My mum's reaction to a giant snow cock i built in the front garden

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WickedRibbon : Alright youtube, keep these recommendations coming.

Versaucey : I like how this keeps recommending every time when Christmas is just around the corner.

AJP83 : You really should have finished the video by saying to your mum " I hope your going to wash your hands now" 😂😂😂😂

kilian111 : She's laughing on the outside. But inside she's hoping her son will get a job, move out, and get a life.

Lavender : It's a pretty well built cock though


Pumpkin Shibe : _Dear YouTube,_ _Thank you so much for recommending me a video that came out 8 years ago_ _Sincerely,_ _Pumpkin Shibe_

ירון קרסלבסקי : Mom: You are not putting that on YouTube Son: YoU aRe NoT pUtTiNg ThAt On YoUtUbe

Aditya H.V : Later he built that out of stone, legends say it stands tall till today.

Nyokki : 2009 and 2010 were obviously the superiors years of Youtube We must go back to this kind of content

Xemles ا XemTV : YouTube, please recommend more this kind of content

Alan Ross : It seems to me the only one who speaks English is the Dog!😂😂😂😂😂

- Shiroyasha - : Welcome back to _"Why is this in my recommended"_ Episode 83

sejal singh : This is what I mean when I say 'quality content'.

1K WITHOUT VIDS CHALLENGE : 1 like = more recommandations like this

Logan Deasis : Freud is in the corner somewhere judging the situation while casually smoking a pipe in a leather chair.

Total AniMedia : aint that neo armstrong cyclone jet armstrong cannon?

Bruce McCulloch : Mom gave it a hand job and broke it! LOL

This is Argus : *Best mom in the world*

69696 subscribers with no videos challenge : Top 10 most underrated artists

Lease me alone. : We getting in the Christmas spirit boys, thats what i wanna see.

DarkPalkia : Winter is cumming

steve holton : She was Lovin' it till she was the neighbor staring at it with lust.

EZY Dub : Thanks YouTube for the recommendation

MS Paint Daily : Damn these recommendations are impressing me.

Sam Raymond : SHUT THAT DOG UP!

Good Guy Ty : This is what I need 8 years later

Justin Y. : **MILF**

doueven footnite : Every winter this shows up in my reccomended

Dark Emperor Gamer : that is art.

Reza Muhammad : i thought this was a porn title

OsKBLaZe : Love how your mom went straight for the tip, then the shaft! 😂😂

CattleRustler : This are the great things you can accomplish when you're a 30 something year old stoner living in your mums basement. After this vid he went to the Winchester had a nice cold pint and waited for all of this to blow over

The REZ Family : OMG😱someone liked my comment _Oh wait I liked it.

Jake Jacoby : *That looks nothing like a male chicken.* *It kind of looks like male anatomy though...*

10,000 Subscribers with two videos? : why is this om my recommended?

Vegan4life not just4fashion : Brillant, Mum's a cockblocker😂

Goldiful : Why is youtube trying to make me gay

ThunderAnt : 99% of comments Why is this recommended?? 1% LMAO IT'S A GIANT COCK

Zuzu : Someday there will be a golden statue of a giant dildo, we just have to wait...

BigFat Zucchini : Today on: *WHY IS THIS ON MY RECOMMENDATION?!*

Nancy W : He lives in his Mommy's basement.

Lancio Cardozo : *Yes. Each year in December this video gets recommended .* _Bark Bark_

Oppothumbs M : That dog's got a great sense of humor.

Oblivion : Banksy?

Weird Labyrinth : Someone kill that dog !

Nope : You are a very bad boy! :D

Uranus is mine : Now these are the kind of recommendations we all want. Good old stuff. Glad I found this gem.

CreepypastaCentral : 😕nasty don’t u have anything better to do

LinkCanBackflip : I tried dodging this and Recommended keeps pushing...