My mum's reaction to a giant snow cock i built in the front garden

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i built a massive cock made of snow in my front garden then filmed my mums reaction to it ahahahah Thanks to everyone for watching the video especially to the people leaving abuse. It made me money from various sources. I love you all Cheers, oberon06.

Comments from Youtube

Kowxley : Still cant believe you are reading comments on a video that is 9 years old haha legend

Ursii : He’s still hearting comments 9 years later!!

mc veggie : Why isn't anyone appreciating that art work

Versaucey : I like how this keeps recommending every time when Christmas is just around the corner.

oof oof : He is so loyal to his wiewers that he keeps watching the comment section almost 10 years later

Jon Snow, King in the North : With snow falling this winter, I've been inspired!

Spig : No one: Youtube: This

Muna : Bless your mum, she's obviously used to you being a cheeky lad. 😁❤

Dara Bradley : This vids gonna be 9 years old soon and the creator is still hearting comments #respect

2000 subs. without videos pls : do you still read the comments?

McPuma848 _ : Now make a condom for that magnum dong or how I like to say it a *womb boom*

Chill Exploits : Not All Heroes Wear Capes..

DarkPalkia : Winter is cumming

Ouskiller : 9 Years later and he still checks the comments. What a dedicated fella

Blaxe Frost : if this weren't uploaded 9 years ago, this wouldn't be on YouTube... we must appreciate the pre-censorship videos that even the algorithm agrees that are funny

Acro : People these days can’t appreciate good art when they see it.

gameswithjustice Justice : how are u still hearting comments it’s legit been 9 years

WickedRibbon : Alright youtube, keep these recommendations coming.

C4NN0N16 : Does he still heart our comments?

Irriducibili : This is why youtube is made for, to put smile on our face! Thanks for this video mate.

Alanis Morrissette : This is actually good quality given it's 9 years old

Omer Yarden : Very epic how this vid was released 8 years ago and he still hearts comments

i eat ass : > You are not putting that on YouTube! > 8 years later people still watch it

NightGuardMigsPH PlayZ : After almost 9 years, he still reads comments

Obsessive Hamiltrash : why was i just recommended this now? it's been 9 years since this was first uploaded....

Brezer : Eight years old video and you still like the comments Btw I like your snow peen

Itsyaboi Thanos : Thats some good sculpting tho

69696 subscribers with no videos challenge : Top 10 most underrated artists


error 404 : *once again youtube being youtube with the recommendations*

giannis riskos : this thing has 11k comments and he stills hearts, this is a hero

SnowIT : Finally a good recommendations

Mikko : Nice to see that you're answering to comments 8 years later

Theo S. : Wow that dog really likes to bark!

his fuking beard is weird : Why youtube, WHYYYYYYYY but damn this thing good

Yazan Walid : Uh after nine years YouTube shows


spicy kippurs : He is still active on this video 9 years later.

Sam Evans : On today's episode of "Why is this in my recommended?"

Puntergames : The youtube algorithm strikes again

Peter Pan : I bet Your mum would Love to sit on it 🤔🤣🤔

MrHerrFreundlich : Once again Youtube algorythm worked perfect :D !

MS Paint Daily : Damn these recommendations are impressing me.

Spoggi99 : Alright YouTube algorithm... do your thing!

jeff : Damn, i wish it snowed where i lived

Hana song : Got an 9 years old video in your recomended?

Snowyskies Productions : Welcome to the show “what’s in recommendations?”

kilian111 : She's laughing on the outside. But inside she's hoping her son will get a job, move out, and get a life.

Jokah : Why is it recommended to me after 8 years?