How to Draw Dreadlocks (Timelapse) - Ruffy Drawz

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RuffyDrawz : Want to buy my artwork? Check my shop here:

OriginUltimate : 👏 Amazing 👏 How many hours did this take you?

Silver Faraon : i am @faraonsilver on instagram...u got alot of talent bro...keep going!!!

Anator : Great work buddy

Madhav Sharma : Sahil ur the man

Donavon Mccann : Your extremely talented,I know getting proportions right are nearly impossible so I'm not even mad. Every thing else is amazing. Good job vro

ok : Discord squad

권기영 : This is really good my dude

Jisu : Beautiful! rip x :(

KingG , : How, so detailed good job bro👍

amihallieishii : incredible 😍

froot loop : Oooh nice.. i don't really know why i haven't seen this video before.. oh well :b, +1 Like!

Gavin Huhn : Just wished you had enough footage to time lapse the rest