Real Dog vs. Robot Dog | Robot Takeover

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Our Founding Liars : All dogs are Russian robots. Keep asking questions

Jaime Espinoza : Wat happened to upgraded, need more upgraded

Titanite Hunk : Analog weed vs robot weed?🤔

Sdrrshock : Jamie where have you been? And where’s Jeffery??

L.A. Breaux : In other news, Chihuahuas are important for your mental health. Their trembles absorb our fear, and their bleps reflect our frequent lack of balance in a way that doesn’t make us feel bad.

_ _ : She is deffinatley into beastiality

poseur : Anal og

Gordon Gorgy : Are you on Farmers Only

negima50001 : *Don't let your pets or robots go anywhere near this woman!*

Jason Edson : Not Upgraded? No want! We need Jeffery!

Maxwell B. : yeah I love jamie but this series is very mediocre :\

T O E K N E E : I lost my virginity to my dead dog while my grandma was watching.

Able True : Dildos. Vs the real thing

Snor Lax : I wanna put it in your butt so bad jamie.

Kobi ! : RIP football team

Yumil : Football Team is very progressive

Mr L. : Woah, Mensa? Is miss loftus a super smart girl?

Serious Moonlight : That was f'g disturbing. I love my analog dog. Can we see you VS a clone of a prison inmate named big Birtha? ...just a thought.

HipsterTRAsh : Jamie seems different...still funny tho

L.A. Breaux : Robot Takeover, Season 1: Episode 2: Jamie Loftus has not succumbed to a death pallor yet, so I will put my current theory that she’s been taken over by some kind of cylon aside for now.

lizzydakid : this series sucks

Rocki XCII : This is pretty dark

Dana Roos : I want upgraded back... give me back upgraded :(

Paul Tindall : that's a boy dog...

negima50001 : 0:36 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Eve Kukudio : Where tf is jeffree king 🤬

Joshua Folly : What did you do to piss of Jeffrey ?????

Harley Breakout Guy : firs they push pedophilia is normal now they are pushing bestiality onto us :( unsubbed and good riddance !

nomar Dinkleberg : Hands down favorite YouTube channel

Drangus : this got the exact right amount of weird, yay robutts

Terrible Human : Human Fast Food employees vs Fast Food Robots

Thomas Mouton : My next dog will be named little pee pee! Also the robot songwriter vs a human song writer with the future of jams on the line.

Rulo Stiglitz : don't like the sick voice but i still love you Jamie ❤❤❤

Jeshire : Oh wow, I can't even tell the difference!

TRVBƏS LEOPOLDO : Stop gaslighting me.

CommieDawg : Some dogs are narcs, but some are communists.

Mad Raven : I love this show so much lmao

Melanin and Kisses : Jamie STOP that's not what that's for

EdwardTabora tabora : Lol

Liz Bee : You kissed a dog robot. I'm done.

Life of Pineapple : this is amazing

Nick C : Whoa Jamie is literally smarter than all of us

Eli Saks : This show garbage

CANAL A R R : For Brazil

DriftorDie 0 : Second

hustlentree420 : Shes perfect😍😍😍

jake heywood : Wow she’s a cutie

Swetty Spaghtti : ANAL OG

Swetty Spaghtti : She needs a personality. This is very lame.