Charice VS Jake Zyrus IN SAME SONGS! Vocal comparison
Singer Jake Zyrus voice before and after transformation from woman to man

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Which is your favorite voice?


Roxxy Love : I love how Jake did a duet with Charice that was amazing!

Ampy Peralta : Charice is gone forever. So sad.. . Jake can not outshine Charice. For Charice will always be in our hearts.

Kiwi : I'm happy that Jake's staying true to himself but I can't help but feel heartbroken cos it feels like Charice died, never to be heard again :(

Dennis Alfonso : I miss it her old voice. Zyrus in my honest opinion sounds average compared to Charice. Charice's old voice and range was pretty awesome.I am pretty sure most honest people would agree with me.

Andy Babor : I cried after watching the last part 😭😭😭 I really miss his old voice but I respected his decision. I know he is happy now. I just can't forget CHARISE PEMPENGCO'S AMAZING VOICE

Chriselda Suarez Alonzo : Chriselda Suarez Alonzo He sacrificed all his fame and beautiful voice for his freedom. What is more important guys? Having money and fame but you don't have freedom and happiness and just faking yourself to be like someone you dont wanted to be? For me he deserved all the happiness and joy he is experiencing right now. After all he gave everything he could give and make people happy when he was charice. He also said "forget me (jake), but please don't forget charice".. 1 second ago

Scarlet Witch : Happy thats hes happy now U guys should stop comparing cuz they are both the same Love from🇵🇭

Spygirl007 : I don't have problem with LGBT. I just missed Charice, her voice, her songs... How I wish we did not lose the great singer... which makes us all very proud. I still wish the best for Jake.

wayne bobs : I still like charice,not jake

Dirk Bryan : Kahit nag pa Boy cut n lng siya huwag yung Boses niya😕😥😥 Miss u Charice Like if u agree :D

Kristin : Of course it's gonna sound different when the voice deepens. It's hard to sing the deeper voice you have, because you have more to handle. Like for Jake, suddenley he got much more, and deeper, voice . Of course it might sound like he's a karaokeboy in the beginning. We all just need to wait for a while, he'll get to know how his new voice feels and sounds like, and will be able to know it's limits.

Knight Walker : That person is great and blessed with talent no matter what gender given 👌

ranjankumar bhattacharyya : Her lady voice is perfect.


Marivic Villa, MD : Nothing special at all with this Zyrus Jake . He/she sounds so strained and constipated ...sorry :(

M N : Watching this made me sad.

Wilfredo Cardosa : Jake doesnt sound bad at all! But Charize was on a different league!

madchuck : Jake is meh. Charice was a god damn beast.

Pj Louise McCasilac : Its not charice or jake fault its people around with her if they really true Take care of her maybe the old charice pempengco still in 2019 till forever,, sad 😢

richad evander : I dont care about the gender.. All i care is that voice tho.. 😭😭😭😭.. That voice is the one that make him big!! 😑

Awkward Donut : OMG THAT'S SUNSHINE! I NEVER KNEW HE'S A MAN NOW! But his voice is not as good as before :(

Ms Happily Ever After : Very ordinary male voice ☹️nothing special about that voice anymore ☹️

Taylor Gh : wow, what incredible madness, ah, good was he's decision

transporter ONE : Sayang gifted ka na itinapon mo pa bihira lang ang binibigyan ng nasa itaas nyan..

Pynshngain Marbaniang : I only like Charice not Jake.

Net Flix : having a duet with your self❤

Gelo Park : i cried. i miss Charice so much. 😭😭 I'm hoping Jake is happy for what he is now. 💕

jha allen : I can't believe she changed a lot,lot...even the voice...

fairy 0424 : So touched! two souls in one body Charice came first and now Jake

Glen 1 : Charice 😍😍😍😍 Jake 😢😢😢😢 Still respect her decision.. 2019.. please like

Jerard : Sadly, we won't see Charice again!

Love You : I'm crying while watching this video,co'z i miss her old voice Charice Pempengco November 24, 2018

kulas jennerman : Mas mababa ang voice sa boy si cha/jake hmm actually not very impressive the boy, but still good, whatever makes it happy🤣

erica guyo : I loved your voice before and I still love it until now.

kosh Herrera : Goosebumps when Girl Charice and boy Jake duet...

Tin tin : The last one was quite EMOTIONAL!

Brissa1x : I actually like jake’s voice now. Ik charice has an amazing voice that can’t really be replicated but decision respected

Super Arki : I miss Charice, 😥 But still I'm happy for Jake. Laban!

Fabrício Sousa : The last part make me cry, miss Charice... 😭😭😭

Karl Pilkington : This video is depressing I'm sorry to say.

Emma Borres : Too sad.....that Charice was in the middle of the heat of her singing career. Suddenly she dropped her beautiful, powerful voice and fame. Celine refused to sing duet with Jake. She wants Charice not Jake.

Lope Julian Abunda : Charice the best not Jake OMG.Jake pretending male voice not really good than Charice the original.

Foxy Jane : Jake actually sounds Justin Bieber, and more mature <3 LOVE the duet he did in the end with Charice though, I think they both sound equally amazing in their own way!

Lorna Catibog : i miss you charice!..:(

Leon Lee : Charice is the better singer without a doubt, however Jake is good too but he sounds like Justin Bieber with a bigger range. Charice really had something magical in her voice. But I'm so happy that Jake finally gets to be who he really is.

Jefvincent Tomogsok : RIP CHARICE😭😭😭

Muriel D : Il devrait rechanter all by my self pour voir 🤔🤔🤔

Zomuana Mizopa : wow.... oh my god

hana mizuki : Bye Charice...bye Jake 🤯