Raleigh Ritchie - Time in a Tree

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Fr33lancers : Man when he hugged his younger self... that was pretty powerful...

Silver Squalo : Man your music its so underrated, you deserve much more views

Molotov Cocktail Piano : The "going up" lights at the end nearly brought me to tears.

Jeremy Newell : Love the new video bruh. Clever using the floors as ages and the versions of you passing through the elevator. Hugging the older you. Not wanting to let go of the younger you. Disgusted with the younger version of you being pulled apart. So much going on in this video. Vocals on point as always.

Luke O'Connell : Just started college and feel like I've put myself on the completely wrong path. I want to crawl back to childhood, but instead it feels like I've thrown it all out to do something I don't really enjoy. The way you deal with the aging and the expectations of adulthood through your music resonates so much man, and I can't begin to express how grateful I am to be aware of you and your art. Keep it up, and never stop making what you love.

cheriwine : Can’t believe this singlehandedly cleared my skin, watered my crops and saved 2018

Monig Rodriguez Aguirre : [Chorus] I just want time in a tree I need a place just for me Somewhere that I can be free Keep the faith and just be What you’ll be [Verse 1] I guess rules are there to break But I make mistakes like they were handed on a plate When I try to leave sometimes, I’m standing in the way I’m on the edge of crying all the time, cos I can’t human Right [Verse 2] What a state I get wound up, from the ground up And I don’t know why Turn the sound up, drown the noise out Swallow (Whoa), Don’t cry Got an anxious heart, and it’s stone made Can’t take paper or heartbreak Did Billy Joel have self esteem? Maybe Vienna wouldn’t wait for me [Chorus] I just want time in a tree I need a place just for me Somewhere that I can be free Keep the faith and just be What you’ll be [Verse 3] Do you ever feel like, you could live a real life? Like everybody else in the real world, you could be a real girl? You could be a wizard, or you could be in NASA, you could write fiction, you could tame raptors Most days I struggle and I get snappy Fuck all that, I just wanna be happy [Verse 4] Swimming against the current Am I wrong? Can you show me a warrant Honestly, I’m a bomb Abhorrent I’m on it, I get it, I’ve got it I wanna be 10 again, just me and sonic, and nobody telling me I should be more than I am Back when I had a plan [Chorus] I just want time in a tree I need a place just for me (for me) Somewhere that I can be free (I can be free) Keep the faith and just be (Just be) What you’ll be [Bridge] I’ve seen things that I never should have seen Said too many things I didn’t mean Hurt myself too many times to count I need to let it out, and just release Been lying to myself too long Been trying by myself too long I can’t relax, I’m too distracted I can’t hack it I’m needy, greedy Love me, feed me Let’s be a family It’ll take a village To make a man of me So why couldn’t you love me? It’s all I need [Chorus] I just want time in a tree I need a place just for me Somewhere that I can be free Keep the faith and just be What you’ll be

Marvin Reyes : The ending is really cool too. The kid version of himself hands him the astronaut helmet. It's like he's rediscovering his child like wonder, and learning to dream again.

Freddie Quell : I’m needy, greedy, love me, feed me, Let’s be a family; it’ll take a village to make a man of me...

Meili Monk : I swear his music is the only thing that gets me through my anxieties......

Aly Sortwell : the "you could be a real girl" literally always brings a tear to me eye. as i'm sure a lot of us do, i suffer from depression and anxiety and its a challenge to just do "normal every day" things. applying for jobs, meeting people, even getting out of bed some days. your music hits the nail on the head every time and makes me feel not so alone. thank you for everything you do, Raleigh.

Undead Oscar : Never clicked a video so fast before

Hoppang The Floran : its 6 am, needed this, thanks again raleigh, your music is just always right on time.

Faraja M Montgomery : "Do you ever feel like, you could live a real life? Like everybody else in the real world, you could be a real girl?" --- when a song connects with your soul like this... words can not describe

sinner memer : as a guy who never had a relationship, no friends, not much social media, and not good at talking, this brought me to tears... thank you greyworm.

