Feelin' Good, You Know What Saki Do: The Worst Commercial, Ever.

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Gareth Pugh : Google this restaurant and it says it's permanantly closed...but at least we have this ad to remember it by...

tegrenath : Can't stop watching this.  I find myself singing it to myself during the day. New favorite part is the owner's little dance(?) at the 0:21-0:28 shot.

Karoleen Issa : I'm jamming to this tomorrow in heavy traffic

lurch321 : Surely the low point of Charlie Daniels' career.

felicity4711 : I like the Casio VL-1 beat. Was this a real commercial?

BFJunkie : Hmmm... If this is the worst commercial ever, jet you can't stop watching it. Isn't this the best commercial ever?

herrzyklon : Is that voiceover guy at the end Token from South Park!?

Tony Goldmark : all of the fut the wuk.

V5oul : Cant.....stop...watching......


kidohx : Someone should make a 10 hour of this commercial

friedbaloniTV : 0:50 Hurrah! Water has cometh!

Cris Mess : :21 the guy in black: he goes from a smile to sadness to petrified fear in 8 seconds.

rudofdied : I need to stop watching this

thedooma : Just going off the clip. Sorry :(

snooupii : I hate to point this out, but sake is not spelled saki

snooupii : He wasn't playing the acoustic. He was playing the everything.

Micah Hills : Is it just me but when he says 'Hey this guy's good' He sounds a bit like Owen Wilson :L

dion23 : the metronome left in still just adds to this amazing piece of art

theslydog59 : Close enough, thanks.

zombiemouse : someone needs to upload a 10+ hour video of this. I've probably given this video 100 views today alone.

Leeroy Jenkins : Change the title to "the best commercial, ever"

aquintana654 : *gives customers water* then *applause* wtf

Leeroy Jenkins : Waiter delivers glass of water to you, you have to start appluading him

The Flying Whale : wtf why the hell are those people clapping when he brought them water lmao!

JaysS2k : "Now you can say" HAHA

Chuck Norris : well listen carefully at 0:22 0:23

Simon Thompson : It's actually "Sake" not "Saki".

International Oppa : NOBODY cares.

David W : Michigan, not Missouri ;)

China Jacky : did they clap because he brought them water ._. lol

Thaff Eelwen : Feelin' good saki to ma sushi I LOVE SUSHI BECAUSE OF THIS AD SO FUNNY

ja mes : id go there! :D

SnippyTheDeliveryFox : Mmmmmmmmm

animeswitch : how patronizing is that for the customers to applaud you for giving them their drinks

Max Payne : Quite possibly the BEST commercial ever made. I currently use an ad blocker and record every show I watch so I can skip the adds. But if they were all as good as this I would be happy to remove my add blocker. Fuck Yeah!

ZombifiedGod : 0:56

goltoof : swag

fuckballs : 0:24 the guy in blue looks like he is depressed


Jimba : ahhaa people in Missouri.

poo glossop : im pretty sure there isnt even guitar in the music


super boy : this is not real is it? just a comedy show....

Kluuz : I've now listened to this for the past 20 minutes...

Spoons : The electronic metronome makes it

FunkyMeerkat : this deffinitely deserves a favorite.

LoveFairyKyu : wth?!

paulo edu : quem ta aqui pelo Sr. Dodohria?

theslydog59 : Is this based on a real song?