Tommy Lee Jones Visits The Simpsons (Talkin' Toons w/ Rob Paulsen)
Tommy Lee Jones Visits The Simpsons Talkin Toons w Rob Paulsen

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Jim Meskimen channels his inner Tommy Lee Jones as Springfield's own Principal Skinner in this clip from Talkin' Toons! Rob Paulsen, one of the most accomplished and well-known voice actors of our time (voicing Animaniacs, TMNT, Rick and Morty, and many more), sits down with fellow voice actors like Maurice LaMarche (Pinky and the Brain, Futurama), Kevin Conroy (Batman: The Animated Series), and many others to discuss their experiences! And yes, of course, there'll be plenty of voice acting games from script-reading to re-enacting famous film scenes with cartoon character voices. Follow us! Nerdist - Geek & Sundry -


ReplayStation : S T E A M E D H A M S

Schuyler Smith : Has anyone synced this audio with the simpsons video yet?

Spider-Man Noir : Nice way for these voice actors to pay homage for the Simpsons breaking the record of longest syndicated TV show ever!

jackielantern6 : Steamed Hams but it’s Tommy Lee Jones and Woody Allen as Skinner and Chalmers

YouTubeVoice : Ralph: "Super Nintendo Chalmers"

The-Platypus-Extraordinaire : It'd be better with tommy lee jones being chalmers

Otaking Mikohani : How soon until someone animates this?

Gua Nin Lim : His name is Robert Paulsen. His name is Robert Paulsen. His name is Robert Paulsen.......

Ghoul Cade Cleric of Bob : Oh my god, it's PERFECT!!!!!!

Disk1of5 : "Seymour the house is on FIRE!!"

mjstory1976 : The Steamed Hams scene was absolutely perfect for this 😂

Jonny Boy : In honor of the release of The Incredibles 2, get Janice Kawaye to do Jenny XJ9 from My Life as a Teenage Robot and play the part of Syndrome. Jenny XJ9 playing Syndrome in the Incredibles and Rob can be Mr. Incredible.

Dank - a - licious : *S T E A M E D H A M S*

devin weathers : Im too for this but can you do a scene from Reservoir Dogs with Jimmy neutron and zatch bell

spyguy4558 : Clickbait, there's no Tommy Lee Jones here visiting the simpsons

Psychotic Ninja : Holy crap, Tommy Lee Jones sure does look different

ExpensiveForeigner : They've embiggened this scene with their cromulent performance :)

Somme Tinonme : More of a visual scene ...... You have to see what is going on.

PixelMoon : I really want David Kaye on.He can do both Megatron and Optimus Prime!

Kairu Hakubi : gahh this should have been the other way around!

Coolartist1110 : This makes my SOUL happy man

Jay S : You gotta do one with Christopher Walken

MLG Turtle : 0:32 "Ahh... Egads. My roast is ruined."

Dean Altemose : I still prefer the version with Jeff Golblum as Skinner. Still decent.

omomon : Damn I don’t remember this scene from No Country For Old Men

Rey's Muffin : Clickbait but so worth it

YUME The Mighty Guy : Sreamed hams but Superintendend is Rob Paulsen

FireCube Gamer : A U R A B O R E A L I S

thesnakeman8006 : And if you close your eyes you can almost picture tommy lee jones sitting across that table, LOL

wstine79 : I will sanction your tomfoolery.

Bobble Head : A work of art

Gabriel Schleifer : I wanna hear Rob do the "I shot a moose" bit.

Daniel Gonzalez : He did the meme!

irkenus : Z the Ant and Agent K!

Drew Jackson : What a weird gift LMAO to have the ability to impersonate Tommy Lee Jones out of all people

Sanskar Wagley : yes!

Brendan Poepplein : I hope April Stewart can make an appearance and do either Wendy or Liane Cartman's voices in a future video

Just a guy who loves sneakers : Steamed hams

Doom2exe : As yes!

legiongamerworkBRUH ben : STEAMED HAAAMS

Anthony Barratt : Thought they where doing mib

Barry Bend : fast and furious but with the cast of Megas XLR and hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy but with Chris Pratt.

Raphaella Viola : Steamed hams yessss

William Chilton : why aren't these things animated? For reals.

Persephales : This read is a dream come true!!!!!


ThePizzadude93 : Of course they do the Steamed Hams. :)

PeNnYwIsE BoI : Yess steamed hams

Joseph Armstrong : It’s like Porky meets Christopher Walken.