Nicanor Mercado : I know people don't like it when others say they found an artist through somebody else, but I'm grateful to the Game Grumps for having him on the show and talking about his music because I never would've known. However, aside from that, this was a beautiful song with a powerful video to match. Got me emotional especially struggling with who I was, who I am, and who I want to be. This definitely got to me.

Tartar Sauce : Thought I accidentally clicked on an IHE video in the beginning

Its_sxssyflow : I've never been disappointed. He's so talented why he didn't do European festivals this summer he would have snatched so many wigs

Alfredo Aceves : Thank you for this. Ever since I stumbled upon you, you're music has made a difference in my life. Ideas and feelings that I couldn't put into words came so easily from your songs. They've helped me when times are tougher than I care to admit. Thank you for everything you do Jacob.

Edgyyy Brahhh : In before the game of thrones comments

Marvin Reyes : If you notice, the elevator numbers on the right hand represent his age throughout the years, 1, 7, 14, 21, 28, then glitches out to infinity

Gabriel Vaucher : Man, saying a lot with a very simple video. Amazing

Lucy T : 💗 pure talent 100% 0 nudity sexism Just amazing talent with a deep message what I love 💗 I can resonate with this. Keep it up mate x

Suchit Vontary : Can't tell you how happy this makes me

canran : You really do make the best music videos...can't wait to hear more new stuff :)

Jadyn Sauro : Why am I crying this is so good

aves rex : loved this song from the moment i first heard it. maybe it's just everything i've had thrown at me the last few weeks, but this video has got me weeping. thank you for the art, and never stop doing what feels right for you.

Tommy Vance : You brilliant beautiful man, Jacob.

Creambee : I love seeing music videos that are both creative and low budget, well done pulling off such a beautiful piece. We miss you on Game Grumps Jacob! you're so fun and work so well with those two.

Leo Laurus : This video is cathartic. This song is cathartic. Heck - Jacob is cathartic!

PowahSlap Entertainmint : A collab with StarBomb would be dope.

Aaron : Is the end bit a Toy Story reference? You would've been a child when the movie was released so the child bringing the space helmet makes sense. The helmet made me think of Buzz Lightyear. I know it's referring to the future but the infinity symbol made me think of "to infinity and beyond" which could definitely apply to the future in this context. And big ups to everything else in the video being linked to life and aging. Great video telling a great story

Ben Augustine : I remember the day I found out that the guy that was a funny guest on game grumps was a AMAZING ARTIST

Nick Bowman : Holy cow you never cease to impress! This song fills me with such emotion

rugburnjr : This is beautiful. You are a genius brother. This does my soul so much good. Thank you.



Sergej Lovrekovic : <3333 just like some lost astronaut, "never grow up" little prince-esque poet <3 bravo, raleigh! i hope that the new album is to be announced soon

Elio Melero : Is that Grey Worm ?! Good song

Black Hood : I'm in the middle of class doin some work, see the notification and thumbnail for this video *my eyes widen extremely*. My teacher asks me if I'm okay lol. Me: "Yes jus really excited about this project *clicks on video*.

a. : "I’m needy, greedy Love me, feed me Let’s be a family It’ll take a village To make a man of me So why couldn’t you love me? It’s all I need" this..

pedro fernandes : This song gives me such a chill vibe

SgtMajor Kululu : The song by itself could already make me cry. Video made it worse

AAXIII : Love this music video. It got me in a very emotional state. Keep making amazing content! <3

The Arrow : Oh man I’m so happy you’re back, I love your music!

Ana Y : Amazing I love the use of the elevator to represent the concept of time and meeting your past self 💜

Fyunny : I'm so happy that this exists

Ramil : The best video I've seen in this year so far. Big up from Russia!

Aria Dyer : This is so unfair. His music is so incredible and powerful and yet he literally has a fraction of the views other (less talented) musicians have. This is the sort of music that you only have to listen to once and just love.

Juliette Reacts : I love his music so much!