Dolphin Gets Mauled by Two Great Whites - Larger Shark Steals Catch | Smoky Bay 15/08/18

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Story: Jai Holmes, Jason Darke and several other crew members on board an Oyster loading vessel are working on Oyster Leases three kilometres off Smoky Bay in South Australia when a Great White shark appears in the distance with pools of blood around it. As the crew investigate and realise its a young Dolphin that has been mauled by the shark another larger Great White estimated to be at over 12ft in length joins the attack and snatches the Dolphin carcass out of the smaller sharks mouth, it then ravages the remains and cruises off with the carcass in its jaw while harassing the shocked workers in their accompanying boats. The clips taken yesterday morning (15.08.18) are already trending locally viral around South Australia thanks to publicity from the Shark Watch South Australia community (@sharkalertsa). For more incredible shark encounters made by boats or to find out more about the Shark Watch campaign and its movemement, jump on our social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter by typing the username @sharkalertsa.


comeonyougotnerves : We goin on a Bush Adventure Morty.

Brian McQuaig : I heard that people are trying to get this removed from YouTube because it's upsetting. Really? Hiding from nature and hiding others from nature does everyone a disservice. The point being that whether you look at it or not,'s still gonna be there in all of it's technicolor glory. Hiding from the truth is never a good move. Pathetic is the word that comes to mind. B

Edwin Collazo : The camera work was nauseating. I've never wished for someone to fall in shark infested waters till now.

anthony smith : Hahah sounds like big lez show in the background

I want to believe : Whyyyyyyyy film vertically????

The Wedge : and they say that dolphins always outwit sharks... muhahahahahahah

tonyoltrout : Wow.. unbelievable footage. Thanks guys, excellent. PS .. loved the commentary.. classic 🐬

Michael Jae : _He STOW the dolphin!_

Virdeo : HE STO THE DOFFIN!!!!!!!!!!!

iJuenger : Holy shit first thing I thought, please don't let that be filmed in portrait mode. That scared me for a moment.

Fábio : Where are the anti-bullying activists to defend that poor smaller shark??

ownedpked : Absolute unit.

Black Paca TV : RIP Flipper :(

R0MANEK shark : Spielberg is nobody until you 😂.... really good handle camera 📸... what u doing on boat... im shockin 🤣

skrrt skrrt : Neo Graphic lmfao


Shawn Oates : C'mon guys, film in landscape!

Enesettin Hüseyin : A lot of people complain negatively about the filming job but I personally don't see a problem, I easily saw what happened

WhoIamIsNotImportant : Someone animate this pleassse You fakin druggo's.

PePeR : I thought that MaxMoeFoe was recording the video for a moment

Redjet2now : he stole the DOLLFIN

Salty Diarrhea : I'd probably sit in the very middle. of the boat and say, "Take me home now."

waytallwhitey : Jesus, who was recording this, Michael J Fox?

Wiskey CR : Megalodon is ALIVE!!!

Moist : Brb gonna go watch some Neo graphic

Web crawler : not even Lucas Arts can make the footage watchable

John Williams : Sounds like my man bustin

Simon & Mandy Squire : bloody beautiful work lads, nucking futs!

exsashank2 : The dolphin looked like it was already dead. It was carrion

Joshua Mitchell : Why can't a megalodon be here to really cause havoc

Daniel Jovicic : There's always a bigger fish

raindrainxi : If you're going to film vertically, at least make it so. We can watch full screen on phone.


elcontrastador : Put your hand that held the camera in the water with the shark next time. My God...

jrin12 : Vertical phone syndrome at its worst

Luigie Gonzalez : Whoever shot this video, should never hold a camera again in his life! Such great event ruined by a neanderthal camera execution! Otherwise, wow! That was awesome!!! Yet scary AF!

K Shuey : A cold one with the boys

Abel Gonzalez : If everybody's wondering dolphins can out smart Reef sharks, like hammerheads, Caribbean reef sharks, tiger sharks, bull sharks, now when it comes 20 to 30 foot great white dolphins will maintain their ground but the great white will claim victory, these sharks are really powerful

Bobby Nixon : Get well soon Mr. Dolphin

Andrew Ridgeway : Was somehow in my newsfeed. I took the "bait" and can't believe this was even a story the camera work is absolutely terrible you can't even see what's going on. What is the big deal? :-(

oscuradiosa : This makes me mad at dolphin safe tuna you know that old tuna with dolphin in it was better ask any shark.

John François 1er : Nul à chier des briques! On voit un mec qui filme ses doigts en vidéo verticale avec la mer en fond! Nul quoi! Fais de la mécanique!

Joe Grills : nuke Australia ffs

chuch : Poor dolphin. >:C

OneNerdyBoi : FLIPPER NO

Lego Wheel707 : 0:03 “it’s a dolphin” well I think now he should say “it was a dolphin”

Leonardo Rossi : Treinamento para começar a atacar orcas.

unbelievabubble : Of course they fkn aggressive they eating dolphins. Classic.

ScuffedComedy : that dolphin is fooked