Malcolm Hal dance

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Donut Dude : A middle-aged man and a teenager spent hours on dance practice just to film this episode. Let that sink in.

Vladimir Kool-Aid : Heisenberg is great and all, but THIS is how I'll always remember Bryan Cranston.

tbirum : Only Bryan Cranston could be both Heisenberg AND Hal. Such a great actor.

Marely’s Rivera : This is the best scene ever in the world

lilPopper : What happens when Heisenberg goes high on his blue sky

Xylarxcode : Great scene and very funny, but their score would have been horrible. Machine doesn't care how smooth your routine is, it only cares if you press the right button at the right time and they are most definitely not doing that.

Z-Erik : Legend

lil Jaymew : Name of the song

Carlos Morales : 0:50 the girls on the right dissapear, maybe they're ghosts :O

Las-Nik Ack : I keep the pizza !!

Saem D'Hatsune : Something inside of me says I have to learn this choreography

BostonKid13 : That’s literally tapeworm from Zack and Cody

luisqsk : Eagle Eye Cherry - Been Here Once Before

Arandomcheese : God he was rocking those pants

TheMightyGouider : What's the song please ??