Tommy Lee Jones Visits The Simpsons (Talkin' Toons w/ Rob Paulsen)

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Master Splinter : Nice way for these voice actors to pay homage for the Simpsons breaking the record of longest syndicated TV show ever!

César. : Steamed hams but it's talking toons

ReplayStation : S T E A M E D H A M S

jackielantern6 : Steamed Hams but it’s Tommy Lee Jones and Woody Allen as Skinner and Chalmers

Schuyler Smith : Has anyone synced this audio with the simpsons video yet?

The-Platypus-Extraordinaire : It'd be better with tommy lee jones being chalmers

YouTubeVoice : Ralph: "Super Nintendo Chalmers"

Otaking Mikohani : How soon until someone animates this?

Gua Nin Lim : His name is Robert Paulsen. His name is Robert Paulsen. His name is Robert Paulsen.......

Rey's Muffin : Clickbait but so worth it

Ghoul Cade : Oh my god, it's PERFECT!!!!!!

mjstory1976 : The Steamed Hams scene was absolutely perfect for this 😂

Jonny Boy : In honor of the release of The Incredibles 2, get Janice Kawaye to do Jenny XJ9 from My Life as a Teenage Robot and play the part of Syndrome. Jenny XJ9 playing Syndrome in the Incredibles and Rob can be Mr. Incredible.

Disk1of5 : "Seymour the house is on FIRE!!"

Somme Tinonme : More of a visual scene ...... You have to see what is going on.

Big Bang Theory bro 333 : steamed hams but it's kenai and koda

Psychotic Ninja : Holy crap, Tommy Lee Jones sure does look different

Coolartist1110 : This makes my SOUL happy man

jon jaquez : Meh

spyguy4558 : Clickbait, there's no Tommy Lee Jones here visiting the simpsons

devin weathers : Im too for this but can you do a scene from Reservoir Dogs with Jimmy neutron and zatch bell

Jay S : You gotta do one with Christopher Walken

Barry Bend : fast and furious but with the cast of Megas XLR and hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy but with Chris Pratt.

Marco Diaz : I knew they would do the scene of the steamed hams from the episode "22 Short films of Sprinfield"!

Douggernaut84 : One of my favorite Simpsons skits of all time !

Jeff : I feel like they should be switching roles. The Tommy Lee Jones impression should be Chalmers and Rob Paulsen should be Skinner.

Tommy Haines : Get Denise Oliver, voice of Maurecia, to do the Wendy and Jane argument scene from Return to Never Land.

supermario_2 : Steamed hams but with Rob Paulsen doing the voice of Woody Allen doing the voice of Superintendent Chalmers and Jim Meskimen doing the voice of Tommy Lee Jones doing the voice of Principal Skinner

KJ Setser : Oh i like this😂

the jacker Jjhn : first

wstine79 : I will sanction your tomfoolery.

Raphaella Viola : Steamed hams yessss

Drew Jackson : What a weird gift LMAO to have the ability to impersonate Tommy Lee Jones out of all people

Thomas Ronayne : Steamed hams but it’s not steamed hams

zac : Curse

PixelMoon : I really want David Kaye on.He can do both Megatron and Optimus Prime!

legiongamerworkBRUH ben : STEAMED HAAAMS

Dean Altemose : I still prefer the version with Jeff Golblum as Skinner. Still decent.

TaLoN BoI : Yess steamed hams

Daniel Gonzalez : He did the meme!

omomon : Damn I don’t remember this scene from No Country For Old Men

Anthony Barratt : Thought they where doing mib

Kairu Hakubi : gahh this should have been the other way around!


Doom2exe : As yes!

Gabriel Schleifer : I wanna hear Rob do the "I shot a moose" bit.

Joseph Armstrong : It’s like Porky meets Christopher Walken.

andgalactus1 : Steamed hams but it's being beaten like a dead horse.

Bobble Head : A work of art

William Chilton : why aren't these things animated? For reals.