Games that let you max out your stealth.

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When the guards in the game lowkey don't want to fight you because they know you're the main character, so they act like they don't hear any when you're obliterating their ally in hope that you wont go after them next.

Comments from Youtube

the cat 47 : A.K.A *SKYRIM* *Guard gets shot and loses 99% of his health* Guard: HUH? WHO'S THERE?! SHOW YOURSELF! *5 seconds later* Guard: *MuSt'Ve BeEn ThE wInD*

Eric Stockwell : Unrealistic The guard didn’t take 3 seconds to notice the body

Shiggy : When you're entire unit gets murdered but it must have just been the wind

Nrkade : *factory filled with dozens of soldiers* Me: Sprints for 2 seconds Soldier: Did you hear that? How did you hear me over the dozens of soldiers talking and walking around

Michael Jay - Value Investing : Enemy: "What was that noise?" _Looks player directly in the face._ Enemy: "I must have imagined it."

Ortak Bizkurt : 0:52 classic assasins creed line 😂

Jeremy Boateng : M u s t v e B e e n N o t h i n

Think Freak : [Danger] [Caution] [hidden]

Can we get to 10,000 subscribers ????? : Sometimes they legit stare at me... _"Hidden"_

Beary Boy : "Must've been the wind"*

BerserkZeta : I loved the “must’ve been nothing” *walks away*

Bryce Krispiez : *gets shot with an arrow* “Must’ve been my imagination”

KattsArt : Lara Croft: *murders 3 guards in cold blood* The 1 Guard Left: Y'all hear sumn?

xSavageFrost : Plays on hardest difficulty Player: Spawns in. Enemy: Who’s there? *You have been spotted* *Mission failed the enemy detected you, Try again*

Veridian : *If I didn't see it, **_it didn't happen_*

LARAUJO : Stealth Takedown to Foot Stomp combo is broken as hell

JayDay51 : I can smell the Bethesda games engine from a mile away lol

omgzitsmilk : The skyrim skill that let's you crouch in the middle of combat and all the enemies are like "WHERE DID YOU GO?!"

Skippydips : *Skyrim music comes on* This video has been copyright claimed by the Jarl of Whiterun


schmoyoho : i wish games could find a happy medium between this and me punching one guy in GTA and then suddenly being in a shootout 😭😭 A+ 11/10 video 💖💗💝💗💖

chromosomed : I read stealth as health and got really confused until I saw him crouching

xd TatorTot 823 : Stealth: 100 * fires 20199902918283839 gunshots * Npc: did I hear something?

Clorox Peach : *Some unseen force has taken out 90% of your squad?* "we can take him" "don't let me find you" "come out murderer" *you see one guy walk into your base alone?* "GET BACKUP!" "SOUND THE ALARM!" "WE NEED REINFORCEMENTS!" Farcry in a nutshell

Str1ker3 Wisen : "Hey you! Leave or I'll make you lea-" *crouches* " hold on...where did he go....."

Jason Tubaldo : AAAGH AAAGH I YIELD, I YIELD *guard continues to guard while other guard gets killed*

marioforever453 : This is San Andreas stealth mission with the knife

Lemko : *sees friend dies* *looks around and no ones there* *doesn't suspect anything* *I guess it nothing-* *gETS sTAbBeD* *I YEILD! I-I YEILD*

RyanTyanMyan : Okay so there was a comment here earlier but I can't find it anymore so I'm just gonna say it again: 0:57 When you nut but she keeps on sucking

Sovann T : "Huh"! "Who's footprints are these!?" *Runs around in circles*

Syn0 : *"Must of been nothing."*

Christian Jarrell : Been a long time since I heard music from Lost Odyssey. That beginning had me hype.

Cackling _ Dragon : The dead body position is quite hilarious

The Investigator : Damn these graphics look great

Ashai : _never should have come here_

Zach ary : Anyone else do the greybeards glitch to max out stealth in skyrim?

BabyDony Gaming : The way he was turning was just like in games (especially when he was crouching)

Lily Ferrari - OFFICIAL : Great video, and very accurate. But go play the good old Thief 2(with tafferpatcher and stuff), it wasn't dumb like modern "stealth" games.


It's Thinzy : "Who could've done this!?", *stands up*, grieving period over.

Aru Akane : *Finds Dead Body* Must've been nothing...

ScorpsJunk Nstuff : This is metal gear rising

EyeDeeKay : *NUCLEAR EXPLOSION* Guard: _Must of been the wind_

Tomáš Kubalak : Hey, you have no bussiness here!

Mamamew TheRani : 0:41 that re-enactment of the shuffle animation makes this video so perfect.


im kol guy : just like my mom.. me going to drink something about 23:00 mom: sleep me: going back to my room and drops my earphone suddenly(orwhat) me:!!! **footsteps** mom:, bihch die

cristian wallace : I used to be really good at detecting enemies... But then I took an arrow to the knee

Leo Vinchi : LOL thats like Tenchu Shadow assassins LOL