Dolphin Gets Mauled by Two Great Whites - Larger Shark Steals Catch | Smoky Bay 15/08/18

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Gabriel Feinberg : The camera work was unforgivable.

Adrian : 1:12 sounds like everybody's cumming

Chris Davies : Filmed by a moron in 100% pure Vertical Retardovision.

comeonyougotnerves : We goin on a Bush Adventure Morty.

Edwin Collazo : The camera work was nauseating. I've never wished for someone to fall in shark infested waters till now.

Michael Jae : _He STOW the dolphin!_

I want to believe : Whyyyyyyyy film vertically????

Edward Cosce : Invest in some video editing software and profit from this shit.

The Wedge : and they say that dolphins always outwit sharks... muhahahahahahah

Black Paca TV : RIP Flipper :(

skrrt skrrt : Neo Graphic lmfao

ownedpked : Absolute unit.

jrin12 : Vertical phone syndrome at its worst

Fábio : Where are the anti-bullying activists to defend that poor smaller shark??

iJuenger : Holy shit first thing I thought, please don't let that be filmed in portrait mode. That scared me for a moment.

elcontrastador : Put your hand that held the camera in the water with the shark next time. My God...

Luigie Gonzalez : Whoever shot this video, should never hold a camera again in his life! Such great event ruined by a neanderthal camera execution! Otherwise, wow! That was awesome!!! Yet scary AF!

Allen Herinckx : Clearly sexual advancement! You shock blockahs!

Virdeo : HE STO THE DOFFIN!!!!!!!!!!!

Shawn Oates : C'mon guys, film in landscape!

jaycoin : Black people would immediately be getting the f*** outa there. We never would have known what happened to the dolphin 😨

Joshua Mitchell : Why can't a megalodon be here to really cause havoc

ThatOnePerson : Is it weird to feel satisfaction from this video like seeing a criminal go to prison since dolphins are evil and belong in hell. Actually it is not weird


Simon & Mandy Squire : bloody beautiful work lads, nucking futs!

John François 1er : Nul à chier des briques! On voit un mec qui filme ses doigts en vidéo verticale avec la mer en fond! Nul quoi! Fais de la mécanique!

Brian McQuaig : I heard that people are trying to get this removed from YouTube because it's upsetting. Really? Hiding from nature and hiding others from nature does everyone a disservice. The point being that whether you look at it or not,'s still gonna be there in all of it's technicolor glory. Hiding from the truth is never a good move. Pathetic is the word that comes to mind. B

exsashank2 : The dolphin looked like it was already dead. It was carrion

chuch : Poor dolphin. >:C

tonyoltrout : Wow.. unbelievable footage. Thanks guys, excellent. PS .. loved the commentary.. classic 🐬

Babs3353 : How easy does it look for someone to fall in the water walking on top of those cages? Yeah, can understand their excitement.. But they're a tad over the top. Crikey!

unbelievabubble : Of course they fkn aggressive they eating dolphins. Classic.

j fun : Theyre going to need a bigger boat...

Shammon Nomad : And thats why I dont swim in the sea.

mareremamare : Why are 2/3s of the screen black??? I don't care if you shoot it vertical, I'm watching it on a smartphone as 90% of us, just upload the original video ffs

Andrew Ridgeway : Was somehow in my newsfeed. I took the "bait" and can't believe this was even a story the camera work is absolutely terrible you can't even see what's going on. What is the big deal? :-(

Salty Diarrhea : I'd probably sit in the very middle. of the boat and say, "Take me home now."

raindrainxi : If you're going to film vertically, at least make it so. We can watch full screen on phone.

ScuffedComedy : that dolphin is fooked

oscuradiosa : This makes me mad at dolphin safe tuna you know that old tuna with dolphin in it was better ask any shark.

Bobby Nixon : Get well soon Mr. Dolphin

vince0308 : my neck hurts now

WhoIamIsNotImportant : Someone animate this pleassse You fakin druggo's.

Colossus Scarface : Spielberg is nobody until you 😂.... really good handle camera 📸... what u doing on boat... im shockin 🤣

Joe Grills : nuke Australia ffs

BALESTRACCI BALESTRACCI : These gents sound like their jerking eachother off. Annoying!

John Williams : Sounds like my man bustin

waytallwhitey : Jesus, who was recording this, Michael J Fox?

Web crawler : not even Lucas Arts can make the footage watchable

Daniel Jovicic : There's always a bigger fish