Fergie Performs The U.S. National Anthem / 2018 NBA All-Star Game

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Al bw : The saddest part is, she looks like she thinks she’s killing it

Mycroft Holmes : **Steve Rogers crying in Spanish**

I think : When you depressed ,it will help you

TΛBBY : This makes me want to be American just so that I could say I wish I wasn’t American

Dead Mean : 1:41 when u bout to give birth In the middle of a performance

BoxDot 0616 : I'm not even American and I feel offended 😂

Perse Reikänen : "Let's play some basketball", was the best part.

Stephanie Younger : 1:11 Anthony Anderson looks like he's trying to hold back his tears.

Ngozi Anthony : 2:03 Fergie language: Bor the lamb of breeeeeeeee

harry deame : 1:53 she sounds like she’s having a stroke

Grace Wins : Everyone looks like they just want to bust out laughing 😂

Jean Chanya S. : So where is the translation?

Azianna Green : If i was in the audience i would be laughing sorry Not sorry. Not being mean its just i would not be able to hold it in

VCVCFans : 0:25 By the dawn...zer...lee...LAAAAEEGHT,

Animator Anator : 1:42 when you think it’s Sunday but then you realize it’s Monday

SyntheticKill : I’m not even American and I felt the pain from this.

tammy brewer : *Oh my god...take me back to mexico*

heyhey hey : As a representative of the Americans, we don't claim her and pass her on to the Europeans


nb45001 : The only version of the anthem I'd kneel to.

Matthew Ryan : I feel bad for her microphone

Caroline Deichmann : 1:45 All of them are like are we done yet?

mystic gamer : 2:12 she must think she is so talented

AllAboutVehicles : Jimmy Kimmel is the best he cant believe how bad it is!!!

Shrek The ogre : Was she drunk? That's just.. To much

Ben Blue : This is LITERALLY me performing in the shower

J c : deport her *now*

Mark Zuckerberg : Alright people now head on to Whitney Houston's Version of the Star spangled banner, believe me it will clean your ears...

Marcus Fojtel : Well, that was borderline treasonous.

AllAboutVehicles : What was that @1:52 looks like she forgot the lyrics or tried to speak gibberish!!!

HeyItsSoré : *...It’s a no for me*

fifth estate : this could replace waterboarding

mystic gamer : 1:08 it looks like he's crying from how bad it is

I think : 0:58 1:08 goat sound

xxjkd987 _ : americans deserved this disaster

UnPhayzable : I can't tell if she's singing the Anthem or communicating to Aliens

Samhrutha Kashyap : They tried so hard not to laugh😂

protective lovatic : WTF did i just hear??? I'm dead🤣🤣

aisea havea : I heard of this from others, i didn't expect it to be like this. This is like hiring a DJ but getting the DJs younger brother cos he was sick, like he knows the equipment but he's just not a DJ

a a : 2:00 best part😂😂

Scarlet O'Hara : Those athletes holding in their laughter

malhunt7 : It's not as bad as every said it was....I mean it's weird but not THAT bad!

basic bich : *mMrAaVe*

Manuel Huerta : came after hearing Angelina hale sing anthem just to have a good laugh

Lightning Cheatah Kitty Glitter Poop : I listening to Arianna grande sing it now to clear my ears out

Karsten E. Brennan : Lyrics: Wow say can you see boy the dumb's early lie Watch your brow lay way-ewwl at the twilights less gleemin' Who's bra strives and bright stocks threw the paralas fie Oh the rear farts we watched were so galesly streaming Ain't the wrong kids re-glam the bombs burst stinging air Gay prove through that night Ben Affleck worst he there-ayyy-ooh Say does that star spangled bae narrow ye-yed way, yay Whore the land of the brieeeeee yen the home rather mreeeeeeeyve Let's spray sum basket ball!

E. B : 1:44 mood game is on

calosbabos : Chance the rapper is losing it ahahaha

John Smith : It was good up to 0:24, than it all went to shit

otana aynetchi : All good until 0:25