The Socks, Sandals, and PJ Pants Tour!

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nightsong81 : Wow! It looks like he's reached a new power level! It's even more powerful than SSJG and SSJB. It's SSPJ!

Alyus Dickey : They're pulling a Slipknot move making us guess on that video lol

Someone You Don't Know : Time to buy socks sandels and pj pants.

ElectricFire2736 : Love the band. Great music

roktopus : I can't believe after all these years you guys still have that awesomely terrible MS Paint stick logo lmao

FuckedUpGenious : When is that European Tour coming? Been waiting for 9 years now. 😭

mervunit : Whoever thought this was a good idea needs a raise

D. O'Connor : Where's the UK dates?

Jeremiah Lee : Why wouldn't you do this

Thatwongui : This is not a song nor a sandwich...

Icantcome Upwithaname : I’m poor

ShortbusMooner : Hope you're coming to Jannus Landinv, St. Pete!!

satsoc : Not going anywhere near L.A. is inexcusable

Vidya Bros. : Hey guys! My friend is red shirt guy. Remember him lol?

Don Beleef : Seriously guys. Australia tour. You have a huge fan base here. And you'll get a crowd of people wearing SsnBJPs

KevShepPlays : The UK needs you

Ben Hughes : Website's down yo.

MJ : 🤘🔥🔥🤘

Wiggimus : Come back to Boston, you cowards!

ElectricFire2736 : 2nd

BrownGaijin : No Los Angeles? NOOOOOOO! (Roadtrip to San Diego intensifies)

Mr. Sticks : Holy shit I used to listen to you guys years back, but I had no idea you were still making content. Awesome.

Joe Burns : Possibly Chico again??? That would be fucking awesome! It was super fun hanging out with you guys before the show!

Robert McNally : Guys, it's not even that good a song and you're making a tour out of it?!?!?

Jens Riisom Schultz : I’m in my sspj as I watch this. I follow the tour link. I cry for hours as all the shows are on the wrong continent :’( Then I realize: I don’t need no Psychostick show. I have a beard! ... TOUR IN EUROPE!

Leather Hobo : Fashionable and cozy, we put the "cum" in "comfortable!"