Shigeru Miyamoto and The Roots Perform "Super Mario Bros. Theme"

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Luis Alamilla : Dropping the hottest mix tape of the year.

Juan Santiago : Miyamoto just won 2016

holybutternutsquash : Nintendo's doin' it. This is the marketing they needed.

Sonik : Miyamoto is just chilling, like the boss he has always been.


RogersBase : Finally, 2016 brings us something good!

Mirko Žaja : I admit I was pretty sad when Iwata died, but if Shigeru died I would probably start crying out loud

Sniper Melon : I didn't even know Myamoto could play guitar

Jomar Beran : you have all these talented musicians, but Fallon walks in with that coin box like mofo XD


Def : You could see how happy and nostalgic he felt when he was playing the guitar.

Casey Rodriguez : were all a bunch of nerds. they didn't even need the score sheet. so awesome.

Gordon Tendick : I can't hear him. Was he even miked?

Melvin Shaw : I'm actually quite amazed at how few people there are asking who that is. Faith in humanity restored.

maddog197x : I didn't know Miyamoto could play guitar!

Paulo Brasil : Playing the Mario Theme with Mario's creator, cross that off the bucket list, Roots

spacep1rate : It bothers me that you can't even hear Miyamoto's guitar in the mix. :/

patronboy777 : Damn he's so talented .... the creative mind behind Mario, Link, Zelda, Luigi, Wario, Pikman, and many more

BHuang92 : 0:26 Jimmy Fallon rack up 6000 points........

Claire Anne Carr : This is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.

Lil J : After hearing this, imagine what a completely remasterd version of the original Mario trilogy would be.

That Video Games Show : So tight! Miyamoto is the man!

MrAmc1291 : How do 46 people hate this?

mechakinggidora : Then Jimmy burst out laughing.

CrossfacePanda : Miyamoto plays the guitar too? What can't that man do!? Such a fucking boss.


Tanyahachi 07 : So its officials that Tonight Show is the coolest show Ill put this on my ringtone

Lord Drakkon remix : In 2020 Olympic tokyo Me: go mario go go go mario go go go

XenoGamR : Miyamoto needs to Nintendo Switch his career to music. HES GOD

Varun Srivastava : The nerd in me exploded.

Ken Alex : Miyamoto looked just like K.K. Slider! That's some exciting stuff!

KoiandDragon : They'll never do something like this with Jimmy Kimmel. He hates gamers.

KCwellard : I choose you, Nintendo.

Doc Pandaman : Sorry Jimmy, the princess is on another talk show.

Bon Jon Tavernier : Without Miyamoto the 80's and 90's kids won't have these amazing nostalgic memories until now. A true legend!

Expand Dong : The drummer is swinging his arms from side to side.

Nathan L : I love how Jimmy's all like, "THIS IS MY SHOW G** D**** IT. I'm going to walk through in the middle of the song just to make sure no one forgets."

Channel T : Riding that groove like it was Yoshi

Chris Koelsch : Jimmy is lucky he has the Roots

Ahmad Hafidzi : visit here

okrajoe : Mellow rockin' out.

Yasaal Abrar : Woah! Miyamoto is a pro at EVERYTHING! 😂

katasiapa : I love this guy.

Nabillio96 : Anything Miyamoto does is (almost) always GOLD!!!

Xeogran : True Legend

Impractical Rick And Morty : I want this as my ringtone :)

Tabletop Newtype : I swear they should play this theme At the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo

Guhsteh : Miyamoto is a god amongst men.

sir Reinhardt : the people who downvoted this need to be round up and have there skulls crushed with a mario brick

Soukaina : I love how they are all nodding their heads in synchrony