Pleco Invasion - Trouble in Blue Spring State Park

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Steve Poland Aquatics : Subscribe for more videos: My equipment recommendations:

Sam Hem : Tell the Chinese they cure erectile disfunction. They'll be gone in a couple years.

KGTropicals : I believe I’ve just watched Steve Poland’s next viral video!! Well done my friend, what a great way to raise awareness!!!

Dan Hiteshew : Wow. I didn't know they were overpopulating like that! That was nuts! Those manatees don't stand a chance.

TM Aquatics : If only they were zebra plecos 🤔

Touge : Bowfish them bitches !

ZERO260/// : Florida should start a pet food and fertilizer business. Dog, fish, reptile and cat foods based with invasive animals such as pleco catfish and python snakes. This would generate money as well as get the public involved in the capture if a payment plan was established.

EmmausRoad : Screw raising awareness, its seems to me that a coordinated effort of divers with nets could put a huge dent in their population immediately. People like to photograph or film issues, but no one wants to DO anything about them!!! We have become a society of voyeurs...

Caleb Moore : So why am I paying 7 dollars EACH for Plecos when I can get em for free over there?

volcano hi : Thos catfish are just migrants looking for a better place to live. Those manatees had better just put up with them.

Bradley Boodoosingh : These things are actually caught and eaten (usually curried) in Trinidad and Tobago. Seriously. A shoal like this would legit be enough to feed a village. The snouts and find are cut off and the fish gets gutted. After there it's seasoned to taste and dropped in a pot - usually served with rice and dhal. I personally don't eat it because these things creep me TF out but for some people it's delicious.

Prime Time Aquatics : Steve thank you so much for making this video! I'm going to pass it along to some of my colleagues who talk about invasive species.

eric mad decent : I have grown up in this area and have gone to blue springs my entire life. I often snorkel with these giant schools of pleco. They have no natural predators and are multiplying at an exponential rate. I have seen this phenomenon at almost every spring I have been to in Florida - they have completely invaded Ocala national forest which has many many springs like blue springs. I have also seen schools of giant pacu and several species of cichlids in these waters - it’s heartbreaking

Billy Bob : I suggest the diver uses a net next time

Ronan Gamero : Yup, those are common pleco. They're a native species here in Brazil. My advice, fish them using line and hook or arpoon, since they're bottom dwellers a net won't work, but a fish trap with vegetables inside might work well. You can eat them, the meat is good, so encouraging ppl to fish them would be a start to fight the invasion.

Agil Pradhita : Why not just eat them 😂, we eat them in asia, the water is clear too, so its doesnt carry any bad element, in my city governor release many of dat fish in river, they can reduce some water polution, so we cant eat it and try fishing it far away from city,

HUKIT : It’s always shocking how much of an impact a few idiots can do to the planet.

Mike Ferguson : Seems like they could be herded it a net and removed pretty easily from watching the video.

Wade Higgins : This is happening here in South Florida with the Pacu

Alvaro Quezada : The question is do they taste good???

chavva harris : I wish we would ban the sale of these fish. I work at PetSmart and I can tell you we are required to carry them in our store still even knowing this. I'm fed up with it

Shyam Patel : In some parts plecos are high in demand for their meat !! So May be they should start a big pleco fish eating movement (or make cat food) !!! After all We humans are experts at eradicating animals for our bellies 😁 this will solve the problem !!

Ben Ochart : Very frustrating situation. Hopefully this gets taken care of soon. Thanks for posting.

Tatsuhiro Satou : The over population of sealions in Oregon and Washington are a bigger deal they are very close to making sturgeon extinct in the region, and it illegal to do anything about it despite the seals being as far upriver as the Bonneville dam.

Imanuel Yulio : In my homeland, they have economical value. Their meats can be the ingredient of some delicacies like "otak-otak", "somay" or "cilok". Maybe you can send them to my place. lol 🤣🤣 🤣🤣

IFG : Same thing if not worse here in Buffalo Bayou

UNSILENT ZONE : we just need to net fish them, then grind them into fertilizer.

Richard Ernst : Omg there’s thousands and thousands of them and they are pleco’s..!!!!! I have one in my 55 gallon aquarium and that’s where he’s gonna stay..!!!

GreenHouse ExoticX : I hope they dont fight against the plecos , they there and never go. Poison usw is no way to get em way. Best way is to fish em out they bite on nearly everything on a hook. good is thats dummys like raww.f and some other like C EM ALL are filming the Release of this fish in prings and ponds.

LockTest : They should have all the flordia fisherman have a throwing net competition to see who can bag most plecos by weight.

Gannicus : I just bought this fish for 9.99 in petco

Garbage Human : These fish are utterly harmless. Good god.

Richard Myhan : Put them on the menu

Infinity Stones : well the damned pet stores lie, and tell people they don't get big. When they get big it's a lot easier to throw them into the wild than buy a 1,000$ tank. It should be illegal to sell the giant Pleco. The bristle nose, tiger, and zebra plecos should be sold instead.

Adam C : Great video steve. This video is gonna go huge and I hope it does because SO MANY people do this and are clueless to the butterfly effect they are creating

Sean T : Take divers, large tough nets and herd them into net then tie to crane and ship either back to amazon or give to chinese as food .

BigDsmoke : I've seen footage like this of divers swimming through thousands o flippin plecos. Goldfish invasions are bad in lakes in some parts of the country too. I've heard of invasive plants too its insane & a huge huge problem

Elizabeth Vandecoevering : Time for people to catch and find out if the plecos are good eating, I think people in South America catch and eat these catfishes so why not do the same thing in Florida.

Joe Biden's Shotgun : Just imagine Chinese algae eaters in there it will be more dangerous.

MrRednexus : Net them and send all them to third world country, they need food!!!

MetalMonkey : What a conundrum. The Manatees are getting their slimy coat eaten by the Plecos.. but I don’t blame the pleco at all, it’s just trying to survive like all another creatures on this planet. Some people don’t deserve pets!

Addy Joe : Eat them

The Fish Nerd : Absolutely crazy. Excellent video Steve. Never want to see the fish we keep as pets causing such problems.

Kevin B : The school of pleco's looks pretty cool. But it's obviously a big problem. Are they trying to set fish traps (with some zucchini ore something)

justin : I live 15 minutes away from this national park... really hope this doesnt kill the eco system

Mitchell Staley : Rock springs florida too does have quite a few. I get yelled at when i try to take them out! They can be caught by hand but its not very effective. A simple Hawaiian sling spear is the best option however spearfishing in fresh water for any native or non native species is illegal. We need to get the regulations changed to allow for indiscriminate capture by any means necessary and then invite divers to come do so. Same with tilapia!

Monkey D. Zoro : Easy solve............... *Someone hold my beer and pass me a Hook with some bait*

Pinguino Penguin : They can put traps, plecos are hungry all the time, by the way those plecos are used to catch Surubi Pintado all over South America

Dingdong : Same thing happened here in the Philippines

NO 俄美 : jυѕт ĸιll deм all