is ok for the dog it is ok for them. Dogs have rights

missimin : Good thing he had a camera. I didn't see a boyfriend and child as she reported as also "locked" in the hot car by the officer. She deserved to sit in there a lot longer. I would have checked how long she was in the grocery store and made her sit that long not a few minutes while a ticket was being written up. I would have taken the dog from her too. I hope the officer isn't in trouble, he did the right thing.

SuperModerngranny : This sort of 'punishment' should be meted out to abusive pet owners as a law! The pet owner should then be banned from ever going near any animal ever again! Nicolas, you deserve it... X10!!!

Summer Of Sega : I think she deserved it completely. Some assholes shouldn't have pets because of shit like this.

georgoudixxx : you know how I call people like her? Fucking bitches. They should make being a pet custodian as tough as being a foster/ kid guardian. One mistake you are going to prison, being taken off your pet and revoked right to own any pet EVER. If I were the officer I would lock her in and throw away the car keys