Original Takes for Orson Welles Wine Commercial

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James Atkins : 0:31 Sounds like he's saying it's celebrated for it's "sexcellence".

Holdin McGroin : The Citizen Kane of commercials.

Max Power : And this was the genius who directed Citizen Kane.

windows95ism : MUUUUAHHHHhhhhhhh The comment section has always been celebrated for its etiquette. There is a internet comment section by Youtube, inspired by that same comment etiquette. It’s connected to G+ unlike the best comment section, its vintage dated so Youtu

Spence : Came here from Jerma's stream.\ jermaMoon /

Little Anon : impressive that he memorized his lines despite being completely sloshed, as unintelligible as they were

Chip : muuaahaahh th'french... champagnehasalwaysbeencelebratedforit'sexcellence

Daniel Feldspar : muaaahuuuh ᵗʰᵉ ᶠʳᵉᶰᶜʰ

killerskillet : Never get high on your own supply.


SynthCool : kino

Bob Jones : Jesus Jerma, we can hear you peeing.

CS Jones : "Muaaaahhhh" —The French

PaRappa Rapper : I love how the two dipshits on the left have to stare at the bottle for two hours with him rambling on

TheLastGentleman : sexellence.......

MemeRetro : Pour, my wife's son.

Matthew Luke Brady : Half in the Bag brought me here.

HorrorFull : 0:24 0:56 "maaaaahhahahahaaaaaaa"

Roger Walnut : 0:56 I lose it every time

Alchemist Endrew : mah hAAAAAAAAH

jktomas : It's so dense

Dino City : Lady "Wow, this wine has a really strong smell" Man "I haven't opened it yet..."

Owen Marshall : the director is an idiot yelling cut like that during genius

Drellistenstomusic : set it to half speed.

Chaim Shekelberg : don't ever talk to me or masson ever again

Verbal Kint : Mwaa---ha-haaaa....the French! (champagne)

Ocean Sage : Didn't he win an Academy Award for this performance?

Cameron Parker : Orson for the next Jerma rumble

Rick : *"Muawhaaaaaar...."*

browsingfloor62 : The real Most Interesting Man in the World

Herv3 : Sexcelence

letsgetthisoverwith : After 0:54 the extra to the left flinched as soon as Orson nonchalantly slurs "mwahaaa the frensh...". She is trying very goddamn hard to keep a straight face. That's a professional right there.

Joe Ball : Jerma anyone?

Hoss Hoskins : This is so comical - if you didn't know the history of it you would think it was a sketch from SNL or the Fast Show... It was so plain that Welles was as pissed as a newt - why didn't they postpone the filming?

Justin David : I would have aired this. Live footage of the product in action.

Helm-0 : I'm here because of Jerma C:

thecoolguy010 : Jerma stream :)

TenguBE : Red letter media brought me here!

jacob anand : Mgwaaaaahhaahh... Rosebud... *passes out*

Dirk Diggler : Perfect wine for my lovely wife and her friend Jamal.

Hunter : I see the evil in your eye!



spoot : AAAAaaaah the French!

thesir27 : MHHAAAHAA

Kent Galloway : I always look at the woman extra's face, she looks like she's barely keeping it together.

Bandi : They should've used this as the actual commercial. I'm not American so I don't see many of their commercials (or adverts), but still, this is gold. Thanks Jerma.

zyphoid666 : That guy sitting right next to him had god-mode enabled for the "you're not allowed to laugh or you'll get in trouble" game. Nerves of adamantium on that one.


johnfhm : You just do anything?