Pleco Invasion - Trouble in Blue Spring State Park
Pleco Invasion Trouble in Blue Spring State Park

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This video highlights an infestation of invasive catfish in Blue Spring State Park in Florida. These non-native fish are causing serious problems in the park which serves as a winter refuge for manatees. Please don't ever release your aquarium fish into the wild! More info about Blue Spring State Park: Underwater footage courtesy of: Bob Fanok Matthew Clark Thumbnail photo credit: Roman Burkardt Music: A Tale of Vengeance by Aakash Gandhi ------------------------------------------------- SUBSCRIBE! LET'S CONNECT! EQUIPMENT RECOMMENDATIONS!


Sam Hem : Tell the Chinese they cure erectile disfunction. They'll be gone in a couple years.

Christopher Cox : Some say he's still down there to this day, trying to catch plecos by hand

R M : "Divers are attempting to contain these fish." *contains zero fish

Ronan Gamero : Yup, those are common pleco. They're a native species here in Brazil. My advice, fish them using line and hook or arpoon, since they're bottom dwellers a net won't work, but a fish trap with vegetables inside might work well. You can eat them, the meat is good, so encouraging ppl to fish them would be a start to fight the invasion.

Jimmy .L : They're moving in herds, they do move in herds.

ti portangeles : Open the weekends for free, to fishermen to catch and eat. Alternately, they could be sold as/used for fertilizer.  Fish do make excellent fertilizer. Also these fish could be donated to local shelters.  Catfish is great eating! And lastly, the State could set up a little restaurant on near these grounds, and sell catfish lunches and dinners. They'd make a profit, used to protect this area.  Lots could be done with these fish and their numbers could be drastically reduced!

Darth Masher : We had this problem in a local lake, people just started taking them out with nets, drying them and using them as plant fertilizer

matthew parker : Although they are invasive and destroying the ecosystem there is something beautiful about them all schooling together

Colin Barsby : That is an INSANE number of Plecos 😨😨😨

shayan shourabi : Give people 50 cents for every pleco they catch they will extinct within a week

STATIK_LOW : 20,000 pleco’s 11 failed attempts to catch 1 by hand That is indeed an uphill battle 😆

박근우 : Just catch them and export them all to Europe, these cost 40 bucks each in my local fish shop!!!

Trump 2016 : Donald Trump will build a wall to keep those fish out.

Rinji : Last time I was at Blue Springs, the park ranger told me they had recently caught around 600 plecos in one day.

Alvaro Quezada : The question is do they taste good???

Ong Seng Aun : One religion teaches their followers to release aquatic life to so-called reduce their sins. I have seen them releasing freshwater crabs into the sea. Anyone who stops them will be perceived by them as an antagonist, a big bad guy.

ade rahmat : arent these fish who often suck on wall on your aquarium? i have no idea this was on cat fish family. oh..dont ever try to catch them barehand,, they fin can cut your skin,,

Caleb Moore : So why am I paying 7 dollars EACH for Plecos when I can get em for free over there?

DatFrog Bleach : Give them out for free to people for ponds, eating and ponds for houses

SIR.DONJENNERO GORRELL : ? goúd? Awesome👍🏾👍🏾.. Thx u 🙌🏾💀😤♎..

cr0wnTHEwitch : The lake is under stocked you could fit at lest 12 more plecos

Jake Holtz : First goldfish now plecos

Bheem Balkaran : That does taste reallll bessss with curry folks.....u hav no idea... try it u might like it yummmmmmyyyy

Rachaelponylover Loban : Lemme grab one of those Bois ! For my aquarium lol 😂

GoogleMe : is that diver trying to catch them all by hand one at a time? lol

moekhn : just build a wall thats how we deal with our problems

Rex Lumjod : If it was here in the phil...they will be extinct because they'll make a great pulutan/sumsuman..

CHloE748 : Watching you try to catch one and failing every time was the most unsatisfying thing I’ve ever seen in my life. It hurts.

Tik Wong : Who else calls them “sucker fish”?

Star Cruiser : I’ve had fish before and there were times I had to move or couldn’t take care of them but instead of releasing them into the wild I just gave them to a pet shop. They were more than happy to take them lol

ZERO260/// : Florida should start a pet food and fertilizer business. Dog, fish, reptile and cat foods based with invasive animals such as pleco catfish and python snakes. This would generate money as well as get the public involved in the capture if a payment plan was established.

Old Turtle : Why couldn't it at least be a good looking dwarf pleco species? 😂

Thyme Feral : It looks so amazing...but like....EHHHHH SO BAD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT. I need to dive there before something happens to them...

Kucing Ular : I think otter will be one of the solution can be used. I feed my otter with pleco so many times and i think it will works to control these over populated pleco.

mbbaileyjr : If that's your plan we are screwed.

TM Aquatics : If only they were zebra plecos 🤔

Miss Anthropy : humans are invading species It's better for every animal in the world if we make great fertilizar from those corpses

J D : Just gonna go in there and try and catch em all by hand? Go down there with a net or spear gun. We are killing the entire planet everyday without even trying, these fish stand no fish against the extinictive power of humanity.

Mitchell Staley : Rock springs florida too does have quite a few. I get yelled at when i try to take them out! They can be caught by hand but its not very effective. A simple Hawaiian sling spear is the best option however spearfishing in fresh water for any native or non native species is illegal. We need to get the regulations changed to allow for indiscriminate capture by any means necessary and then invite divers to come do so. Same with tilapia!

Gabe Fasbinder : GO FORTH PLECO ARMY

WesleyAPEX : Those big ones can be sold 50$ each

Perry Daniels : Open the springs for special fishing only place a bounty on them, all other fish released. 👍

dilophosaurus sk : gotta cathch em all!

Abd Bari : Dynamic fishing now accessible in palm spring.

holyworrier : Holy shit. Heart-breaking.

KGTropicals : I believe I’ve just watched Steve Poland’s next viral video!! Well done my friend, what a great way to raise awareness!!!

M V : 10days of hunting would solve that probl

YEPP! RIGHT! : Grew up going to Blue Springs , the Econlochatchee river, the St.Johns River and of course the beach.. didn't see these critters until around the early 80s. This video blows my mind how much they have taken hold..thanks for video.. Good luck.

Farhan Syafiq : Pleco: For the horde!!