Steamed Hams but it's Metal Gear Solid

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Benjamin Davidson : You wanted the best? You got the best. The world’s greatest Metal Gear Solid/Steamed Hams mashup to ever hit YouTube.

Arf : Do you think ham can steam, even on the battlefield?

RedFlameFox : The FMV part is actually genious

Don't watch muh videos and don't scrubskribe : What the hell... I just... I just... *hold back tears*

[ The Palm ] : "Steamed Hams are some of the most secret Black Projects"

ProtoMario : Awesome!

ProdCharles : From the PS1 loading sounds to the low fps real world cutscenes... Thank you for truly taking Steamed Hams to the next level.

Bransfield : this is the best thing that's ever happened

LetsPlayNintendoITA : extreme - radar off - radar is on video - 0/1

SpooferJahks Domain : The accuracy of playing Metal Gear on the PS1 back in the day is perfected here. It's too real.

dandeentremont : Difficulty: Extremed Hams

Scarfulhu : Now this, this is art.

Ravioko : The semi-off putting irl footage during the explanation of steamed hams was what perfected this

Bitchboyardee : A 2 minute scene made into a 7 minute video. Definitely metal gear.

Zack Brangen : Still More Faithful Than *Metal Gear Survive*

MHSchonberg : >Cromulent Action Espionage >Homer singing the Konami logo >Disk loading sounds >matching footsteps to Skinner’s movement >stock video overlays >more cutscene than gameplay Pack it in boys, the pinnacle of Steamed Hams jokes has been found

Trudermark : This is one of the best Steamed Ham entries I've seen

Cody King : Punished 'Venom' Seymour (This makes way too much sense when you find out Skinner's origin)

The-One Above-All : They steamed us like a damn ham

JamesPlaysGames95 : yes your radar is on despite the fact you're obviously playing in extreme

Chris : The transition from the video to real-world footage and the dialogue over it was masterfully done. It makes me want to break out MGS and have a burger

YouTube Executive : 10 seconds of gameplay. Painfully accurate.

Wolfking47 : A Hideo Kojima Game

Alex Lamazza : Safe to say this is one of the best edits ever. You nailed everything here: the codec call, the bits of gameplay, the mandatory real-life segment, the game over screen and the post-credits phone call. But what I like most are the tiny details. 240p and loading times for the actual PS1 feel, and even the way you did dialogue: long, delayed, irrelevant and with no background music. As a Metal Gear fan, count me impressed!

BruisedMilk : The buns of the patriots.

CIRCLE• : Close the internet. We're done. We have a winner

Panzer Man : The cutscene wasn't a half hour of exposition. 0/10.

Dr Fenix : Solid Skinner Liquid Skinner Solidus Skinner Punished Venom Skinner Naked Skinner Big Skinner Revolver Chalmers

Aaron Mitchell : This is legitimately, one of the most impressive things I think I've ever seen on the Internet. I'm honestly blown away by the quality of this! Next level!

Giganotti : Steak? STEAK? STEAAAK!!

J.Mort : Actually feels just like MGS. The live action bit during the codec call made it feel nostalgic.

PeakTemper : This is why the internet was created

Keybladewielder230 : This was beautiful! .... But where is Disc 2?

The-One Above-All : A steamed hams to surpass all the other steamed hams

Donkey Lips : Steamed Gear Solid: Hams of Albany

Chris J : Wait, I'm confused about the movie. So the cops knew that internal affairs were setting them up?

Nanoo nub nub : Okay. How has this not exceed a million views?? This is a work of art.

AndreasIndustriePro : missed opportunity for "seymour ? ... SEEEEYYYMOOOOUUUURRR!!!" on the game over screen

Sebastián Quirós : The best video in human history.

Devollo : Steamed Hams on Metal Gear Solid...AWESOME!!

Jimblus : what a thrill

PR Fo : 7/10 The loading times are longer than the N64s.

Esther Takeuchi : I love this meme because everyones editing skills comes to light and this is awesome

JesterOfTheMoon : You tend to steam the hams to cook them better, that's more of a clams technique. But that was some fancy cooking... You're pretty good

Infinite Mess : You chose extreme and radar off, but there was still a radar...something tells me this isn't part of the real game...

The Soy : Achievement unlocked! Steam a good ham.

DarkOmegaMK2 : That Seymour and his crazy explanations, he's as sly as a snake that guy.

heteromies : "In style of Metal Gear Solid" needs to become it's own meme. 10/10

Jz1207 : This video is so powerful, I'm holding back tears

Wilder Ross : superintendent: he played me like a damn fiddle