The Mining Process at Copper Mountain Mine

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Lofts Sympatico : It is tragic, how Canada though full of inventive and ingenious people, has a federal government that prefers and encourages resource companies some of them Communist Chinese- to strip and ship its riches to everywhere else on the planet !!! Why not finish processing its ores all the way to end products to benefit its citizens !

Minimeister317 : As a soon-to-be geology student, this kind of work sounds like a dream to me.

Who Me? : If Trump becomes president, I would like to run across the border and works for you sir.

maxwell smart : They have an unfortunate stock symbol.. CUM

Calcite Belemnite : Badly narrated

Palatisan : How easy is it to move this massive system, It looks amazing, but I believe the spaces can be slimmed,

Sven : Did I hear 'selfless hard work'? Hahahhahahahaahahah.

Hariharasudhan sukumaran : Selfless hard work ? Do they work with out being paid?

Tobacc0 : The current price of copper is below the cost of production. WTH?

Ayan Khan : i have this kind of copoer ore deposit but have no excivation for proper work. any intresting comp can contact me

Abou kalley : Very interesting video!

Tony Samson : Soon as I heard it was shipped to japan, I said to hell with them worthless scum. Before that though I thought it was a love lee place.

aezakmi42 : Just tell us how the engineering works, without all the 'selfless hard work' propaganda (selfless? Don't make me laugh), or the spurious 'mines are vital for the local economy' arguments, please. We get quite enough of that insufferable, messianic rubbish from the coal industry, don't be associating yourself with those shameless scoundrels!

lisayos : Why can't it be smelted in USA???

Craig Dougan : What is the waste product and where does it go?

Palatisan : Yes, there is waaaaay to much transport Maybe there should be regional mega refineries instead? I dont know,

Kappa123 : nice