Johnny Vegas Messing With Adam, Alex & Josh - The Last Leg (Outtakes)

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StonyRC : Ever since Johnny Vegas got sober, he is one of the funniest and weirdest human beings on the planet. A bloody genius!

matthew bowers : So bloody clever. He’s really picked everyone up and set a great tone for the show. You get Jonny on and everyone relaxes and has a laugh. I’ve seen this clip a few times. I highly recommend watching “Jonny Vegas poem”, it’s on cats does countdown and is equally brilliant.

Michael Christensen : Jesus Christ his timing is impeccable - I love the way he holds until there is an slight lull in the laughter and then strikes again and again building on the previous punchlines

Indi Heaton : Oh my god :') Not sure which is the best part: Alex just falling to pieces or Johnny keeping a straight face through all of it.

Indi Heaton : When you can get three professional comedians crying with laughter you know you've won comedy.

Holly Protoolis : I absolutely lose it when he says "BALLS DEEP HE WAS"

Anthony Butler : As a comedian if you can make other comedians lose it like that and still keep a straight face you are top of the tree

Chris Coombes : I'm glad the others left him to it, no interruptions.

steven mazur : Johnny Vegas proving it is possible to confess and tell the truth and how rewarding it will make you feel.

IDKVIDS : "I once had a wank over a nun!" says the man who trained to be a priest haha

SubjectRandom : "You know what fish are like, they look shocked enough don't they", that really got me.

john king : Johnny Vegas just has that special something that puts him above other comedians of his ilk. He says those mad things with such a dead pan face too. I now hurt.

Steven Davison : I was at the recording of this sat just behind the couch and it was the funniest thing! 😝

dontzenyourselfout : ...priceless stuff: 'you know what fish are like - they look shocked enough'. (given the context, this was a comic ad-lib of epic proportions)...

ladyi7609 : Proof that comedy is universal: I am 100% American (I absolutely did not vote for you know how, just saying) and I nearly died laughing at this. This Johnny Vegas guy has to be a hypersuccessful comedian in Britain and he has to make it here to America to conquer my country as well! And "The Last Leg" needs to air on BBC America!!!

Beth Addison : The noises Alex is making omg 😂😂😂

Michael H : Haven't laughed that hard in months. I love Johnny Vegas.

nikolait5 : Johnny may not look it, but he's a certified genius.

Nx Doyle : Johnny is gold. He's managed to carve out and occupy a place of his own in the comedy world.

Anthony Fisher : I expect you to smell of piss Mr Bond! I was crying!!!

Dick Scratcher : I've seen this 18 times now, I watch it when i get up in the morning. it sets me up for the day.

NialasDubh : In case you've never seen it, search for Johnny Vegas on Room 101. Fair warning: you might die.

RyanGiggsOBE : If they run out of ideas for an episode, just invite Vegas back and see how long the others can keep a straight face.

grob011 : Not sure what 51 people watched. This is solid gold

Judi O'Regan : The perfect tonic to the end of a rotten day - Johnny Vegas and his deadpan, insane whimsy. This slays me every single time.

Lee Sargeant : was laughing hard the whole way... but just lost my shit at rod licence!!! bah hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

The Great Phil Swift, Our Prometheus : You have to love Johnny Vegas. It would be so easy to laugh with everyone there, because it's a natural reflex, but no, he just keeps going.

Narisaras Groove : Watched a Bond movie yesterday and every time the bad guy and Bond were on screen at the same time I grinned like a stupid cat and all I could hear was "I expect you to smell of piss Mr. Bond". Life will never be the same again!

James F : I'm in tears. I really needed that laugh. Thanks guys :)

L'impie : Balls deep he was in the carp.

James Howard : We all need a laugh considering the state of the world and this is the clip to make us smile

Charles Faulkner : I nearly pmsl when Alex Brooker dissolved into hysterics the first time. I was laughing more at his and Adam's reactions than I was at Johnny Vegas.

flangalang1 : #joshswestcountryaccentcombinedwithhisboyishcharmandimmitablewitmakeshimtheperfectsidekick

Dame Davey Jay : Absolutely love Johnny Vegas he's lost the plot. Amazing stuff and I have subscribed so I BETTER see more of this kind of stuff.

Tex Prime : Johnny Vegas is literally one of the funniest people alive.

loodlebop : watching while stoned, can't breathe

Katie Fraser : Looks like Alex is peeing with laughter there!!!!!!!

Jane - - - : Johnny is so uniquely special, absolutely no one possess his off the wall thought processes ...

AnkanBob : the power of beeing the funniest man on earth

Shadow Heart : Warning: do not eat or drink while watching this.

lmiddleman : A few years back I first encountered Johnny Vegas on a panel show. He was kind of a dud on that particular episode and gave a poor first impression. But over time I've seen more of him, and man... the guy has propelled himself beyond redemption into the land of legend.

Duncan Knifton : "You know what fish are like,...they look shocked enough!" That finished me !!!! hahaha

Jez Creed : I love Johnny's stream of consciousness comedy. It comes out of nowhere and catches you unawares. That's why it's so funny!

Carlene Carter : OMG! Can't breathe! Johnny Vegas is a ledge 😂😂😂😂😂 'You know what fish are like, they look shocked enough' So funny x

RIXRADvidz : okay, here we go, I spit my coffee my eyes are watering too much to see I disrupted telly viewing in the next room I'm still having a hard time breathing and keep breaking out in giggles I'm all for a good time, but this is Hilarity Overload. too much funny in so few minutes REWATCH!!!!!

moxy82 : I think they're speaking English, but I can't quite tell.

Ren 89 : He's a comedy genius when he's sober

thesimpsons17 : Lying Cat!!!! Always like seeing a Saga fan

hjwoj : Should not be watching this at 11am on a workday and expect any productivity, but bloody hell, absolute gold.

Drunk Cat Phil : The man is a legend, he just takes over, love him to bits