RimbaTubes: "DUDES & TUBES"

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Snubby J : Wazzah!! Thanks for watching our fun & crazy production! What was your favorite part?? And bonus question: Where do you recognize this traditional song from?

Blizardstar1200 : There’s nothing more wholesome then a bunch of grown men goofing off and having fun with their weird skills

Stacey Traynor : I don't know what it was that I just watched, but it was spectacular! LMAO

WizardTube : America's Got Talent audition?! 😉🤣

0range Thund3r : You made my day 😀 Also wth did I just watch

Tim H. : Great stuff overall! Might I suggest some individual microphones for the tubes (and accompanying instruments)? The tubes were quite low and I suspect this is due to the peak protection of the room mic being triggered by the slapping noise, which makes the resultant tube note very quiet. Other than that, I loved the nonsense level and coreography.

FrozenEpsilon : Not even the weirdest thing I've watched today. I should go outside more

CommentGuy94 : Taking your channel in a new direction?

Nance 83 : Homoerotic 💪

AJ 7232 : Hey man how are you!? I’m confused yet delighted!

Miles Whitehill : When me and my friends are left home alone

bryan pride : I haven’t laughed that had in a long time, thanks for the chuckles.

Nexusband : That was... Interesting. And a damn good performance! I recognize that some from quite a few movies, but the most prominent one is always going to be Luc Besson's "Taxi Taxi", because it was the first time I remember hearing that song

Marimba Maurice : Haha love this goofy video. So much gund to watch

XenoSense : saturday is for the bois

Video Game Studios : Those hat tricks are amazing

Eli Smith : I want this to be me in college

Susan McMillan : Bizzare and somewhat obscene...lol! Was that your goal?

Retro, Rhythm, Repeat : I thought this was a porno... And wasn't disappointed... Best fap in my life....

jm131719 : Truly different and ever boring0 Now all you need is zarb and a digeridoo...

me323me : I'd go to this circus!

Noah Hughes : 1:35 Me and my friends trying to sing

Soaches : On a scale of one to ten, how much of a blast was this to record?

Darin Roodman : Your one friend is disturbingly bendy...That said this is some impressive stuff. It's time to take DUDES AND TUBES on the road! VEGAS BABY! YEAH!!!

Noah Hughes : This was really epic, love how coordinated it was!

treverios : Awesome!

Andy K : damn thats the greatest thing i have ever seen lol

Sent : theres so much shot goin on but i love it

Katwith9tails : Wow, nine people are killjoys!! THIS WAS AWESOME!!!!

Jasmine Kim : I'm so confusion but also entertainment

R3dlegend : Lmao what did I just watch

Wulfhedin : That was amazing .... and disturbing...I think I like that!

Rootin For-Putin : The production on this was amazing. A fedora tip and a half to you sir!

landon Ferguson : That was awesome guys

Oberon : WTF ! That's Crazy but WTF :D Next Time: "We aAe Number One" song ?

OspreyFox : Wtf but wtf in a good... In a good way

Ghrajg Daigym Shalgy : You're so fun to watch, the energy you have is contagious! :D

Carson Baldwin : Haha classic snubby gotta love it😁 keep up the good work

patrick abate : When do you guys go on tour ?

Thibault G : You guys are amazing! How many takes did you shoot until the good one?

NCredible 2172 : Pump up the jam, pump it up,

nascargas : Awesome

Elsewhere : In one shot only of course ! So pro, that was cool ! =D

OWEL BØI : Unique but awesome

Original_Ghost _ : That was so epic and funny!

Equipe Bitcoin : Oh MG!!!!!

JanuszKowalski79 : Brilliant :)

Silvanus Rempel : Whuuuuuuuuuut???????????

Aquarica : Nice

Laurence Robin : Made the day