Fergie Performs The U.S. National Anthem / 2018 NBA All-Star Game

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Axolotl Boi : 1:42 when I step on a lego

V looks like a Puppy but sounds like a Pitbull : DRAYMOND "THE MOUTH BREATHER" GREEN

Mr. Clean : Top 10 anime betrayals.

TheWurzelx3 : Jimmy Kimmel at 2:06 knew this was gonna be on his show

Eva Pust : 0:28 thats the worst part lol

Dj Pyromania : P!nk was sick and still sang better than this

Boss Row : Dude I was there and it sounded much worse in person 😂

Kawaii Blueberry : 0:19 This isn't so bad. What is everyone talking about?? 0:28 *Nevermind.*

demigod_ fantasy : 2:40 Trust me it's the best part

ASMR Rainbows : 1:57 when your friend tells you a joke then later in class you understand what he\she just said😂

Ofentse Mwase Films TV : Enough Cringe for the next 10 Years😂

LYCAN : Fergie, baby, you had one job

Curdled Milk : When the comments are better than the video 😂

Velvetalysa : Tori Vega from Victorious did better

Ed Love : 1:11 he's really in pain😂

Amazon and eBay Guru : Lebron trying so hard not to laugh haha

Livinlifegrande 93 : 1:42 contractions

Tarra Lair : 1:42 when you bang your toe on something

Cwazy C : I think she should of licked the mic it would of really made this hot af and oh my god if she would of pissed herself I would be moister then an oyster ☺️

Curdled Milk : Literally came for the comments lmao

Grace Wins : Everyone looks like they just want to bust out laughing 😂

Malachi Robinson : the most embarrasing National Anthems ever.

Livinlifegrande 93 : The reason Hannah baker killed herself

Paul Revere : My ears feel violated

Kawaii Blueberry : 1:41 When you wake up and realize you have a test that you forgot to study for. XD

Baileyando Backup : 1:41 me when i have to wake up for school

Layla Johnson : 0:38 I forgot why I was here

Z. Smith : I’ve never listened to any of her songs...is this how she normally sounds?

Stina Hunter : 😂😂😂😂Why she looking like everyone liked it

Candice natelli : Who let her into America

Alex Xolo : When I'm sad I come here

CombatBeast : 0:50 brought stripes and bright STARRRRRRRKS


Itz JustNoah : 1:42 when your mom takes your phone

Mew : "Bannerer" and "yeyet" aren't in the english dictionary.

xx Nikki xx : 1:42 When you’re in the shower singing and you think you sound good. But then step out and you hear your real voice 😂

Kate Ijrjdro : Oh my god. What was she thinking 😂

Natalie 101 : I don't think her voice was bad (she has a great voice) but the manner in of how she sang it was inappropriate, it almost sounded like she was singing it very seductively.😂

Kate Ijrjdro : Banerer yet et waavehh

Emely Ortiz : 1:52 what the hail

Christina Tanner : This sounds like how someone who’s never heard the National Anthem would sing the National Anthem.

Reese Martin : 1:42 got me laughing and the bann bann banner yet wave

Kenji Tasaka : Words cannot describe...

myjourneywithscoliosis Scoliosis/Lifestyle : 1:42 when you get scared by your own horrible singing 🤣

Seoulxz : 1:57 thats me everytime i wanna laugh but trying to hold it in

Grace Duff : I can’t stop laughing

Isabella’s Pinhan : This is sad 😞🇺🇸🙏🏻

Itz AK47 : 1:42 When ur singing in the shower and someone turns up the heat

The last Shinobi : Mr. Stark.....I don't feel so good

EA2CAC - Car Entertainment : Cringe af