Kanan Gill - Driving School and Cows - Keep It Real

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Ushma Asher : This has to be Kanan's best stand up so far!

NotNewNaveen : 0:34 I looked away for a moment and i thought it was Biswa talking

Nisarg Joshi : Why did the Indian cross the road? He didn't; there is a cow.

Ekta Saikia : You are on one side of the road and on the other side is progress and there's a cow in the middle 😂😂😂 brilliant!

Lisplay dot com : I'm watching this on my laptop but still started clapping when he said - You are on one side of the road, on the other side there is progress. But in the middle there is a cow. How do you cross?

sarfraz khan : 2 gau rakshak🐄🐄🐮🐮 disliked the video

Deeksha Gautam : Q: there is a goat how do you cross ? A: alla hu akbar

Anshuman Jain : One of the best comedy specials I've seen. Got the prime membership just to see the whole show

Mohit Takhtani : That tagline was straight into the feels

ParkChimChimstolemyheart : Watched the whole show on Prime, and came back to watch this here!!! you can't have too much of Kanan!!!

henry : the sad part is that such comedy is educating the already educated. bc its in ENGLISH. and that too high class english. not like.."show bobs and vagene" wala english. i hope hindi and other language comedians also come up to raise awarness too. anyways atleast the english ones have STARTED the race for intelligent comedy in india (like aib, kenny, daniel, kanan etc) which is a good thing.

albinkhan : in Kerala we ate the cow and crossed to progress..... while in Gujrat they stayed on the other side of the road waiting for modiji to built toilets for them.

Alan Baptist : I love this guy's facial expressions man! He's such a bawse!

Samika Mital : you're on one side of the road, on the other side is progress. And in the middle, there is a cow. 😂 Accurate as HELL.

Gabriel Woods : wow!! on point cow on one side n progress on another!!! superbbb man!!! salut u!, it is a standup comedy but that point is really true for all of us indians be it any religion n caste! thanks man!!

Malai Mama : Kanan Biswa ko bol khana khane ko

Dark Fire Blast : look there's a cow in the comments section.

The Invisible Joker : haha!, cow doesn't give milk, we take milk. LOGIC!

Kakashi Hatake : Kanan you should randomly show up at my school and surprise people. Our school is so lifeless and dull. If you come our lives would have a hint of sunshine and happiness. Please show up at my school💩. Thank u. Yours truly, Faithful member of the #kanansqwad

Just a girl in a bar. : *worship cow and escape* dude 😂😂💀

Samar Saiyed : *Keep it Real* is damn good..!!! 💯 luv luvvv luvvvvvvvv it...!!! 😀😀😀

Chotu Chaiwala : he is so underrated

Vibha B : Crossing roads in Bangalore scares the living shit out of me 😑

Sagar Sharma : what is the name of song that comes right before the start and at the end?

Somit Asthana : luv u Kanan!!. that cow joke!! Amazing man!!!

Hera Havewala : I havent laughed this hard in ages! You're awesome xD

Nakul Gupta : Surprisingly Kanan's special was wayyy better than Kenny and Biswa's...

Vaibhav Sharma : what a start of d day.. first biswa then nishant and now kanan.. wahh mja aa gaya.. 😂😂

Alpha Beta : notification squaad!

Astha Upadhyaya : Am I the only one who thought this wasn't funny? Not challenging Kanan's calibre as a stand up comic, but this video in particular, meh.

Priyo M : #SAVECOWS no cows in city, only in villages. Problem solved.

Shivam Sharma : Cow: I'm god worship me🐮 moo

Shobha J : I have NEVER laughed watching comedy online before. Smiled, chuckled, smirked. But never laughed until my eyes teared. Thabks Kanan Gill! Love from Malaysia.

AYUSH KUMAR : Generic comment quoting a funny line from video

Kakashi Hatake : Roses are red Violets are blue Kanan is hot So r u.

Shikha Bahadur : This guy makes u laugh without making it vulgar..like many others ..I like his work..am talking abt Karan gill..


shashank nerurkar : First video I've seen of his. It's so good, I was laughing continuously

sumit kr roy : Pls make more pretentious movie reviews... Plzzzz

Shreya K : Brilliant Kannan!! cow joke another level man👿😜!!!! missing ur pretentious movie reviews though hey u n Kannan should do show in Chennai as well....😀

A B : 'Worship cow, escape'. Man, that was ingenious! 😁

Maniac Says : He looks like a mutated version of ZaidAliT.

Niharika Tiwari : you are good. intelligent humour. good josh

Jaspreet Singh : 100 likes for this " on side side there is progress and one side it's you, in the middle there is a cow" :) so true in today's context.

Sidharth Shambu : The audience seems fake

Susmith Sunil Kumar : only after watching his and Biswa's Amazon special I realized how overrated Kenny is :/

Shivam Singh : nice reply to the people sitting in the Rashtrapati Bhawan trying to take votes by making a random animal holy

Vartika Pant : I absolutely loved the video😍

Anuj Singhal : biswa is better