Fergie Performs The U.S. National Anthem / 2018 NBA All-Star Game

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Al bw : The saddest part is, she looks like she thinks she’s killing it

Nevaeh Arnold : At 1.25 speed she sounds like a goat

Eric Chen : Who came to see her get roasted in the comment section...

Jasmyn Grace : Where is Simon Cowell when you need him

DBZ Guru : Top 10 natural disasters of U.S history

BoxDot 0616 : I'm not even American and I feel offended 😂

Someone Somebody : We did it. This is officially America’s lowest moment as a country.

Noémi B : I died because of those faces from the players

Random Stuff : she sounds like a sheep with explosive diarrhoea

charline Ward : Me:its over yass Fergie:lets play some basketball! Me:dead

SyntheticKill : I’m not even American and I felt the pain from this.

Sonya Lupomesky : 1:42 My Socials teacher when someone starts to pack up a minute before the bell goes

EnderFusionYT : even squidward can sing better than this

Berlin Alexanderplatz : “Acclaimed singer” “eighth time grammy winner”

RavenScamander Collector : 1:42 *When you step on a LEGO*

Booby Manfanny : That definitely wasn’t Fergielicious. She tried to be Glamorous but it ended up Clumsy. Don’t worry Fergie, Big Girls Don’t Cry.

Digitax04 : Who she tryin to seduce?

goldenjunky : 1:40 me during my first prostate exam

E Jackson : *American flag has left the chat*

Durga Stha : 2:00 he couldn't control his laugh 😂

Ben Blue : This is LITERALLY me performing in the shower

Dat_kid _jay : EVERY black guy in the stadium tried their hardest not to laugh at her so that they mommas wouldn't call them disrespectful

Brooke Taylor : 1:42 when u realise that u have a math test and you haven’t revised but u still have to take it

Zainab Qazi : On 2:08 it looks like Jimmy Kimmel is trying so hard not to laugh😂😂🤣🤣🤣

CHERRIEBUBU BELIEBER : 1:52 did I just see Donald trump?? And the voice change is just like moaning wtf

Scarlet O'Hara : Those athletes holding in their laughter

Mustafa Bohra : Whos here for comments

Shayna Welch : Ladies and gentleman this is why auto tune was made Your welcome

Brooke Taylor : All their faces has me dead when she goes AhAhAhAhaHaHaH😂

Kai_ Playzz : As soon as we thought it was over... MMMBBBERRRRRAAABVVEEEEEEE

Grace Wins : Everyone looks like they just want to bust out laughing 😂

Nevaeh Arnold : 1:52 oh no

tara sotoudeh : 2:25-2:33 she shounds like the bad ending to a Disney movie😂

Filippo Iarocci : omg y'all she fucked up a song, it happens to every good singer, she was tryna go with this 40s style, Marylin Monroeish, but it didn't work, it's not like she killed somebody.

Hikmet Emre Kaya : 1:42 when I get my mustache waxed

UnPhayzable : I can't tell if she's singing the Anthem or communicating to Aliens

I'm very Annoying : 1:58 he's like *dang who tf does she think she is* starts laughing

Hong Guan : *LET'S PLAY SOME BASKETBALLS* umm o yes, without you, behh ~

julie robinson : they're only clapping hoping she's finished!🤣🤣

Sorcus : Back here for my daily dose of cringe

Axolotl Boi : 1:42 when I step on a lego

Abang Kads : its better when you hear it in 1.25x

PandaBun Squishies : Why do I feel embarrassed

Heston Huang : there is almost three times the amount of dislikes than likes🤣😂

The XxweirdoxX : 2:33 best part If you know what I mean...😁

Matthew Ryan : I feel bad for her microphone

Hannah May : Fergie? More like Fergowmyears lol

William S. : 1:56– 2:01 were the best five seconds lol

Baby U know : Apart from the weird pronunciation of the words, I thought she did very well singing the song. She was in tune and sang powerfully. I guess everyone decided to look on the negative part of her performance. I've seen worse performances than this, not mentioning the lip sync ones

NinjasIn Pajamas : Listen at 0.5 speed. It's a complete ear-rape lol