Shigeru Miyamoto and The Roots Perform "Super Mario Bros. Theme"

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Luis Alamilla : Dropping the hottest mix tape of the year.

Juan S : Miyamoto just won 2016

That Video Games Show : So tight! Miyamoto is the man!


Sonik : Miyamoto is just chilling, like the boss he has always been.

katasiapa : I love this guy.

BHuang92 : 0:26 Jimmy Fallon rack up 6000 points........

Melvin Shaw : I'm actually quite amazed at how few people there are asking who that is. Faith in humanity restored.


Def : You could see how happy and nostalgic he felt when he was playing the guitar.

maddog197x : I didn't know Miyamoto could play guitar!

mechakinggidora : Then Jimmy burst out laughing.

okrajoe : Mellow rockin' out.

spacep1rate : It bothers me that you can't even hear Miyamoto's guitar in the mix. :/

Claire Anne Carr : This is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.

Ken Alex : Miyamoto looked just like K.K. Slider! That's some exciting stuff!

XenoGamR : Miyamoto needs to Nintendo Switch his career to music. HES GOD

Nathan L : I love how Jimmy's all like, "THIS IS MY SHOW G** D**** IT. I'm going to walk through in the middle of the song just to make sure no one forgets."

J-Hope My Hope : I want this as my ringtone :)

holybutternutsquash : Nintendo's doin' it. This is the marketing they needed.

Yasaal Abrar : Woah! Miyamoto is a pro at EVERYTHING! 😂

Soukaina : I love how they are all nodding their heads in synchrony

harsh dwivedi : in tears

EspurrMaster : Where's Koji Kondo, though?

sir Reinhardt : the people who downvoted this need to be round up and have there skulls crushed with a mario brick

stephaniepretty : Long live Shigeru Miyamoto!!!!!!!!!

Nathan Justice : Greatest thing ever on TV

SirApathetic : Shigeru must've had a great time! I hope he comes back sometime. Would love him to be on Conan, too.

Rob D : Props to the Roots! They can cover anything

Jacend : A man of many talents.

Bruce : Shiggy is a treasure, I'll be genuinely sad when he and Stan Lee die

Thierry Almeida : Here it comes; Super Mario Gangsta!

Judge Pandaman : Sorry Jimmy, the princess is on another talk show.

Dan Fennessey : That's Pure class. Nothing less.

Jon-Mark W : Wow even Miyamoto has got soul. Everyone did such an awesome job!! I can't wait for the Nintendo Switch either!

SuperKillerMthfDude : Poor Black Thought. They should at least give him a triangle or something

Shawn Harper : Father of video games! He made my childhood so great! I would love to meet him one day!

Tanyahachi 07 : So its officials that Tonight Show is the coolest show Ill put this on my ringtone

hip indeed : But why's it Miyamoto and not Koji Kondo? (Still great, though)

Supernova777 X : Dang! Miyamoto plays the guitar TOO? this guy Is a Legend! XD

LivingStarDust : They all were high as hell for this.

vars28 : The sound of my childhood


kyliejinner : Girl. Nothing beats this.

Sadiq ghazy : never realised how tropical it sounded

cheese burger : IS THERE ANYTHING THIS MAN CAN'T DO?!?!?!

Gordon Tendick : I can't hear him. Was he even miked?

Gregg Cerenzio : Miyamoto is a gift to the world. so cool

Geddo : Please rise for the Gamers National Anthem.

Dabry Abby : This the most awesome thing I seen in a while!!