Fergie Performs The U.S. National Anthem / 2018 NBA All-Star Game

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Scarlet O'Hara : Those athletes holding in their laughter

safiya xoxo : she thought she did good that’s when I cracked up the most.

Jessica Francis : How the hell did she get famous that was the worst thing my ears have ever heard but I did have to 😂at the home Mrrrrrrraaaaaaayyyyyyy like wtf

Calypso : 2:24 *silence* *mMBRAAAAAAA*

Adam Faris : Thanks a lot fergie my cat committed suicide after listening to this and she had to jump out of the window 9 times to kill all her lives.

Minty Bliss : The saddest part is, she looks like she thinks she’s killing it

gamerboy 2018 : thanks fergie you have made me want to shot myself and my dog could sing better

Ghost Spores : Well that wasn’t glamorous

P2 SHOOTER : 1:58 draymond knew it was ass 😂😂😂😂

乙卂匚Ҝ 12 : 1:28 Gay Proof

Lemon : Top 10 Worst Anime openings

peblezQ : This is the modern equivalent of Marilyn Monroe singing happy birthday to the president.

Nicholas bahood Games : LETS MAKE SOME BASKETBALL!!!

Hamburger 9fries : I would still take this over Jake Paul.......


Adrian Adrian : Ooo no baby what is you doin???

Matt Huff : I'm dead. this killed me. my funeral will be next Sunday. ...there will be menudo and pan dulce.

Allie VanCourt : 1:41 when your giving birth

ArianaGrande Fans : Actually, she sings very well and has many Hits (For something she is famous) I don’t know what happened to her or what was she thinking about singing that way the Nacional Anthem (In case you do not know her, she is a member of the Black Eyed Peas and Soloist)

Brea : 1:41 when your mom pulls out the belt

HeyItsSoré : *...It’s a no for me*

CrybabyFan 4life : The awkward silence when we all thought that she was finally gonna stop singing... MMMMMBRAYYYYYYY AYYYYEYEYYYYYAAHHHHHH

Sophia Rojas : 1:41 OooOOooOoOoOooOo sAy DoEs tHaT stAr sPAngLed baNnEr-weryeryer waveeee

Vevo CurlyTop : 1:40-1:45 songs like when I hit my cat!😂😂😂😂😂

Martha Gonzalez : 1:53 tf did she say 🤣

Ben Blue : This is LITERALLY me performing in the shower

Kit Haselton : Why did no one tackle her

Beth Masey : I feel rather bad for her, but this was so funny. I can't... xD

June Cherry : 1:45 that guys face tho😂😂

Michael Ugwueke : This would’ve made Kaepernick stand for the national anthem

Amazon and eBay Guru : Lebron trying so hard not to laugh haha

M6l7hh Mm : this is going to be Iconic 😂😂

katelyn : gave PROOOOO through the nigghhhttt

Karyn Harris : "Lets play sum baskretbawl" 😒😭😭😭😭😂😂😂

Random Some : The reason people clapped at the end was because it was over

Christina Tanner : This sounds like how someone who’s never heard the National Anthem would sing the National Anthem.

Cortnei Harrell : A baby’s crying sounds better than this💀💀💀

Legend Bros- Roblox & More! : just here for the memes

ElijahMillerVlogs : everyones talking about fergie but why is the announcer holding his nose as he speaks?

Justice Lion : She got that MILF money

Baileyando Backup : 1:41 me when i have to wake up for school

KatC Rob : The “O say” had me thinking people had overreacted because it’s not that bad at all. Then the rest came. I can now feel my brain melting from my ears. And I clenched my teeth so hard they shattered. WELP I’LL SEE YOU ALL IN THERAPY

Evi : Sorry America. Loads of love from England. Praying for you❤️

redi4life2 : oh yeah im downloading this and putting it on my iPod

Brendyn Guinn : She’s still way better than I am

So Young Moon : This is why you don't put all that extra bullshit into timeless songs like national anthems and traditional songs.......just sing them, put a SLIGHT bit of originality to it, but don't go overboard like this or you're likely to end up looking like a fool.

OMARIJUAN HAYDEN : Nooooooooo Whittney gone hunt you

Kevin Mora : Still love Fergie. Yes, it wasn’t as planned but she still has some really good performances.

Madisen 1 : I've watched this 4 times today. It keeps getting better.

Ja'Lisa Massey : 😂😂😂