Queen - Princes Of The Universe (Official Video)

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SkullKing Gaming : He actually kinda is immortal in a way queens music will never die ultimately immortalizing the entire band

Vicky Luisya : Oktober 2018?

Grizzly Gang : Whos listening in 2018

Heramitep : There is one major flaw with this song....mankind has not yet developed a sound system powerful enough to play this at the volume loud enough to truly do it justice!

thick MclargeHuge : never saw this music video before, and I can honestly say my life is complete, I just saw Connor MacLeod and Freddie Mercury cross swords,

James Smith : Right actors, right script, and an awesome soundtrack. This song defined Highlander!

Craig Simons : Freddie was the greatest showman who ever lived. This is him at the peak of his career and he was untouchable.

Madger Bole : This track is so much ahead of its time, it's not even funny. It is an immortal track.

dorkandproudofit : 2:49 - 3:05 Brian May is destroying a castle with METAL. Your argument is invalid.

fero hladky : This film became immortal because of that music :-) like Flash Gordon

FROZEN EMPIRE : If you put mega speakers in a field and play this epic song, there is a statistical verification that an Army will be formed to besiege your city. True story.

Sergi Rufi REAL : From HQ Hard Rock to HD Opera, QUEEN seemed to be playing at a different and superior league compared to the rest of the bands. I have a strange sense of being the witness of something as big as the Eiffel Towel or the Taj Mahal everytime I listen to this band. They are just as ground-breaking, eternal and kinda out-of-this-world as the Einsteins, Picassos and the likes. The represented a unique mixture of quality + top-sales only embraced perhaps by the Beatles, throughout all Pop-Rock History. Indeed, a High IQ Band in all repects. <3

Dan Morgan : Autotune was invented when the music industry realized they were never even getting close to Mercury. They just finally gave up.

kayke Marçal : 2018????

skylaxx : There can be only one! And it's Freddie Mercury

RicheyClear : Queen are immortal.

glisse 123 : Here we are, born to be kings We're the princes of the universe Here we belong, fighting to survive In a world with the darkest powers Heh And here we are, we're the princes of the universe Here we belong, fighting for survival We've come to be the rulers of you all I am immortal, I have inside me blood of kings, yeah, yeah I have no rival, no man can be my equal Take me to the future of you all Born to be kings, princes of the universe Fighting and free Got your world in my hand I'm here for your love and I'll make my stand We were born to be princes of the universe No man could understand My power is in my own hand Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, people talk about you People say you've had your day I'm a man that will go far Fly the moon and reach for the stars With my…

skilled person : who is watching this in 2017?

kyrios0307 : I'm more amazed that Freddie entirely wrote this song... people wouldn't think that he also can write heavy songs because most of his songs tend to go on the soft-rock side.

CHRISTOS FRAGIAS : Any genre Queen crossed over was a work of art. From opera, ballet to metal. Note Brian ditched his trusty six string for the Washburn V in this clip.

HwaJeong Jeon : This song... is... so... Powerful....

Douglas Dalcin : "I am immortal. I have inside me blood of kings. I have no rival, no man can be my equal." - Freddie Mercury

Adriana Delgadillo : I love this song and the movie too. Freddie Mercury and Queen are the best of the world.

EPW : This song is so Awesome.

Avabeth McGhee : This is awesome. Haters suck. Freddie Mercury is awesome, and all of you are mere mortals before his greatness. THAT IS ALL.

ΕΥΑ ΠΑΠΠΑ : Best voice ever ever ever ever ever no doubt for that

Christopher White : Reboot this movie without the Queen soundtrack and it will FAIL.

Nathan Clarke : The part of the song where he says I have no rival, no man can be my equal. I think he was just saying that about himself because no one can rival him!

rbaleksandar : The guitar solo here (starts at around 2:47) is unholy!

LFCkeithk : There can be only one...........Freddie!!!

Grau Wolff : "There can be only One! and that One is Freddie Mercury!" 😎

Ciclopea2 : This is how you achieve immortality, love you Freddie.

redaco old : 2018 ?

petemacarthur : This is the reason the word epic was invented.


omegaleviathan666 : There can be only one.......FREDDIE MERCURY!!!!!!!!!

Joshua Olsen : You might be badass, but you'll never be "Freddie Mercury deflecting Connor MacLeod's sword with a mic stand" badass.

Erik VQ : 2018 and still loving this song

dubman75 : Love how Christopher Lambert was a huge queen fan and said he was star struck meeting the band. And funny how a lad called Lambert is now the lead singer with the band. Give me Freddie any day


Sethars : "I am immortal, I have inside me the blood of kings I have no rival, no man can be my equal" This verse always sends an awesome chill up my spine

MrJojosamo : Mercury's singing is humanity's DEFIANT ANTHEM in the face of hopelessness. God bless his soul in peace.

Дахороший Нетчеловек : There Can Be Only One!

Rooh Silva : ...Viva Freddie!! ALWAYS THE BEST!!!! I Love this is song. :-)

Alexander Lopez : Queen and highlander, a perfect combination...

Herschal Shep : People often tell me they've never so much as heard of Highlander. I show them this song and say Queen did the whole soundtrack. If they say they don't like it, well...time to draw my sword.

Queen Alexandrakr : There can only be one.

Mohter love : Anohter Queen's video with very good Freddie mercury's vocals! rest in Piece legend!

SyxxPunk : Only Freddie Mercury could be authentic when using his mic stand...thing... to parry a sword while singing. Such beauty.

Richard Chedzey : No one can be Freddie's equal no f---ing one