Michael Jai White Talks About How Heath Ledger Was On Set of The Dark Knight

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Comments from Youtube

sbowesuk : Glad he debunked that baseless media narrative that Heath playing the Joker led to personal problems. The media can go to hell for lying about that.

Marc Micciola : This makes me love The Dark Knight even more now

Brent M. : Cool to hear some behind the scenes stories about what Ledger was like on set

A.H : -You think you can steal from us and just walk away? -Yeah...

charley15z : This was such a fascinating behind the scenes look from a guy who actually got to work with Ledger.

ThePubBub : Props to Nolan for hiring MJW for a character who never throws punches or kicks.

Zack Mont : I noticed that MJW likes to be in superhero gigs. Whether as a supporting/side character or as a main role. Spawn, TDK, Arrow. He's getting older, but I wouldn't mind him playing another superhero or comic book character role.

Iridium Tex : Videos like this are what youtube was created for. Thanks!

Evan Walker : This dude has the best voice I’ve ever heard.

Enemy Ghost : "Soon, little Gamble, here.. won't be able to get a nickel for his grandma!"

Raghu Seetharaman : Michael Jai White is awesome. This was my favorite interview and seeing White talking about Heath Ledger and how much he respected him was nice.

Darkeyes : Spawn and Joker just chillin together. Lol

Tristram Benedict Calleja : he made MEMENTO and PRESTIGE before TDK, what did she mean with "He wasn't the man he is now?" / "Did you see the genius etc etc."... he was already a genius pre Batsy.

SneakerFetish420 : People really do like to think the joker consumed heath and that's why he died. It's a great narrative but it's untrure he was already deep in to the next movie. He mixed the wrong combination of pills one day , it was an accident.

Daniel Lin : Michael Jai White always looks intimidating on film but the dude is chill af !

idesofmars : Michael Jai White has been in movies for so long. He deserves to be a bigger star than he is

Jeff Peck : His voice sounds like Chadwick Boseman and Neil Degrasse Tyson

barfyman362 : Michael Jai White is a class act, check out his youtube channel; he does great lessons for kickboxing.

buffbeenstuffed : becoming a fan of these podcast's excellent work guy's and what an interesting perspective from Michael Jai White whilst working with Heath Ledger during the Dark Knight film

SAMTHE MANWHOCAN : More guests like this please. Brilliant from MJW

Sal Scalici : Michael Jai White for John Stewart!!!

Bastardson OfJefferson : We need another Black Dynamite.

Super Viral Sick Vids : People want it to be the Joker that killed him. He had his own problems people. Problems that were probably there well before he even signed on to The Dark Knight.

Joseph McDermott : I don't know about you guys but I have always thought of Michael Jai White as the epitome of cool.

NPC 780192883764 : i want another spawn, he looks fit and young enough to do it

The Inroad : Christopher Nolan wasn’t a genius then? What?! Is she clueless?

DEE Dally : Love hearing behind the scenes talk🙏💯

Dave Booshty : 31 secs i thought Nolan was "already" established before the Dark knight?

Ostkreutz Rox : He wasn't the Christopher Nolan that we all know now. Really? Memento, Insomnia, Batman Begins and The god damn Prestige. He didn't have Inception and The Dark Knight under his belt yet, but come on.

twomindz79 : I worked with Heath on ' two hands ' in 98. He was exactly as described . Very chill and respectful . Hated falseness .

Joseph McDermott : It's a tribute to the genius of both Nolan and Ledger that Nolan doesn't have his head up his arse and knows when to trust the actor's judgement.

Enzo Matrix : So the media lied. Why am I not surprised.

Vikashar : “He spent hours in makeup, and he’s not even scheduled for a scene today? He just did this for us?” “Coming from the guy who played Spawn, HELL NO”

B.Barnes WS : Heath Ledger was an incredible person.

Bzik71 : -"You were a schemer, you had plans." -"And look where that got you."

AxeKick80 : First time I ever saw MJW was 20 years ago...my dad and I rented Universal Soldier The Return on Y2K, New Year’s Eve 1999. Such a great martial artist. He would have killed it as Luke Cage.

Seanbanks83 : The MUC NEEDS to cast this guy as Bishop for the X Men movies

Thanos : Hollywood dropped the ball by not making a God Of War live action with this dude

Mike Mitch : Now I have to pray Joaquin Phoenix brings that same energy. Smh. R.I.P Ledger

Michael Martino Composer : Michael Jai White is super chill and cool dude. This was some dope insight.

Sam : Michael Jai White deserves a second chance as a superhero/villain. I wouldn't mind him being playing Deathstroke, Black Mask, Kraven the Hunter, Vandal Savage, Hush, John Stewart (Green Lantern), Grifter, etc

MrBlacko1986 : Michael Jai White should've been the black panther

Dj Thirst : What is she talking about. Had she not seen memento ? That dude was already a genius

thew00ted : It is sad that ledger never got to reprise the role. RIP.

Neil West : "500 grand dead....a million alive so I can teach him some manners first!"

Quron Cooper : Michael sounds and look like a cool man to be around. You can’t even tell he can knock you out like Mike Tyson 😭😭

Black Adam786 : MJW has said in previous interviews that when he shooting his scene with Heath, he has never felt so scared, intimidated and frightened his whole life. He was so scared that when Joker was telling how he got his scars, in real life Micheal was legit scared and got spooked out. Keep in mind this is a guy that has black belts in in eight different disciplines of martial arts. This dude can kick your ass in 6 different ways. He's one of the only guys in Holywood who is a legit fighter. If he's said that Heath's performance shit him up that much, that just tells you how good Heath's Joker was. MJW is a straight up beast.

Psuffix : People who thought Ledger wouldn't be good for the Joker don't know anything about film. His performance in Brokeback Mountain is truly one of the greatest of all time. He was soooo good.

July Stylez : Dark Knight Rises best superhero movie of all time