Games that let you max out your stealth.

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The Derp Chaos : It always feels like you’re decreasing the enemy’s intelligence, instead of increasing your stealth.


Sovann T : "Huh"! "Who's footprints are these!?" *Runs around in circles*

Ashai : _never should have come here_

Bananas217_ : 0:57 When you nut but she keeps sucking

Michael Jay - Value Investing : Enemy: "What was that noise?" _Looks player directly in the face._ Enemy: "I must have imagined it."

SwerveStarEx : My friend was doing a Dark Brotherhood mission in Skyrim once, and the person he was told to kill sat down to eat in a house, so he stealthed behind him and prepared to use his daggers to do the deed, when suddenly another, nearly identical looking dude sat down next to him and also started to eat. He wasn't sure what to do, so he just pulled out his bow and shot the target in the head from behind. The dude drops dead, and the guy next to him jumps to his feet and shouts "YSMIR'S BEARD!" Then after standing there for a few seconds he sits down and resumes eating.

Fire Nation Files : **asks dead body**

Callahan Johnson : That subtle Skyrim combat music in the background. On point. 👌🏻

Mamamew TheRani : 0:41 that re-enactment of the shuffle animation makes this video so perfect.

Justin Y. : "I'm gonna play as a warrior in skyrim" *5 minutes later*

Ortak Bizkurt : 0:52 classic assasins creed line 😂

TheKingFadez : This is definitely inspired by Skyrim 😂

Connor : "NO DONT GO FRIEND YOURE ALL I EVER HAD YOU CAME TO ME WHEN I NEEDED YOU MOST YOU WERE LIKE THE FATHER I NEVER HAD." *2 seconds later* "...Must have been hearing things. :)"

1ofsolitude : I yield, I yeild, I said I yei...*stomp*

Elzeta : "Uh, must be the wind"

Think Freak : [Danger] [Caution] [hidden]

MidNite Mayhem : metal gear solid V gives the best stealth experience

Jeremy Boateng : M u s t v e B e e n N o t h i n

Abyssinian : *Must have been my imagination*

Beary Boy : "Must've been the wind"*

Lucian Wong : I like the Skyrim music in the background when he crouches.

LARAUJO : Stealth Takedown to Foot Stomp combo is broken as hell

Bagus Prayogo : I miss tenchu

Nrkade : *factory filled with dozens of soldiers* Me: Sprints for 2 seconds Soldier: Did you hear that? How did you hear me over the dozens of soldiers talking and walking around

Zach ary : Anyone else do the greybeards glitch to max out stealth in skyrim?

dmario washington : Splinter Cell in a nutshell

ゴゴゴ : *rolls natural 20 as a rogue*

Alexander Gunn : Skyrim in a nutshell

It's Thinzy : "Who could've done this!?", *stands up*, grieving period over.

JayDay51 : I can smell the Bethesda games engine from a mile away lol

Kim Jong Un : That lost odessey music tho fucking 5 discs to play the game brought so many memories back

Minnesota Guy : Every Assassins Creed game.

ItsJonbois : HeY whATs GoINg On iN HeRe??

Veridian : *If I didn't see it, **_it didn't happen_*

JJWM : This video is on point right now. Very accurate.

diyagheith1 : *Shoots arrow on head* "Is anybody there?" *Crouches* "Must've been my imagination" *Repeats*

Preliator 116 : Skyrim All I have to say

That_one_asian_guy_ in_the_corner : *must have been the wind*

VazzyCow : *This is the most accurate representation of stealthy video games*

Stephon Brooks : Dont make no damn sense how dumb the Ai can be...metal gear lol dope vid 👏

Obviously : Splinter cell!

Mosquito : Sly Cooper flashbacks

h Chandra : Like in Hitman ! EVEN though enemies see the shiny bold head of yours behind your cover... they are just like whatever ! let him show his full body.

Dank Matter : _Stealth _*_100_*

Cool Kid : *Sneak* *100*

The Sir Rolfe : Splintercell Blacklist anyone?

Hellfire Guy : Not enough sneaking from infront of the NPC, literally going invisible, teleporting behind them and slitting their throat


LumpKing : He was turning like the npc’s in the old school games. Too on point bruh 😂🙌🏾