Original Takes for Orson Welles Wine Commercial

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Wilburgur : 0:56 mahaaaaa the french

jarry jayo : Orson Welles was a true professional in every take he never spit the wine out or let any of it go to waste!

Max Power : And this was the genius who directed Citizen Kane.

Josh Riley : "MUAAAhAAAAAAA THE FRENCH.... champagne hasalwesbencelebretedferisexcellence...." -Orson Welles

Henry Hammond : This was Orson's first gig after he died.

James Atkins : 0:31 Sounds like he's saying it's celebrated for it's "sexcellence".

BeefyLevinson : If I had made the greatest film ever and later reduced to doing commercials for the money, you're goddamn right I'd be drunk.

Jerry Renshaw : Aaaaaagghhhhh, th'frensh... ....shampain

Holdin McGroin : The Citizen Kane of commercials.

Chris W : Orson, on the other hand, is fermented outside the bottle.

zyphoid666 : That guy sitting right next to him had god-mode enabled for the "you're not allowed to laugh or you'll get in trouble" game. Nerves of adamantium on that one.

Angeline Productions : "He doesn't do anything?" Gets me every time.

CS Jones : "Muaaaahhhh" —The French

Tadicuslegion78 : A rich full body wine sensibly priced at a dollar a jug, now for a little magic trick I'm gonna make this wine disappear *glug glug glug*

Dash Riprock : 0:38 He taps the bottle with his finger like a drunken uncle pats his nephew on the head.

Freddie AppsHero : No, no, you dummies. You give him the complimentary year's supply of champagne AFTER he does the commercial, AFTER.

killerskillet : Never get high on your own supply.

J M : impressive that he memorized his lines despite being completely sloshed, as unintelligible as they were

Robert Dougherty : Proof of Welles' true genius. At least 70% proof.

Rena Sherwood : And yet, drunk, Welles' voice is still better than 99% of the world's population.

Owen Marshall : the director is an idiot yelling cut like that during genius

Leon S. Kennedy : AAAAAH the mASkED man BANE has alwAYS beeen ceLberated for hIs BIGNESS

Dino City : Lady "Wow, this wine has a really strong smell" Man "I haven't opened it yet..."

letsgetthisoverwith : After 0:54 the extra to the left flinched as soon as Orson nonchalantly slurs "mwahaaa the frensh...". She is trying very goddamn hard to keep a straight face. That's a professional right there.

Chris Buchanan : Ma-HAUUUUAAAHAGGHHH the French.

Chip : muuaahaahh th'french... champagnehasalwaysbeencelebratedforit'sexcellence

Duncan Van Ooyen : lol every take he seems _genuinely_ surprised to see the champagne, as if taken aback by its very presence.

jacob anand : Mgwaaaaahhaahh... Rosebud... *passes out*

Justin David : I would have aired this. Live footage of the product in action.

Turtleproof : My favorite part about this is the veiled look of panic on the face of the other two actors, that expression when you're not sure if someone is choking or otherwise needs emergency attention, that moment before you call the paramedics and triage a dying person.

windows95ism : MUUUUAHHHHhhhhhhh The comment section has always been celebrated for its etiquette. There is a internet comment section by Youtube, inspired by that same comment etiquette. It’s connected to G+ unlike the best comment section, its vintage dated so Youtu

browsingfloor62 : The real Most Interesting Man in the World

Bandi : They should've used this as the actual commercial. I'm not American so I don't see many of their commercials (or adverts), but still, this is gold. Thanks Jerma.

spoot : AAAAaaaah the French!

Rick Sander : "Ahhhmmaahhhh.... French champagne. "  What a delivery.

James : The guy fiddling with the wine bottle should win some sort of prestigious award for not laughing

My Name is JAFO : I find Paul Mason pairs well with Mrs. Pell's fishsticks.

BIG Dave : Mwuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh the french

kev3d : Drunk, incoherent, disinterested and slightly hostile, Orson Welles was still a better actor than many "stars" working today.

Ocean Sage : Didn't he win an Academy Award for this performance?

Rusan Joshi : Jerma Sub sound anyone?


dannydontgoin237 : It's sad and tragic that he was reduced to this. I feel terrible for him. So why do I find it so hilarious?

Jeepers Creepers : Jerma anyone?

Kent Galloway : I always look at the woman extra's face, she looks like she's barely keeping it together.

Chaim Shekelberg : don't ever talk to me or masson ever again

SMAXZO : I see that Mr Welles had tasted the product.

Roger Walnut : 0:56 I lose it every time

Monsignor : When someone asks you what you're drinking and it's 4am

BRIAN SQUIERS : I can't stop watching this.