The World in UV

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EpicLPer : 6:00 - I always wondered how scientists flirt with each other... I guess that's a question answered now. _"Your skin looks so good in the visible spectrum of the light"_

electronicsNmore : I have a buddy that got his 2 front teeth knocked out playing football years ago. I spotted his with a UV light by accident. Great video as usual!

Hoàng Trần Minh : do not, under any circumstances, shine uv light in a bedroom.

Planet Noize : Dear Mr Trump, please dont deport them, its just a visual effect..

DBSupersteel : 0:40 "this black towel (turns yellow) still black in uv"

Master Therion : Will enough UV exposure cause heavy damage to the skin? Or will it only cause... light damage?

FLooper : 9:32 Half-Life 4 confirmed! ... wait ... wrong century


Manuel Lozano : How would a rainbow look in the ultraviolet? Would there be an "ultraviolet bow" right next to violet?

Zhenya Farrington : Neat fanservice at 5:00.

Starlight X : UV camera is a best way to do advertising of sunscreen )

IncognitoTorpedo : Those spots on skin that are visible in the UV are photodamage. If you were to look at, say, physics girl's butt in the UV (strictly for science...) I bet it would look fine.

Desert Tortoise 21 : It's not a very accurate representation of UV. Just like the Visible Spectrum, the Ultraviolet Spectrum also has its own "rainbow". UVA being the "red" side, UVB being like "green" since it's in the middle, and UVC being "blue". Thus, since UVC is completely absorbed by the Ozone Layer, UVB is _mostly,_ and UVA isn't, the "fog" seen on the UV camera should be roughly orange-ish. That camera only shows the _intensity_ of the UV, but not the Wavelength/Frequency.

Jack Le : Did Derek get his 2 front teeth for Christmas?

Mixey : If UV light can detect fake teeth imagine how a UV lamp in the bedroom can detect a fake orgasm

A to Rhombus : I'd love to see a video like this for infrared as well

Greedie 730 : Melanin is the natural sunscreen, the higher the concentration of melanin a person produces the less they need to use sunscreen ie. Darker people such as ones who originate from places closer to the equator where the sun is more direct, really have no need for for sunscreen being that they produce their own, sunscreen is for lesser melanated people.

Harmen Hoek : This. Is. Quality.

G S : You did not use UV camera on the towel! At 0:41, your front teeth, that supposedly look purple under UV cam, look exactly like your other teeth.

The God Emperor of Mankind : UV black face, I can smell the SJWs coming.

Physics Girl : "How do I put this..." at 6:05. Nice Derek, nice.

Siana Gearz : Wait, so sunscreen is UV-blackface? Isn't it kind of racist?

Tre Kush Renada : In the UV the guy talking looks almost black.. & he probably stole those shades! Arrest HIM!! SEARCH EM FOR DRUGS

eiPeiDweP : Every comment on this video: "I ship it!"

Taylor youngreen : what about seeing in infrared?

The Brony Notion : people who wear sunscreen have been getting away with blackface for years

WISDOM ELVES : 8:13. The proof of the importance of sunscreen. I started using sunscreen religiously since 5 years ago. And now people can easily say my age as the age when I started using sunscreen. So sunscreen cannot reverse aging but freezing or delaying it instead. I will continue using sunscreen. Definitely.

Matthew Krebs : Why does your skin look blue in some of the UV shots and gray in others?

Cogman Inc. : great, now SJWs are going to claim sunscreen is racist thinking its somehow blackface. thanks a lot, ultraviolet.

Rorschach : Why is that your front teeth at 1:10 aren't purple in uv like before?

Vibudh Sharma : You're getting old, Derek. Now you're awesomer!!!!!! I admire and respect the heck out of you!

yash wanted yadav : One question, If ,we can see light only in visible region , uv is beyond visible,, Then my question is , how are we seeing uv , I mean , on your video,? In simply ,we cannot see anything , beyond visible, and so ,you subdivided the screen ,one say uv ,and other, visible, But they both are visible, you might be wrong,

L&PForever : So that UV scatter suggests we can get UV doses even sitting in the shade

CakeEm ' : 0:00 i'TS BLUE

Mephistopheles : the slight off set between the uv and the visible makes my balls itch

N O L A N M I L N E S : 1:14 your two front teeth aren't purple or darkened anymore?

Deyvid's Channel : *I sEe yOu HaVe A nEw miNEcRaFt GiRlFrEiNd*

aaro 345 : I bet it was a intentional move to pour that tide pods liquid the way that the logo isnt facing the camera. you guys didnt want us to meme in the comment sections :D

PBMS123 : I'd pronounce that as Ray-lee scattering, given, it's spelt, Rayleigh

Jadon Ogala : Im allergic to sunscreen

How To Make Everything : Great video and thanks for the shout out! I was wondering why our UV footage at Death Valley was so hazy in the distance, now I know why!


Rusty Redden : Careful you might get in trouble for going black face

Jesse Lapides : wait but the flowers blend in with the plants behind you 4:17

Kylanacus : Hey, what about using the UV camera at night? what would the stars look like? or the moon?

Micah Philson : Aw man, why didn't you film a person with albinism under the UV camera? Their skin would have looked so different! Maybe even someone with melanism!

DMC_PoP : play 5:11 again and again

Aman Bereket : One of my favourite youtube channels, please keep uploading videos

Mike Stoklasa : Well... it's because *spoosh* HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEH

CoolAsFreya : So putting on sunscreen is like blackface to the sun rays 😂