Sam Smyth | The Nine Club With Chris Roberts - Episode 116

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Juders : I genuinely love this show. Thank you guys for putting countless hours of time and effort for these interviews that some day will prove to be historically monumental. They mean so much to so many of us.

MonkDave666 : Love hearing old EMB stories. A group of us flew out to SF from the UK in the spring of 1994 to skate all the spots in the videos. 19 years old, first time in the US. We stayed at a hostel at Fort Mason. At one point the police turned up, asking us if we knew someone called James Kelch. We were like WTF! Another day most of the guys I was with got jacked by a crackhead called Smurf, and later we saw one of the stolen boards being skated at Wallenberg. On another day we bumped in to Brian Young, and he took us around the city and back to his apartment for bit, which wasn't far from Union Square, if I am remembering right. Very cool guy. The entire two weeks felt very much like a microcosm of what SF was at the time, and it was incredibly strange arriving from the UK, experiencing all that, and then leaving like two weeks later!

Deadhead central : Can we please get a Rodge episode we all want to know more

You Tube : I wanna see Crob smoke a blunt

brandon hannon : I don't skate anymore but this show has turned me into a huge fan of skateboarding again cant get enough of it ....thanks nine club

ACPHOTO : You can tell when the nine clup is going places by how Roger keeps upgrading the film cameras in the cubies.

Jason Haley : Matt Hensley please!

dalton pickett : Now just need Rick Howard and Megan Baltimore. Then the crailtap series will be pretty much finished

Jordan Vigil : I wonder, whenever Cory gets out of prison, if he will ever get invited on this podcast to share his story.

A Happy Life : Everyone have a blessed week :)

ACPHOTO : I wish he would have worn his Tom Petty costume, it was the greatest thing ever.

Chris zeff : Get ave on !

Vanilla Gorilla : Sam Smyth? I love his songs. Especially Stay With Me.

Mike OxLong : Bobby it!

Mike G : who else has been calling him "Sam SMITH" all these years?

palmer brown : HAHA. I remember that. this is a true story. Sam definitely did NOT rub me the wrong way. Sam was awesome. I wish we would have hired Sam as TM. Nine Club rules. thank you for these videos

Jose Castillo : Get tosh townend on the show

JB Townsend : Thank you Nine Club. Great as usual. Some names: James Kelch should go on the show! Rick Howard. Jeremy Klein. Guy.

tariq anees : Bring Raven Tershy on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paolo Pascucci : Steve Rocco

Hann Sern Young : *waits patiently for sandwich bite clip.

Funkdafied Wood : I just watched Girl "Doll" and no clips from Crob...I seen Eldy Dam...Man...ooh you and Rog made the credits...🍾🍾🍾

good guy : When my dad took me to purchase my first legit set-up...i purchased a Mouse VHS as well. I often thought about that moment in retrospect. My life's interests could've legitimately gone in a different direction if I had chose the Welcome to Hell video instead. No hate on that vid, but the style consistent with the Girl/Choc stuff registered more to me. I am eternally grateful for the influence that video had on my adolescence and interests thereafter. Girl and Chocolate are still the shit to me. It definitely pains me a bit to see them seemingly 'hurting' a bit. I watched 'Doll' over this last weekend, and, although I would have loved to have seen more from the old guard, I really enjoyed it. It was light, refreshing and definitely a fun watch. I loved their big productions and I loved this more subdued offering in Doll. I hope skaters can appreciate their willingness to adapt. Thanks Nine Club for another awesome episode.

BirdmanFSU : he got a big old head!

David Munien : Do a Sean Pablo one

David Munien : Do a Sean Pablo one

Rodrigo Fernandes : Have you guys ever talked about the Corey Kennedy incident/accident? if so I would like to hear it, witch episode? Thks

nathanielbrownlin1 : first person to get 4 specials

Notshe : The only good thing about Mondays. The Muska

Alexandre Lalonde : That’s a lot of specials. How about Brad Staba in the future? Or Tom Penny!

Stumpy Mason : I think Sam's smile was infectious, was smiling the whole episode, thanks guys!!

Kirby Dinglebear : I remember roger from something else skate shop in danvers ma. back in the day . always such a nice guy.

Bear Hughes : Thank you guys, woke up this morning saw the guest and was really pschyed another classic

Scottie skatan : hahaha Rodger's drinking edit.shockingly great show again boy's....

Hood : I listen to you guys while working it's so pleasant

David Munien : Do a Sean Pablo one

David Munien : Do a Sean Pablo one

Blake : Sam Smythispants

Dr Octagon : super nice guy sam awesome way to wind out the night...

Michael Cook : I still say "Sam Smith" even after this one.

Otniel Manary : He was in the Tom Petty outfit last Halloween right?

Txomin Mendez : manchild episode please

Mauro Skt : Smyth, only man to be in the "4 specials" guest list.

dylan lewis : Please please please the dollin episode! Also jake Hayes, chima lets get some Aussie 🇦🇺

Chris L : I'm a little disappointed the thumbnail isn't Sam eating 😐

micro christ : Quadruple Especial ! Trunk Boyz!

Al King : If Kelly rolled down market and busted that tre flip off the little 3 into EMB for the first time, the place would all pause.

Patrick Hanlon : I had to stop this video half way through to go watch "Doll"!

Cameron Fasching : Hey I am from OHIO ,, nine club,, how are you.. I was told I could find 10 boards for $100.. Do you know where I could get that.. That is a Classic..

Austin Minnon : OH my goodness! I didn't realize Andy from the office had a brother. And he skates!