Louis CK learns about the Catholic Church

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Emi Other : I died at the single tear rolling down his cheek 💀💀💀💀

DannyMeteora : So many butthurt catholics disliked this. Oh, wait...

Anti Riku : I saw Louis CK in the title and immediately thought it had to be a joke, but I didn't expect that it would be a legitimate documentary.

T. D. : As a Catholic priest myself, I can totally relate to this.

AxleoneX : Louis really is the master of dark humor.

GirlDoesRant : That single tear XD

Caveman's Gaming Cave : "...and it's tax deductible..."

Insane Artist : This has aged really well, tragically...

Cillian Brouder : I knew it!

Alicia Australian1833 : HAHAHA "I'm just teasing ya... there is no God."

hatching draggon : The amount of willpower it's taking for me not to send this video to my catholic friends..

Patrick Darling : how brave of louis ck to do this in the 2000s. ground breaking.

MrJustonemorevoice : "I'm just teasing, theres no god!" Honestly wondering if priests really just secretly laugh their asses off as people give away their money for nothing.

Dashingly Handsome Ginger : Not my proudest fap.

Scrap Engineer : check out the news, Louis CK was right...

J jacqueline : This skit totally deserves an Academy award not the movie Spotlight

Juegos Clasicos Forever : It's funny because it's true.

Andrew Sullivan : This video really cleared things up, especially the Church's motto: "No childs behind left."

Not in the AM bro : That's sadly exactly what the Catholic Church does...

The Great Name : Wow, this got me good. I thought it was a comedy at first.

benjamin sheard : In light of recent news this has become more of a truth than comedy sketch

Neko Nightmare : *Outlast II 2017*

Lehel : *T A X D E D U C T I B L E*

FranckTheMiner : Well this is rather ironic, given recent events

Fae Lynn : Lmao I genuinely thought Louie was doing an actual documentary. I literally gasped the first time the priest brought up little boy fucking. So unexpected

joe america : Finally some catholics tell the truth

V : Very educational thanks alot louis

Autumn Rose : "People get mad"💀💀

Joshua : Wow... This is so relevant in 2018

TheGreatElipitcalTransformation - Jefferson : I totally thought it was a joke until 0:45

Rodney Kingston : God I hate people who label anti-catholicism as bigotry. It isn't, because no one is BORN catholic. That requires a process of corruption whose effectiveness has never been 100% but is still shockingly high. And listen to the morons who've remained catholic try and tell you that the church "didn't invent" pedophilia! And that it exists in other churches just as much. The fact is that it doesn't, not on any real scale. Widespread pedophilia was a uniquely catholic phenomenon. I grew up in the catholic church and I never saw even a hint of pedophilia, but I was totally unsurprised when the scandal was revealed: what I did see growing up was blind trust and kowtowing and reverent ass kissing of people who wore costumes, costumes designed to give the wearer a deep mystique of goodness and kindness and wisdom (I'm talking about nuns as well as priests here) even when the wearer was amazingly evil, mean and stupid. Devout catholics live in a self imposed dictatorship of the mind and subject their children to it as well.

Danny Pockets : As true today as it was then...

kunal ambavale : This is so perfect portrait of current incidents.

Nathaniel Olson : This is the greatest video of all time

Gabriel Castejon : WHOA! 66k likes and 6k dislikes on the video! Coincidence?

alanhasmemes : T H I S A G E D W E L L

Berto T : Lmaaaooo I sent this video to my mom she's a big church fanatic

Cokedup Normies : Update title to "Louis CK learns from the Catholic Church".

manu Man : This is aging soooo well

Butt Sagget : Kevin Spacey take notes

Gregory Samek : this is brilliant! Say what you want about the man and his allegations, but he really is a comic genius! Go Louis!

The Real Mexican : I was laughing at this, but offended too. Now I move on from the fact that I'm offended and carry on with my day T A K E N O T E S

JMX 666 : Great Documentary.

Murad Diab : Happy tenth birthday to this video!

Roger Davis : Imagine how many kids these bastards have sodomised over the centuries!

Jack Kraken : For religious folks that find this skit offensive, I suggest you actually do something about it instead of simply disliking this video. Talk to other people in your congregation and decide on how to formulate rules that will prevent this thing from happening in the first place and to make it easy to report these offenses, also there must be consequences to officials who hide possible pedophiles. Also any person who is found out to be a child molester must be handed to the authorities, its not sufficient to simply kick them out. They may likely continue their actions.

Noname Nolast : Louis should hook up wit the south park guys now that he is coming back to hollywood

The Jrr : This is like that one South Park episode.

Mike Hunt : This isn't comedy. It's a documentary.

moh : Everyone knew he was a pervert he wasn't hiding it, most of his jokes are about masturbation! I don't understand people calling him hypocrite or even the surprise!