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KingGhidorah5464 : And now Jenny is making it big in movies like Secret Life of Pets and Zootopia.

book junk : That voice is golden. It's so cute and kind of sad at the same time. Plus, it sounds exactly like what I expected a talking shell with shoes on and named Marcel to sound like.

Rach C : This is so funny "Guess what I use as a hat?" "What?" " A lentil" 😂😂😂😭😭💀💀💀

Retro Dreams : I got sad when Marcel had to drag Alan the piece of lint around instead of having a dog. "I love you! Come on."

Katie Tucker : Favorite part: "One Time I nibbled on a piece of cheese and my cholesterol went up to 900." How is this thing still alive?😂😂

paradisecamo : The voice acting in this is so flawless.

Kelly Wurster : idea for the doritos super bowl commercial......30 seconds of marcel the shell hangliding

CouldYouNawt : This makes me sad. Why does this make me sad?

sandra jin : "Guess what I use as a pen?" "What?" "I use a pen. . . But it takes the whole family" 

Bethany Carley : Our sixth grade teacher showed us this on the first day of school

jAdamariE : I remember when I watched this back in 5th grade now I'm in high school like WTF

Madison Owens : i lowkey got a crush on marcel the shell

agustrusher : Everyone knows what this is parodying, right? Younger siblings and their conversations with your friends when they come over.

Nico Needs A Nap : This is pathetically adorable. c:

jordan lukach : Thumbs up if you're watching Marcel the Shell in 2016

sassafrassiest : I've watched this video during my study breaks/as an as-needed stress-reliever since 11th grade. I'm in the midst of my last round of finals at a notoriously rigorous university. By this time next week, I'll be one day away from graduating from college. I just wanted to thank my favorite talking snail (you're a snail, Marcel, not a shell- it's time to face facts) for all the boosts you've given me over the years. Oh, and Jenny Slate as well, for being gifted with her vocal talents. I can't imitate Marcel very well, but I can say every word on time down to the precise second-- hesitations, inflections, and pauses included. (College is stressful. I watched this video A LOT freshman year.)

alicia cabrera-thomas : " we   won't fight unless we're provoked...."

Kayla Alexandra : How did I not know this existed until now??

Beautiful And Dammed : What did I just watch lol


Sammy Dreemurr : Marcel: guess what I use as a fish. You: what? Marcel: a drop of oil. Guess what I use as marbles? You: what? Marcel: dust.

angel : Meghan Mccarthy's Impression Brought me Here!!!


Nathan Wolftown : I love Marcel the shell so much, I feel like I'm the only one who actually remembers him.

Angel Walker : I came her from Meghan McCarthys cartoon impressions video bc I had never heard of Marcel the shell. This is the cutest thing ever😭😭😭

_soph.x : When I'm sad (or creeped out after watching salad fingers xD) I watch this and it cheers me up. It's just so cute! Best thing on youtube

i love vicodin : Jenny Slate is the most adorable Jew ever.

Jasmine G Coleman : who else is here because of Meghan McCarthy

ketsueki uki : what is this....

Rayna Duenas : Marcel: I once smelled an old sneaker and it knocked me right out!🐚

Cal Carruthers : "we won't fight unless provoked" ah childhood

adriana : Baby dory is that yoU

Kai Bowen-Dempsey : 2:46 so much sass

Sarah Frost : CHRIS EVANS

Tabetha Block : Why is this the best video on youtube??? BWAHAHHAHAA

Amanda G : YAS JOSH

Marcel Theshell : Thanks for all the support! My fans are my motivators:) 

Red Panda : Anyone else here from petezahhutts ark video?

Mary-Ann Gallagher : Guess what Marcel uses as a hula hoop? A hair-tie =)

Anna Gillespie : oml it's mona lisa superstein

markyncole : Don't provoke Marcel

Marleigh Sigler : Why is this so funny

Andrea LS : This is cute :3

desi : I remember when my sister showed me this a few years ago, I always watched it to brighten up my day and I just happened to be reminded of it today. Cutest thing in the world xx

Emma Galvin : Marcel sounds like Meghan McCarthy

Ferrous black : I once met a woman with schizophrenia who was convinced Marcel the shell broke into her house and stole a wheelbarrow.

Duck Hunt : Lucas the spider, before it was famous

Scotty G : Cinema sins bugs life

thatsthepointe 78 : Joshua sent me!  Not really sure what this is...

Catcarly 12345 : Who's watching this in 2017!