Battle: Donald Glover vs. Childish Gambino

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collette : "you guys, its 6am"

Markeith Mingo : "When I say lame, I mean like lame in a cool way." -Childish Gambino

The Jrr : Funny how he can make a conversation with himself this awkward.

Jason McNeil : orginal roast yourself challenge

nameless. : I would love to see a newer version of this

V.O.L. : Donald Glover - Comedian Ego Childish Gambino - Rapper Ego

Triplehead : The Boy should see this

The Henryverse : I dunno guys, I think Troy should see this.

Sydne Perker : 1:16 did anyone else see the sparkle in his eye??

Slagtheangry : "I used to rap about nothin'. Now I rap about nothin'." -Childish Gambino.

Itachi Uchiha : They should have added Troy Barnes

The_djs : Donald Gambino is the biggest troll

Infant Motorist : I love how they never fully make eye contact, like they just have this other-worldly understanding of how to roast each other without laying eyes on each other. EDIT: I'm just now noticing the twinkle in his eye at 1:14 when he says "Yeah, it's on MY album."

The JZA of Jiguzillionaire : Troy and 'Bino in the mooorning

MrViicc : glover and gambino in the morning

spyro : Slap me if they are the same person Kick me if they arent


Enkosi Key : Donald: so what are your plans for your next album? Childish: i'm probably just going to turn into the hippie do a bunch of drugs and become permanently high and pretend to be deep.

LifesGoodGaming : Anyone here after This is America dropped?

Gladiator Gaming : They're the same person guys

Bob : Dude's changed, he's all depressed now and likes to being whipped by Jene Aiko.

Casey Coomer : Troy & Childish Gambino in the morning! ☺️

Shiloh Pessoa : Donald and 'bino in the mooorning! *ding*

Angelina Baker : "oml they look so alike are they twins?" get out

Allie olafs : OMG at 1:16 that glimpse in his eye 😍✨👁

sanaalex1s : wow they look exactly alike! And they're not related? jeeez.

nibiru : "it's on my album" *looks at camera* dead. Just dead. XD

Tomasdagamer : Because the internet..

Anthony Nguyen : Donald Glover: 'like like like like like like like like like like like like like like like like like like like like like'

Cindy V : "it's like 6 in the morning' OMGGGGGG jeff reference



Cynima Rapscallion : LOL THAT TWINKLE LMFAO

River Koritko : he's such a good actor i love this o,mg

SHIELD DRAWS : I had no fucking idea they were the same person.. I only mildley liked his music.. then I watched his comedy (forgetting what he looks like) and I like him a lot... Mind fucked.

COACHFRANK101 : You know I know this is a joke but I feel like it actually is what his mind is like.

-Đ a n t ē- : So... wich one america

Shiloh Beazel : This is perfect seeing how most interviewers tend to act like that anyway.

James Yang : Troy and Troy in the morrrrrning

Breadley : He's pulling a ryan higa

wenweru1 : Those two, Troy from Community, and that guy from the Martian look like they could be related. Maybe cousins?

Morena 14 : Don't know why, but for some reason Donald gives off an existential vibe

Atrijit Das : nothing beats Troy and Abed in the morning

Cierra Johnson : this is awesome:) love both donald and gambino

Kevin Nivek : the guy on the right is so lucky to be born with such a cool name like Childish Gambino... I have a boring name like Kevin

Ray : This guy always trips me out when im high smh

lian adia : look its marshall– ok nvm..

neon quilt : i have the strange feeling they are the same person but what do i know.🤔

Gae Elle : "Crew at my house and we party every week and so..."- Childish Gambino Guess Donald's not invited... He's kinda lame 😏

Justin Widle : This is almost as strange as Anthony Fantano interviewing Cal Chuchesta...