Bryan Cranston Drops "Your Mother" Joke on Albuquerque guy

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Usif Malik : Damn that burn was hotter than Gus's face

Hao Liu : plot twist: kid's mother died weeks ago in a police drug dealer cross fire.

Flowey The Flower : Plot twist. He is his son

jack daniels : Never in my whole existence did I ever think I could ever, and I mean EVER, hear a your mom joke done good. I haven't to this day. I only just saw one pulled off perfectly.

Prostatitis CPPS : He was just being nice to him and anxious to meet his - probably ex by then - idol, mustered up all of his courage to talk and then... he gets this. What a dumb crowd to support this.

Nowhere Man : What makes this hilarious and worth watching repeatedly is the fact that the kid is so anxious and jittery when asking Bryan the question which is probably why he decided to answer the way that he did. Look at how the kid's acting and then how Bryan is just careless and relaxed; a polarity of personality.

kfw9257 : The only thing else that moment needed was for Ashton Kutcher to run in dressed as Kelso and yell "BURN!!"

jigsaw99 : thug life

deadvodka : Call an ambulance! We got a C4!!

The-N-Word : I don't care what anybody says, that was hilarious xD

Immagonko : Cringe is real

samtherat6 : "Yeah I visit her grave from time to time when things get difficult"

TheCrimsonShadow21 : love how the stupid title ruins the joke..

zezbid4 : He thought he was talking to his son (Walter Jr), that explains everything.

Siebe van Putten : rickety rekt

Goreuncle : How is this hilarious? That kind of joke was uncalled for, in poor taste, childish, etc. I expected Bryan to be smarter than this, I guess I was wrong, he could've joked about Albuquerque in so many ways... I would've countered with a "my mother died in 9/11", only to see Bryan's face pale, XD.

Shawn Wesson : Hahahaha *drops the mike*, nice touch lol

Ross Williams : Sunny side of Mercury kind of burn. Wow.

Camila P : Oh man, that was cruel and FUNNY

Amy R : Timing & face acting genius !

SovjetOnion : give this guy (another) emmy

Manu Lan : turn down for what!!

DynamicCube : savage

Kermit the Frog : PERFECT

Michael Mazzone : rekt


Renato Valsecchi : you know its the best tv show of all time when the actor portraying the main character can say something like this to a fan in public (even just as a joke) and in return only receive cheers and applause

Darth Vapir : Unreal tacky! And teaching this kind of response to kids? Joke or not, he owes that boy and his family and all of those children in attendance an apoplogy. And he threw that mic down like he was some kind of victorious. Phht - what a completely classless clown. He must have smoked too much of that meth he was cooking. A 'your mamma' joke in front of a whole auditorium full of kids