Grandpa, were you a hero in the war?

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Adrian Olson : Hello All, Mike Ranney was my grandfather. I am the grandson being referenced in this clip.

Daniel Hestopher : Gets me every damn time

Terminathan97 : They truly were the greatest generation, weren't they.

SharpWalkers : Get's me every time

Private Joker : I highly disagree with people who say things like "German weren't horoes" or "They are horrible people". This is never and never was true, the man who created the V2 Rockets deffected to the allies and created the capsules for the bombings of Nagasaki and Hiroshima. There are heroes in every war on both sides no matter who wins and who loses. I also strongly disagree with people who say that they are horrible people, They weren't horrible people. There was a lot of hardline Nazi's who were not good but most people were doing a job they were told to do for the reason if they didnt they would face the same fate as the Jewish people in concentration camps. Now dont get me wrong I am not saying what hitler did was good or alright I am just stating try to look at it through the eyes of the people there, If you were faced with the possibility of death for not doing something would you choose to live or die. you may say "I would choose death" from the safety of your computer chair but I can say 90% of people on here wouldnt.

AnimalMotherV2 : I was grocery shopping the other day, and saw a man wearing a WW2 veteran hat. I stopped him and thanked him for his service. I'm sure he gets that all the time but I felt compelled to talk with him, as I have so much respect for all military veterans, but especially those who served in WW2

CeedBeats : I never got to know my second grandpa. My father always told me, that war destroyed his father. He always felt, that there is something inside his father, that tortured him. He never talked about war, i just know that his best friend died right beside of him. Movies like this help me to  imagine what those men had to deal with. He died many years before I was born, even my mother did never know him. He never got to know one of his grandchildren. My grandpa was german. Like me. Anyway for me he is a hero.

BiskitznGravy : You command in the lords army now. This piece is so powerful.

Digital : Gets me every damn time.

J J Fitzpatrick : Dick Winters, and those who served alongside him did not serve the U.S. in WW2.  They served for the benefit of all mankind.

William Sawyer : No matter what I do with my life. No matter what I accomplish. I always know I will be nothing compared to any of these men. Truly the greatest generation.

Alex R : I still get chills every time I watch this. RIP Maj. Winters

Torrident : This always gets me tears

John S : Look at his expression after he states the question Mike R's grandson asked....It is clear, more than ever before, that he considers every one of his men heroes...And is humbled by the fact that "Grandpa said no"....He was a hell of a guy..As were the rest of them.

Shoudif Shadarak : gooshbumps

Mario Kooima : My deepest respect is for you sir,all it takes is a few good men,like you

Harrison : How can someone dislike this? Really?

Rob Hill : If only we had men like that leading us today

Alex R : This video and this quote, even almost 70 years after the war, makes me tear up, because it makes me damn proud to be an American! RIP Sgt. Winters, and thank you.

John S : That undying bond that drives you to put the safety of your friends first, and not your own, never goes away. And after all those years since combat, that man said "no, but I served in a company of heroes" is a testament to that. War is an ugly, awful thing. But now, at the end of the day, these guys (and myself, from recent service) CHERISH the comradery and love for their friends, and think about it everyday. Despite all of its ugliness, war sometimes does produce wonderful things.

Ryan Moore : Everytime. This scene gets me Everytime.

m0rdeczka : Full respect. But someone needs to fix the subtitles - they go "i served in the company of girls" ...

Einhildur : It's so hard not to cry when watching this.

프랜치카페 : salute and respect from S. korea

kfk3000 : right in the feels

Tyrone Jackson : The germans dislike this video.

DaSnipy : So right he is .. He is not a hero .. he is a LEGEND .. A Place Above Heroes ..

Broken Invinciblity : As my grandfather said, There are no Heros. Only men who were willing to do the right thing. 

Mohd Rusdi Roslin : R.I.P Major, eventhough I never met u but I do hear gallant stories and charisma that u showed in Band of Brothers. U r a hero.

GryphGaming : every time, a critical to the feels

Klaus Kleberson : i come back from time to time, its just perfect to release

lavixl : Closed Captions were brutal

founditnow54 : Why do heroes always slice onions?

Justin Edwards : This made me cry the first time I watched it

UGotSerbed : This is what I mentally go back to when I want to cry deliberately

du Bb : gory gory what helluva way to die..........

BONGBONG CHANNEL : thus Company of Heroes was created by THQ

Berk Çetinbaş : Gets me every time...

RDKRL : Rest in peace major Dick Winters. You really weren't a hero. You were a legend. God bless you and all soldiers fighting in the world war 2, you guys saved us.

Hare Bauer Brahs : chills anyone?

MrDeath5300 : I'm sorry I'm not very good at English, what does he say at the end? I served in a company of... thanks and sorry for bothering

Emmanuel Corral : 7 nazi lovers here lol

Badass Strike Eagle : 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Kevin Kelly : I wish that Mike Ranney was attributed to this amazingly powerful quote. He's the one who said it, not Dick Winters.


TITANESC : Respect

sem senki : True heroes never praise themselves. He is a real legend.

asian : Heroes get remembered, but legends never die.

dave durden : Wow

UWCB : Thanks for posting!