My mum's reaction to a giant snow cock i built in the front garden

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WickedRibbon : Alright youtube, keep these recommendations coming.

Zuzu : Someday there will be a golden statue of a giant dildo, we just have to wait...

Abhilash Nair : Now all of a sudden ppl have realised that 8 years later oberon06 is still *liking* or giving a heart ♥️ to comments and everyone is saying the same thing to get them hearts. Cool. 😂 😂 But to be honest that's a lot of work. If you notice, when she broke it, it was pretty solid!! What an artist!! 😀

Dark Emperor Gamer : that is art.

Mirza Andhika Putra : Creative at it's finest.

LinkCanBackflip : I tried dodging this and Recommended keeps pushing...

I don't deserve subs : Here before Justin .Y

Anders Andersson : Is that a statue commemorating the great roman General Biggus Dickus?

C R I P P L I N G D E P R E S S I O N : 1:15 *This was painful to watch* _Press _*_F_*_ to pay respects_

Bawks Sonic : Legend has it that he still makes snow cocks to this day......

Sumukh : And my creative brain takes a stick & draws a line on the snow. Hey! It's a vagina !

LordePanda : *Plot twist:* that's not his garden

rixille : I love how she tries to be serious about the situation but breaks out of it sometimes because she can't contain her sense of humor.

Jake Jacoby : *That looks nothing like a male chicken.* *It kind of looks like male anatomy though...*

Jeffrey O'Donnell : I wished it snowed enough in south Texas so I could do that

Chuck Keough : I keep coming back every few months for a good laugh. When all inhabitants of this earth are gone and a million years from now aliens discover earth.... I hope they find this first.

Matlock Mat : 8 years after and it's showing in our recommendations lol. Imagine how much the life of this guy has changed. He probably dont even live with his mom anymore

19ThreeLions97 : Yooo sell me that Escort

Chris Vesy :'ll attract snow blowers 😫

Fish Horse : It's been 8 years YouTube. But thank you for showing me this

Matt Murphy : All I can hear is the dog.

jim jimjim : should've run a hose up through it, so it pissed.

Why Tho : Should've said you *erected* it

Ron Jet : *Magnificent*

Mad Soldier : Well... what can I say, this is the pinnacle of humanity

Beau Remington : A gigantic weenie in the yard... priceless.

ashton savage : i bet his mom hated that this got 2M views

Gregg hatfield : It’s a snow Rooster 🐓

Nati Whatever : You know what they say dude, everythings a dildo if you're brave enough.

Che Guevara : Man you are really a legend. I wish i saw it in 2010 lmao.

Chad Kase : She's a lovely lady with a great sense of humor

Julien K. : Well if only I was actually able to hear your mom over the dog :/

Sumedh Gajbhiye : wait isnt that neo armstrong jet cyclone armstrong cannon

edwardmashberg1 : Mum is great. You two will laugh about this forever. We love ya, Mum!

Ratatöskr : I want a heart too please🤗🤗 (And also a knob big as yours btw)

FroggyTheNinja : Scotland forever

C Smith : You left the back door open, are you heating the neighborhood ? You have a cool mom.

Germs JB : Heart this comment if you still are here

Nykoloz : Literal boner breaker 🤣🤣 respect to you and your moms.

blitzrule : your mom needs a huge one, I am available 😉👍

I selled my wife for interned connecton : 1:14 *oof*

Johnpnw : He should have said "Don't be afraid to kick it in the balls" lol

Jameszim : ibiza diaries #25 anytime soon??

Not Today : Disrespectful I would have beat his grown ace!

muh diversity : I wish my mum was this cool

Tree Dillinger : I was expecting a rooster. 🐓 WTF?!


Martindyna : Your video cheered me up and what a lovely Mother you've got.

Stevka : 0:15 Instead of helping your Mother with this Bags, NO! You keep filming at her. My Mother would beat me already up. Fag.

Elite Premium : your mom is quite sweet!!!