The world cup in a nutshell
The World Cup in a nutshell

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The Fifa World Cup. Everyone watches it. However, there is another side to it that isn't often showed. I want to showcase the world cup from another perspective. Please enjoy: The world cup in a nutshell. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you to my very generous patrons: Neko Yuri extraterrestrial being smfreeze JohnLithium mFn Cndragon1 nathaniel --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Subscribe: --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Discord: --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Patreon: --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Merch: --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Instagram: --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Twitter: --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Facebook: --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3d videos playlist: --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Join my discord if you want some fun. Also you better subscribe. Sound effects:


Mr Person : 1 like= 1 red card

Chris ausm Krisengebiet : 1:47 the new Tesla

Matoo : guys we just got a teaser trailer of Fifa 2020

SexyBorabo : This is so relatable. Like when the goal keeper gets killed with a minecraft arrow

aesthetic flower : what if this is the last remaining evidence of our existence?

Arthur & Red REACTION : *whistle* 0:15 0:45-0:46 1:01 1:36

A- : 1:20 When you refuse to drink a sprite cranberry.

Madison Walters : My PE teacher: Who knows what happened in the World Cup Me:

ashlyn jerome : Refaree: Boo! not cool! Red card! Random guy: *goes to hell*

Mudkip the Awkward Gamer : “That was nothing! Keep playing!”

Ramzi Bezz10 : Kid : Can We Watch the world Cup Mom : We have the World Cup at home World Cup At home :

S06 : Mbappe gets red! He can multiply btw. And thanks for boosting Poland.

FBI : *FIFA ?,PES? ...* *You are kidding me this guy made a true football game*

Mine Gzツ : *b o o n o t c o o l* *red card* Edit: Bruh i have'nt seen this video for a long time and now seeing it i have alot of likes on it. TF?!

Paul Castillo : *_When the Ping is over 1,100 on your Xbox One_*

Ignacio Perez - Briarwood PS (1356) : When ur dad says ur gonna watch endgame 1:46

SM7 YT : This isn’t like the World Cup cause..... It’s to realistic!

Le Frog : me: *sees thumbnail* brain: click

Ghost Of Sparta : *That was nothing,keep playing,as a matter of fact,you get a red card for faking your fall 😂😂😂*

SpreadChaos : for a minute i thought i was watching the real world cup

April Fools! : How I see the World Cup: A bunch of big guys running towards the last slice of pizza.

Zeepip : 1:40 when the police see a black man

X-_Spxctre_-K : i just realized how racist this is XD

Kqiro : Ending racism 🐵🤜🏿🤛🏻👦🏻

甄挚 : 1:11 damn hes good at karate He shouldnt be playing soccer...

Bryce McCleary : I showed this to my class and my teacher was bent over laughing

Marcarau BR : 0:54 yay

Powah : Man that defense was built like a wall.

Diamondz FurU : Mom brings home McDonald Me: 1:58

Ninja of the Lemons : As you see here, the *refaree* is clearly helping the red team since he give out *red* card to blue team No pun intended

*-;Ja¥d£n_Gacha;-* : Person:yAY I WON! Me:-_- ok... Crowd*BOOOohOOOO Somebody wins * crowd :WOOOHOOOOO!

Tony Romo 8882 : B O O, N O T C O O L, R E D C A R D .

Urmila Verma : Brick wall burps out players. *I'm dead*

Chris Dudley : Thanks for dumbing it down bud

Fhd H : 0:07 Both teams play 4-3-3 formation 🧐

Sia : I see you went with the 4-3-3 formation

Kadz : *_It’s coming homen’t_*

Fire Loop : Blue - Minecraft Old PvP Players Red - Minecraft New PvP Players Referae - Mojang

master of monsters : i love how those screams are from halo games edit:for anybody who dont get it:in halo 3 if you character died he had the exact same screams as in the video

ScotlandKing : More like Penalty Cup 2018

Spink Spork : france won the 2018 world cup

Miskyy : *FIFA 19 surreal dlc leaked trailer*

Roberto Greco : A tipic game of juventus.(i'm italian)

SrtaAndrelia YT : *Why is this better than the real world cup ._.*

Coolguy Joe : I would like to see more surreal sports

Elisha Yirenkyi : Black vs White Winner:White Referee:Whithe(obviously)

Twistor TV : "yay"

Dj Lazzlow : Woah....nice graphics Must be the new fifa 20

Snacc Boi : Lol the blue team just has all the players looking like mbappe