Audience Member In Front Row Comedy Show Did Ten Years

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Some questions don't need to be asked. Right before bringing me on, the host asked man in the front row if he'd ever been to jail. He said 'yeah, for ten years.' Room got pretty weird and quiet, then the host said 'here's Nathan Macintosh!' Ten years! It's all I could think about, so we talked about it. Cut out a couple things that weren't about him, which weren't alot. Check it!

Comments from Youtube

giggsnmater : Hahaha "hands down" You are so funny and I love to podcast. Binge listening to it right now. Up to 2016 so far. Lol NEVER CHANGE

Nate Borgman : I'm so glad that this is still up and that you put it up yourself. Hopefully this will be out for awhile! Sometimes it's hard to find old stuff, and those are the gems. Like modern DVD features.

JustJoe - shlapshtick on twitter : 4:20 just describing Shawshank Redemption hahaha