Charice VS Jake Zyrus IN SAME SONGS! Vocal comparison

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madchuck : Jake is meh. Charice was a god damn beast.

ranjankumar bhattacharyya : Her lady voice is perfect.

Matheus Fernandes : This girl destroyed her voice

Amanda : You transphobic people should think about how much happier he must be now instead of complaining about how HIS voice doesn't please YOU anymore. Yes, it sounded better before and he certainly knew he could lose some of his voice quality while and after gender confirmation treatment, but it wasn't a waist, like most of you are saying, if he was able to find his true self.

BTSKookie! : I'm crying 😭 I miss her old voice (Edited) Thanks for the votes 😘



Kursei : These comments. Why does no one give respect to this guy? He went through shit to be where he is now. He made an irreversible decision so let’s make the best of it instead of trying to throw regret at him. Why should he give up his happiness to please your ears? His happiness is most important, he shouldn’t live his life as a musical jewelry box. The Little Mermaid gave up her voice for happiness, why can’t Jake? He’s happier how he is now so let’s not try to tear him down for making a decision over his own life that you don’t like. People should know how fragile everyone is at the core. I’m happy for Jake and his new life and I wish him best of luck.

Roxxy Love : I love how Jake did a duet with Charice that was amazing!

Andrew Eli : All these comments make me sick. WHO CARES IF YOU MISS CHARICE. JAKE IS HAPPIER AS JAKE. He was always Jake-- Charice was just the mask he wore. So you all loved a fake identity because Charice was never who he truly was. He 'sacrificed' his voice because he is happier as a boy-- his true identity. HE WILL NOT REGRET IT BECAUSE HES NOT AS FAMOUS ANYMORE. Who cares about fame-- whats most important is how he feels inside and what makes him happy-- even if it makes everyone else hate him. So just let Jake be happy now. Please.

Matheus Fernandes : RIP Charice

yoon boracay : I started tearing up when they played Charice’s Pyramid. It reminds me of a lot of memories and her prime time!

Brad Wittwer : Charice was just amazing and passionate singer, and was sure to be the next Celine or Whitney. She had an incredible career ahead of her. Jake is just a good Filipino karaoke singer with no career in the future. I am so sad Charice disappeared.

Kristin : Of course it's gonna sound different when the voice deepens. It's hard to sing the deeper voice you have, because you have more to handle. Like for Jake, suddenley he got much more, and deeper, voice . Of course it might sound like he's a karaokeboy in the beginning. We all just need to wait for a while, he'll get to know how his new voice feels and sounds like, and will be able to know it's limits.

Sonny Kane : She kill her own career with this turning to be a man

1000 subscribers with no videos challenge : What a loss of a great voice

gian braza : not everyone is given Charice like voice so why Change and Waste it. Even I dont have a good voice

Victoria Quesne Palma : He's still amazing! And whats more is that he is happier. ❤️

Tiny Rascal : Charice and Jake Zyrus is a same person!!

Yoonshook Min : i miss charice :<

FangirlWifi : She can just stick to karaoke now since her voice is ruined 😂😂😂

Aztec Maya : girl transformed into a dog.

TrashCan Komaeda : He. HE. HIS. HIM. It doesnt matter WHAT you beleive. Jake is Jake. He is happier and if y"all are so selfish that you can sit here and say "I miss Charice, I miss her old self" then you were never a true supporter of HIM. Let Jake be happy. His happiness is much

Mei Yen Wong : Jake sounds like a normal karaoke singer ... Charice sounds like an outstanding singer with a rare talent. Just an honest opinion

L0rena213 hart : Sobrang nakakapanghinayang :(

SuJuGinsFEU : I really really envy her voice. But she destroyed it 😔 Why? I just cant understand why? Its her voice who helped her be famous and all but why did she wasted it? Im tearing when I first heard his manly voice. Why would you waste God given voice? 😔 I just feel so sad. I hope she's happy to her decisions but to be honest I still admire Charice not Jake coz his all fake.

chilvari : Charice sounds better to me but Jake's voice is good too. Anyway, I support you Jake! And I'm so proud of you! It's so freeing to be yourself! I love being a woman and I love loving other women and I love sharing in the glory of our collected stories, our united voices! I love my LGBT brothers & sisters!

Pigasus Putih : Jake what? Jake waste....and now u just hv a normal voice not even good for a male singer... daaaa.

Unicorn Forever : People what do you expect? He takes hormones, natural na talagang bababa ang boses niya, and besides he's still transitioning making him sound like a teenage boy singing, He is still getting use with this new voice. Ang pagkanta hindi naman pataasan ng boses. His voice now is decent at nasa tono,mejo strained pero with proper technique, he'll be okay, plus he's happier now, that's all that matters! More power Jake! 😊

SherElLucasEmmanuel Carsola : no matter what she will never have sperm nor penis so she will never be HE. Period.

Musashi Squad : Charice :(

Christiana Bounia : why destroy your voice ?? why ??

Marc Kenneth Calderon : I miss charice

Michael Poyntz : To me Charice's voice always has a vocal range that was unforgettable plus emotion and her signature ability to draw you in to being totally focused on that particular song/performance.Each was memorable and sometimes timeless! Jake is a good singer but more what you would expect to find on a cruise ship entertainment venue!

Retta Tamp : It's been a year and I still miss Charice 😢

David S. : The voice was damaged by all the male hormone chemicals into her body.

StickyLabel7 : This is pretty cool! Not many people can say they've done a knock-out male and female duet with themselves!

Chris Vallejo : hahaha.joke zyruz..charice female voice was perfect..joke zyruz male voice ia a big joke it has no doesnt have the same range as female voice .. her male voice has difficulty struggling hard to reach the high note..poor girl her head swelled up too early she messed up her selp. and her career..😇😇😇

marcin Karmanski : I feel so badly. She was sooo fu*king talented now he is just a good karaokeboy

AHLLEY GAMEPLAYS : I miss charice that is my childhood fav

Kenneth Beltran : mas magaling paren si charice

Andrey 29 : Cherice destroy her treasure gift by God

Devonte Walker : Charice/Jake Zyrus

Jo Tummers : It is so sad that Charice is "gone". I hope that it is true that Jake is happier, but that voice cannot compare in any way to the voice of Charice. She had a true gift and in my honest opinion her transition to Jake ruined that gift. Jake sounds like an ordinary guy, nothing special at all. But that's just my opinion. I mourn over the loss of that fenominal Charice........

Sheila Coakley : Charice! You're always in my heart. Jake you're never in my heart!

Sir Jop : Pang bathroom quality na lng. Sinayang ang puhunan.

WTF STUDIO INC. : Nagpayaman muna dapat sya bago mag out. Sayang. Opportunity na of the lifetime! May backing pa sya noon ni Oprah! Sayang!!

killpop : Charice is better..jake go to hell

ImperfectbutRedeemed : Jake looks great. So proud of him. You never know what people have going on inside. Glad Jake is free. Btw he can siiiiiing. Those hormones really lowered his voice.

Reyna Elena : Jake is weh. Bring back Charice! Tse!