The world cup in a nutshell

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surreal entertainment : How I see the world cup

Mr Person : 1 like= 1 red card

Twistor TV : "yay"

Dynacreeper : 1:42- 1:52 HOW IT FEELS TO CHEW 5 GUM

Los Casagrandes : 1:53 Santiago's voice

Dynacreeper : 0:46 How it feels to chew 5 gum

Marie Olsen : Are you sure this isn't live footage?

Mine GzMCツ : *b o o n o t c o o l* *red card*

Yu AS : The refaree is sexy.

Fact Legend : Why is millenial humor so weird?

PowahSlap Entertainmint : Man that defense was built like a wall.

Ivan Quirola : Expectations : 2-1 with no cheats and nothing REALITY: This vid

[中国]毛泽东 : This converted me to christianity.

ll Saucy Comment : *_The nut cup in a shell world_*

Hoàng Hải Tiêu : The referee is a racist

69696 subscribers with no videos challenge : This isnt the world cup, this is art.

NoobTube Clash Royale, Minecraft and more! : Didn't know 40K could be a thing. Man, pc graphics these days.

GloryOrBust : Title says nut shell, all I see is reality.

En Primera Fila : 0:24 Neymar

Ivan Bilić : Is this Croatia vs France?

Miskyy : *FIFA 19 surreal dlc leaked trailer*

Mr.Limee : Fake the referee was a paid actor

Fortimor : I can feel my IQ points going up

Adol Hitler. : 0:45 This Free Kick Is Better Than Muhammad Salah, This Goal Should Win Puskas 2018

BRUH NIGGAR : Poor guy got a red card in 43 sec what a record

Kadz : *_It’s coming homen’t_*

Jeff : *"Yay we won fair and square"*

Andrija Gaming : More like: Serbia vs Switzerland in a nutshell

Ranjiplays : 1:44 when i get a kill in Fortnite...

Fábio Pereira : 0:22 neymar

Zuzu : Red card = Death penalty

Type Last : how ramos beat up all player

puuff : isn't this how everyone saw the world cup?

TheGacha _Walker : I cried when france won! xD

Michelles Welt : Was zum...🤦‍♀

YoutuberBovlix : 0:23 Is that's neymar ?!!.

Rainbow Gaming : Im scared

Grzegorz R : 0:23 Neymar?

Jean Nava : 0:22 Neymar

Colton the hedgehog : 1:09 that was nothing keep playing just for that you get a red card for faking your fall

EXCEPT : i hope those aghs were from your own voice

Soldado_ Memeal : "Pes 2014 trailer"

Ferry Fer : *FIFA 2020*

Slasher : Art in its highest form

ItzYoBoi Blocky! : I had no clue Purple Shep was in this!

JedDraws : _C o M I N g h o M e_

LJ : LMAO 0:20

Freezy Pop : This was in my recommended

Santander Jesus : Corinthians eh o time vermelho

FIFA Player91 : Imma Futbol (soccer) fan and this literly how it is one flops oh wow a red card but someone gets busted open with the cleats oh your diving